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The Women of the Nobel

by Massimo di Terlizzi

Forty-four women. Forty-four stories of incredible lives, each different from the other, but linked by the same leitmotif of excellence, perseverance and passion. This book aims at being a homage to all the...

Darwin's Dogs

by Emma Townshend

If you have ever looked at a dog waiting to go for a walk and thought there was something age-old and almost human about his sad expression, you’re not alone; Charles Darwin did exactly the same.

But Darwin...


by Jerry L. Ross & John Norberg

From the age of ten, looking up at the stars, Jerry Ross knew that he wanted to journey into space. This autobiography tells the story of how he came not only to achieve that goal, but to become the most-launched...

Becoming a Doctor

by Hloni Bookholane

Join Hloni Bookholane on his journey of becoming a doctor: from student to intern at the world-famous Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town to the best school of public health in the world across the Atlantic,...

Tales from My First 90 Years

by Alpha C Chiang

Alpha C Chiang, a renowned economist, and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Connecticut, is best-known for his classic textbook — Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics.In this memoirs,...

Elon Musk Biography

by Alexander Cooper

Elon Musk Biography, A Fascinating Life Story

When people today talk about modern-day success stories in entrepreneurship, engineering, and technological innovation, Elon Musk's name inevitably garners much of...

Albert Einstein in Switzerland

by Dudo Erny

This book is the English version of the original volume, Albert Einstein in der Schweiz. It is not a direct translation, but a parallel text for English speakers, although some of the references and plaques...

Wright Brothers, Wrong Story

by William Hazelgrove

This book is the first deconstruction of the Wright brothers myth. They were not -- as we have all come to believe--two halves of the same apple. Each had a distinctive role in creating the first "flying machine."How...

The Truth About Tesla

by Christopher Cooper

Everything you think you know about Nikola Tesla is wrong.

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest electrical inventors who ever lived. For years, the engineering genius was relegated to relative obscurity, his...

Power in Numbers

by Talithia Williams

From rocket scientists to code breakers, discover the incredibly inspiring stories of more than 30 women who fought through the obstacles, shattered the stereotypes, and embraced their STEM passions.


Steve Jobs

by Kevin Lynch

This is a stunning visual guide to the life and works of entrepreneur Steve Jobs. Easily one of the most influential innovators of the twenty-first century, Steve Jobs has fundamentally shaped the way in which...

My Inventions and Other Writing and Lectures

by Nikola Tesla

This volume presents one of the richest and most comprehensive collections of writings by Nikolai Tesla, a founding figure of the modern electrical power industry and long-time rival of Thomas Edison. Included...

My Beautiful Psychosis

by Emma Goude

What if psychosis is really a wake up call? Emma Goude is a twenty-something who works at the BBC. She likes to party and take drugs...until she decides to give them up...and that's when the insomnia starts....

Isaac Newton

by Robin Wilson & Raymond Flood

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), mathematician and physicist, is one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time. This fully illustrated, accessible guide to the life and work of Isaac Newton is the perfect...

Alchemy: Ancient and Modern - Being a Brief Account of the Alchemistic Doctrines, and their Relations, to Mysticism on the One Hand, and to Recent Discoveries in Physical Science on the Other Hand

by H. Stanley Redgrove

Alchemy is the medieval predecessor of chemistry which was based on trying to transform matter, especially changing base metals into gold. This vintage book explores the various alchemistic doctrines, as well...

Gifted Mind

by Jeff Kinley & Dr. Raymond Damadian

One man’s search for truth on a personal journey of invention and faith!

Today, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies are saving lives in hospitals and clinics throughout the...

Misadventures in Archaeology

by Carolyn D. Dillian & Charles A. Bello

A comprehensive portrait of the controversial self-taught archaeologist C. C. Abbott.

In the late nineteenth century, Charles Conrad Abbott, a medical doctor and self-taught archaeologist, gained notoriety for...

Reginald Sutcliffe and the Invention of Modern Weather Systems Science

by Jonathan E. Martin

Despite being perhaps the foremost British meteorologist of the twentieth century, Reginald Sutcliffe has been understudied and underappreciated. His impact continues to this day every time you check the weather...

Chasing Pig's Ears

by John Williams M.D. Facs

Two plastic surgeons were born into a large family as the second set of twins. There were eight siblings five girls and three boys. The father was a ranch hand who moved the large family to Borger, Texas to...


by Hoover Liddell

This is an autobiographical book about my life in a Nigerian hospital and later a teacher in San Francisco, California. Soon after I arrived in Nigeria in 1967 as a teacher a civil war started. While the war...