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EXCEPTIONALLY UPSETTING: How Americans are increasingly confusing knowledge with opinion & what can be done about it

by Howard Burton

As American society becomes more polarized by the day, the question of how this "exceptional nation" can hope to regain its mojo is more pressing than ever before. With his unique blend of wry humor and clear-headed...

Barack Obama : From Question To Admiration

by Jean-Emmanuel Pondi

pIf there is therefore at least a lesson for Africans to logically draw from the formidable “OBAMA Saga”, it is that African descendants, like Africans living on the continent, are not condemned to an eternal...

Embracing Complexity - A Conversation with David Cannadine

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and eminent historian David Cannadine, Princeton University. This thoughtful conversation includes an examination of different aspects...

Abraham Lincoln

by James Russell Lowell

Abraham Lincoln is a classic biographical novel by James Russell Lowell.

When Lincoln took office as President of the United States, the nation was fraught with problems, not the least of which was slavery and...

Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, Lincoln

by James Baldwin

James Baldwin was one of the most prolific authors of school books for children at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Though written for young readers, the stories of Washington, Franklin,...

In the Days of Queen Victoria

by Eva March Tappan

This early work by Eva March Tappan was originally published in 1903. "In the Days of Queen Victoria" is a biography of Queen Victoria, the woman who became queen at eighteen and for nearly 64 years wore the...

The Education of John Adams

by R. B. Bernstein

The Education of John Adams is the first biography of John Adams by a biographer with legal training. It examines his origins in colonial Massachusetts, his education, and his struggle to choose a career and...


by 50Minutes

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Dwight D. Eisenhower in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of Dwight D. Eisenhower. In...

Angela Merkel

by Matthew Qvortrup

Angela Merkel, the woman who has held control of the European Union and successfully negotiated with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is one of the most crucial and formidable fixtures in contemporary politics....

The Soul of Abraham Lincoln

by William Eleazar Barton

Modern secularists have been reluctant to recognize Abraham Lincoln's deep spirituality, in spite of the fact that he was often known as Father Abraham and has been described as one of the most deeply religious...

Thomas Jefferson

by John T. Morse

Originally published in 1898, Thomas Jefferson is a classic biography of the man who so deeply ingrained the republican ideals of the Founding Fathers into American society.

As such, it is the kind of work that...

The Magnificent Century

by Thomas B. Costain

THE MAGNIFICENT CENTURY covers the turbulence, romance, and pageantry of Henry III's long and tumultuous reign, from 1216 to 1272. During his lifetime Henry was frequently unpopular, unreliable and inconsistent....

The City and the Tsar: Peter the Great and the Move to the West

by Harold Lamb

Here is Russian history focussed on when her ruler, Peter the Great, turned West. The main body of the text highlights the great "new Russia" formed in the years 1648-1772. The scene shifts from Moscow in its...

The Three Edwards

by Thomas B. Costain

THE THREE EDWARDS covers the years between 1272 and 1377 when three Edwards ruled England. Edward I brought England out of the Middle Ages. Edward II had a tragic reign but gave his country Edward III, who ruled...

Mary Lincoln

by Ruth Painter Randall

Mary Todd Lincoln is probably the most maligned of famous women in our nation's history. Now for the first time the true woman beneath that myth is presented in a warmly sympathetic biography based on new research....

Henry VII

by Charles Williams

This is a well-researched and documented historical biography about Henry VII, the father of Henry VIII.

In 1485 Henry VII defeated Richard III and began the Tudor dynasty. Henry had a loyal and organized administration...

The Personal Life of Queen Victoria

by Sarah A. Southall Tooley

"Mrs. Tooley, in addition to the ordinary sources of information, has been favoured with many special anecdotes and particulars of incidents in the Queen's career. This gives her book a distinct.value." —...

The General’s Wife

by Ishbel Ross

An excellent and diligently researched biography of Julia Boggs Dent Grant (1826-1902), the wife of the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, and First Lady of the United States from 1869 to...

Napoleon and His Court

by C. S. Forester

Napoleon and His Court is a well-researched, comprehensive and delightfully written biography by the celebrated author of the Hornblower series and other great novels.

The Life and Times of General John Graves Simcoe, Commander of the "Queen's Rangers" During the Revolutionary War

by David Breakenridge Read

John Graves Simcoe (1752 –1806) was a British army officer who saw action in the American Revolutionary War, in the Siege of Boston. During the siege, he purchased a captaincy in the grenadier company of the...