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The Women of the Nobel

by Massimo di Terlizzi

Forty-four women. Forty-four stories of incredible lives, each different from the other, but linked by the same leitmotif of excellence, perseverance and passion. This book aims at being a homage to all the...

One Woman in the War

by Alaine Polcz

Before the publication of this book, Alaine Polcz was widely recognized as a psychologist ministering to the needs of disturbed and incurably ill children and their families, as the author of numerous articles...

From Darkness to Light - Marine Byssus and Chiara Vigo

by Susanna Lavazza

It is a unique story, that of byssus; filaments produced by the largest mollusc in the Mediterranean, and Chiara Vigo, Sardinian from Sant'Antioco (Italy) and last Master left in the world capable of weaving...

Jane Eyre - An Autobiography

by Charlotte Brontë

This ebook contains the world-famous classic Jane Eyre - An Autobiography, written by Charlotte Brontë. Enjoy the reading of this unique work.

The World i Live in

by Helen Keller

The World I Live In is Helen Keller's most personal and intellectually adventurous work?one that transforms our appreciation of her extraordinary achievements. Here this preternaturally gifted deaf and blind...

All of Me

by Dani Burlison

With women?s anger, empowerment, and the critical importance of intersectional feminism taking center stage in much of the dialogue happening in feminist spaces right now, an anthology like this has never been...

The Taste of Longing

by Suzanne Evans

Half a world away from her home in Manitoulin Island, Ethel Mulvany is starving in Singapore?s infamous Changi Prison, along with hundreds of other women jailed there as POWs during the Second World War. They...

The Captivity of Mary Rowlandson

by Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson was a colonial American woman captured by Native Americans in 1676 and held for 11 weeks before being ransomed. In 1682, six years after her ordeal, The Sovereignty, and Goodness of God: Being...

H. P. Blavatsky and The Theosophical Movement

by Charles J. Ryan

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891), Russian-born Occultist, was co-founder of The Theosophical Society in 1875 and without doubt, the most dynamic woman and the most baffling character of the Nineteenth Century....

A White Lie

by Madeeha Hafez Albatta, Ghada Ageel, Barbara Bill & Salman Abu Sitta

Palestinian refugees in Gaza have lived in camps for five generations, experiencing hardship and uncertainty. In the absence of official histories, oral narratives handed down from generation to generation bear...

Falling Into Flight

by Kaija Pepper

Falling into Flight untangles a daughter's complicated relationship with immigrant parents -- her angry Russian mother and quiet Finnish father -- as she grapples with the mysteries of her own body and self...

Among the Tibetans

by Isabella L. Bird

"Among the Tibetans" is a record of Isabella L. Bird's 1889 journey into Ladakh describing her tour with her usual keen eye. From descriptions of the landscape and flora to the manners, customs and religion...


by Karine Fragnière

The inspiring story of a champion and mother of four !

Karine Fragnière, a lifelong athlete and?mom of steel? recounts the peak experiences of her life, and the joy and pain that inspired her lifelong quest...

Liminal Spaces: Migration and Women of the Guyanese Diaspora

by Grace Aneiza Ali

Liminal Spaces is an intimate exploration into the migration narratives of fifteen women of Guyanese heritage. It spans diverse inter-generational perspectives – from those who leave Guyana, and those who...

Biografi Kehidupan Siti Aminah Binti Wahab Ibunda Nabi Muhammad SAW Versi Bahasa Inggris

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

Biografi Kehidupan Siti Aminah Binti Wahab Ibunda Nabi Muhammad SAW Utusan Allah SWT Tuhan Semesta Alam Yang Terakhir Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berdasarkan Al-Quran Serta Al-Hadist.

Allah SWT (God) Almighty created...

On Love and Tyranny

by Ann Dr. Heberlein & Alice Menzies

In an utterly unique approach to biography, On Love and Tyranny traces the life and work of the iconic German Jewish intellectual Hannah Arendt, whose political philosophy and understandings of evil, totalitarianism,...

George Eliot: The Complete Works

by George Eliot

The complete works of George Eliot contains:

  • Scenes of Clerical Life. (1858)
  • Adam Bede. (1859)
  • The Lifted Veil. (1859)
  • The Mill on the Floss. (1860)
  • Silas Marner, the Weaver of Raveloe. (1861)
  • Romola. (1863)...

Women of Courage: Florence Nightingale

by Sam Wellman

They're bold. They're fearless. They're adventurous. They have a faith that can move mountains. They're women of courage.

This series of easy-read biographies celebrates the lives of women who lived lives committed...

Mercedes Sosa - More Than A Song

by Anette Christensen

The Argentine folk singer and social activist, Mercedes Sosa, was a world-class performer, whose influence went far beyond the borders of music. Blacklisted as being one the most dangerous people to the regime...

Miss U

by Margaret Utinsky

"Miss U", first published in 1948, is the autobiographical account of Margaret Utinsky's experiences in the Philippines during the Second World War. In addition to her work as a nurse caring for wounded soldiers,...