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Einstein: Top Truths And Lies

by Waldon Volpiceli

Was Einstein Religious or Atheist? 

Did Einstein help build the atomic bomb? (in this book you will find the backstage pertaining to the arms race between the Allies and the Nazis for obtaining the atomic bomb). ...

Self-Help Is a BS-Ness

by Anonymous Publisher

We have an epidemic going on, and it's not the coronavirus or something like that. No, we have an epidemic of online scammers and con artists who are selling feelings for overpriced tags. We have people who...

Crazy White Man

by Richard Morenus

The author was a businessman from New York who got tired of the “Big City” life and was unhappy for some time. He decided to move as far away from that environment. Taking only his dog, some gear, and an...

Our Shoes, Our Selves

by Bridget Moynahan, Amanda Benchley & Melanie Dunea

Ask any woman about her favorite pair of shoes, and you?re sure to get an answer that goes beyond their material design. In Our Shoes, Our Selves: 40 Women, 40 Stories, 40 Pairs of Shoes, actress Bridget Moynahan...

Elsie de Wolfe's Paris

by Charlie Scheips

The American decorator Elsie de Wolfe (1858–1950) was the international set’s preeminent hostess in Paris during the interwar years. She had a legendary villa in Versailles, where in the late 1930s she held...

More Fool Me

by Stephen Fry

By his early thirties, Stephen Fry?writer, comedian, star of stage and screen?had, as they say, ?made it.?? Much loved on British television, author of a critically acclaimed and bestselling first novel, with...

Florence Foster Jenkins

by Darryl W. Bullock

"Probably the most complete and absolute lack of talent ever publicly displayed." ?Life MagazineMadame Jenkins couldn't carry a tune in a bucket: despite that, in 1944 at the age of 76, she played Carnegie Hall...

My First Hundred Years in Show Business

by Mary Louise Wilson

Mary Louise Wilson became a star at age sixty with her smash one-woman play Full Gallop portraying legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. But before and since, her life and her career?including the Tony Award...


by Chas Newkey-Burden

After years of rumors, Adele?s long-awaited third album 25 was finally announced in late 2015, and with it came claims that she was to single-handedly ?save the music industry.?? Such is the influence of Adele?a...

Little Masterpieces of Autobiography: Actors

by George Iles

A good play gives us in miniature a cross-section of life, heightened by plot and characterisation, by witty and compact dialogue. Of course we should honour first the playwright, who has given form to each...

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

by Benjamin Franklin

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the record of Benjamin Franklin's life as written by the man himself, and is one of the most influential examples of an autobiography ever written. The book is divided...

Half the Way Home

by Adam Hochschild

A New York Times Notable Book: “An extraordinarily moving portrait of the complexities and confusions of familial love” (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times).

From the author of King Leopold’s Ghost,...

A Voice from Old New York

by Louis Auchincloss

An “entertaining and occasionally even moving” personal recollection by the lawyer, historian, and renowned chronicler of old-money WASP society (The Boston Globe).

At the time of his death, Louis Auchincloss—enemy...

Robber Baron

by George Tombs, Rj Gulliver, Julia Smith, and Sue Johanson & Martin Hunter

Robber Baron is an unauthorized biography of Conrad Black, who built the world's third-largest media empire and is now facing criminal charges in Chicago for alleged fraud, money laundering, and racketeering....

Famous expats in Italy

by Deirdre Pirro

Florence and Italy have been home to wealthy, noble and illustrious expatriates as well as to disputable foreign rogues and fugitives from the law. These are the Famous Expats in Italy.


Meet many of them in...

The Life of John Wesley Hardin

by John Wesley Hardin

Gambler, gunslinger, folk hero to some, cold-blooded murderer to others, John Wesley Hardin or Wes Hardin as he was known, was one of America’s first celebrity outlaws. During the late 1860s and early 1870s...

Great Women Leaders

by Heather Ball

Since the days of ancient Egypt, women have demonstrated their skills as leaders. The last copule of hundred years, however, have seen increasing numbers of self-made women of distinction take their place on...

Shadow of Doubt

by Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon

Winner, New Brunswick Book Award for Non-Fiction

Shortlisted, Arthur Ellis Best Non-Fiction Crime Book Award

On July 6, 2011, Richard Oland, scion of the Moosehead brewing family, was murdered in his office. The...

Adèle Hugo

by Leslie Smith Dow

When Victor Hugo died in 1885, the world was shocked to discover that he had a lone survivor: his daughter Adèle, incarcerated in an asylum for insane gentlewomen. Adèle Hugo was an accomplished, intelligent,...

The Metamorphosis

by Bruce MacNab

Winner, Best Atlantic Published Book Award

Shortlisted, Canadian Regional Design Award

met-a-mor-pho-sis: a complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation by magic or witchcraft.

In May of...