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Mark Twain

by Harold H. Kolb

Mark Twain is America’s—perhaps the world’s—best known humorous writer. Yet many commentators in his time and our own have thought of humor as merely an attractive surface feature rather than a crucial...

Transformations, Ideology, and the Real in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Other Narratives

by Maximillian E. Novak

By 1719, the year in which Daniel Defoe published The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, he had been writing for three decades on England’s political, social, and economic problems....

Timothy Findley and the Aesthetics of Fascism

by Anne Geddes Bailey

These essays explore the troubling relationship between narrative meaning and representations of violence within Findley’s novels. Although Findley clearly admires the modernist texts which appear in his own...

One week in the life of Stephen King

by Alexandra Varrin

« And so he enters the room. Unhurried, very casual. He looks tall, very tall, as he walks in with dropped shoulders and an uncertain, faint smile on his face. Under the clamor of cameras and the deluge of...

A Childhood In Scotland

by Christian Miller

'When I was a little girl, the ghosts were more real to me than the people.' In this perceptive and unpretentious autobiography Christian Miller recalls her privileged but at the same time deprived upper-class...

The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Only a few popular autobiographies existed before philosopher, author, and composer Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712?78) published his Confessions. Rousseau wrote treatises on education and politics as well as novels...

Influencing Hemingway

by Nancy W. Sindelar

Ernest Hemingway embraced adventure and courted glamorous friends while writing articles, novels, and short stories that captivated the world. Hemingway’s personal relationships and experiences influenced...

The Women of the Nobel

by Massimo di Terlizzi

Forty-four women. Forty-four stories of incredible lives, each different from the other, but linked by the same leitmotif of excellence, perseverance and passion. This book aims at being a homage to all the...

Shade of the Raintree, Centennial Edition

by Larry Lockridge

Raintree County, the first novel by Ross Lockridge, Jr., was the publishing event of 1948. Excerpted in Life magazine, it was a Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection, won MGM's Novel Award and a movie deal,...

Thomas Hardy

by J. B. Bullen

Thomas Hardy’s Wessex is one of the great literary evocations of place, populated with colourful and dramatic characters. As lovers of his novels and poetry know, this ‘partly real, partly dream-country’...


by Mary Cappello

Los Angeles Times Bestseller

“Mary Cappello[’s] inventive, associative taxonomy of discomfort . . . [is] revelatory indeed.” —MARK DOTY, author of Dog Years: A Memoir and Fire to Fire: New and Selected...

Tessa B. Dick: an Interview

by Tessa B. Dick

The 2014 Interview with Tessa, the wife of Philip K. Dick, in which you will discover little-known aspects of the great science-fiction writer.


Intervista del 2014 a Tessa, moglie di Philip...

William Wordsworth

by Hunter Davies

More than any other poet, Wordsworth was his own biographer, telling his story through his verse. This work on his life and times, first published in 1980, remains the only full-length popular biography. It...

A Name for Himself

by Joyce Barkhouse

"Twelve months in any place, my friend, is quite a weary while And seems more like a century when lived on Sable Isle …"

So wrote Thomas Raddall at the age of eighteen, not dreaming that many years later Sable...

The Awakener

by Helen Weaver

The Awakener is Helen Weaver's long awaited memoir of her adventures with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lenny Bruce, and other wild characters from the New York City of the fifties and sixties. The sheltered...

Happily Ever After

by Susannah Fullerton

In 2013 Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice turns 200. Again and again in polls conducted around the world, it is regularly chosen as the favourite novel of all time. Read and studied from Cheltenham to China,...

Growing, Older

by Joan Dye Gussow

Michael Pollan calls her one of his food heroes. Barbara Kingsolver credits her with shaping the history and politics of food in the United States. And countless others who have vied for a food revolution, pushed...

The Life and Rhymes of Ogden Nash

by David Stuart

Ogden Nash was a rare poet. He celebrated the ordinary with delight and curiosity: husbands and wives at work, children at play, a society in motion. He studied popular culture with a penetrating eye and wrote...

Magic Words

by Lance Parkin

For over three decades comics fans and creators have regarded Alan Moore as a titan of the form. With works such as V for Vendetta, Watchmen and From Hell, he has repeatedly staked out new territory, attracting...

Alice Munro

by Brenda Pfaus

Alice Munro, recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, is undoubtedly among Canada’s greatest living writers. In this unique, intriguing collection, Brenda Pfaus gives fresh insights into some of Munro’s...