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Hitler and Abductive Logic

by Ben Novak

Adolf Hitler is the greatest mystery of the 20th century, and the mystery surrounding him consists of two unanswered questions that have baffled biographers and historians. First, how did he ever rise to power?...

The Wax Bullet War

by Sean Davis

On September 12, 2001, a year and a half after finishing his military service, Sean Davis strolled into the Oregon National Guard’s recruiting office and re-enlisted. After dropping out of art school and working...

Surviving the Reich

by Ivan Goldstein

Ivan Goldstein is a 19-year-old green-as-grass soldier heading into his first battle: the Battle of the Bulge, World War II's fiercest engagement between the American army and Hitler's army. A bow gunner on...


by Matt Martin & Charles Sasser

The Nintendo generation has taken to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan where remotely controlled aircraft are killing America¹s enemies and saving American lives.

Matt J. Martin is considered a "top gun"...

Dundurn Vietnam War Library Bundle

by Michael Maclear, George Fetherling & Fred Gaffen

The Vietnam War was a regional conflict that turned into an epic confrontation between ideologies, leaving deep scars on the psyches of nations that fought and long-lasting physical damage to Vietnam itself....

Hostile Seas

by Jl Savidge

Set during a period of dramatically escalating piracy, Hostile Seas is a personal account of a mission on board a naval warship in the waters off Somalia.

In late 2008, piracy around the Horn of Africa escalated...

Fighter Pilot's Daughter

by Mary Lawlor

Fighter Pilot's Daughter: Growing Up in the Sixties and the Cold War details author and Professor Mary Lawlor’s unconventional upbringing in Cold War America. Memories of her early life—as the daughter of...

Cold Comfort

by Gil McElroy

When his father died, award-winning poet and curator Gil McElroy was given a box of photographs that documented his father’s military career. Beginning in the Second World War and continuing right through...

Keeping Each Other Alive

by Norman Hile

At the height of the Vietnam war, the U.S. Army drafted Norman Hile out of law school, trained him to be an artillery officer, and in August 1970 sent him to serve a one year combat tour in South Vietnam’s...

Moody's Tale

by James Bell Moody

James Moody of the 2/1st Machine Gun Battalion found an Egyptian dog in 1940, who became Horrie, the Battalion's mascot. He wrote it first as a simple tale, augmented by his own photographs of Horrie and his...

God Makes Angels and Navy Corpsmen

by Barna,Joseph

I was knocked down by a shell. As I found myself laying on my back, the half-full flamethrower tank pinning me to the ground, a North Korean soldier came at me with his bayonet. In his quilted suit, he seemed...

A Kut Prisoner (WWI Centenary Series)

by H. C. Bishop

""The experiences related in the following pages are simply the individual fortunes of a subaltern of the Indian Army Reserve of Officers who had his first taste of fighting at the battle of Ctesiphon, and was...

The Wartime Experiences of a Cleveland Czechoslovak Legionnaire

by Stephen J. Sebesta

No information provided at this time. Author will provide once available.

The Immigrante

by Just,Joe

Faced with a vendetta after her husband is murdered, Rose has to find a way to immigrate to America. What turns out is another type of brutality that has the young family suffering physical abuse. When he can...

Private Peat (WWI Centenary Series)

by Harold R. Peat

""In this record of my experiences as a private in the great war I have tried to put the emphasis on the things that seemed to me important. It is true I set out to write a book of smiles, but the seriousness...

Letters from a Boy Soldier

by Widgren,Melinda M. M.

Toward the end of 1943, Warren was barely eighteen years old when he could finally join in the fight against the Nazis. He was youngest of three boys who grew up in logging country in the Pacific Northwest,...

A Million Wars

by E. "Chuck" Ferguson,Charles

The concept of A Million Wars is derived from the author’s belief that every veteran has experienced different circumstances and his or her memories define their war. The author has told a part of his story...

Walk in My Boots

by Pruitt,Ronald

A Calculus two exam at 7:30 a.m. is insane was my thought as I sat down to breakfast in the LSU Union hall. I looked up at one of the TVs just in time to see the second plane crash into the World Trade Center....

Valentine's Day at Normandy Beach

by Hull,Chris

This book expresses my Father's role in D-Day and his missions. In many cases, the letters were typed in foxholes and other defensive positions. David Valentine Hull was a cracker-jack soldier, who earned one...

Bac-Si, Bac-Si (Doctor, Doctor)

by Bossie,Gilbert R.

A boy from Maine enlisted in the US Army, and he enjoyed a three-year tour before returning home to find it changed. Employment was scarce, so he returned to the Army as a medic. He tried to find humor in most...