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The Incredible William Bowles

by Joseph J. Millard

William Augustus Bowles -- a British Loyalist during, and for a quarter century after, the American Revolutionary War. Part soldier, part dreamer, and part adventurer, he went from service in the British Army...

The Unsolved Oak Island Mystery 3-Book Bundle

by Patricia Fanthorpe & Lee Lamb

This special three-book bundle tells the story of the mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia, where in 1795 three boys discovered the top of an ancient shaft. Two hundred years of courage, back-breaking effort,...

Ladies of the Field

by Amanda Adams

The first women archaeologists were Victorian era adventurers who felt most at home when farthest from it. Canvas tents were their domains, hot Middle Eastern deserts their gardens of inquiry and labor. Thanks...

Heartbreak and Heroism

by John Melady

This book is about some of the most dramatic search-and-rescue operations in Canada. Whether the action is on the heaving deck of a sinking ship off the Newfoundland coast, within the incredibly confining walls...

A Walk in the Clouds

by Kev Reynolds

Alpine expert Kev Reynolds has spent fifty years exploring mountain landscapes and thirty writing about his experiences. Here he shares some of the high points of a full life as a wanderer and writer. Kev is...


by Jerry L. Ross & John Norberg

From the age of ten, looking up at the stars, Jerry Ross knew that he wanted to journey into space. This autobiography tells the story of how he came not only to achieve that goal, but to become the most-launched...


by Stephanie Anderson

This book tells the story of a French cabin boy, Narcisse Pelletier, and his life with the Uutaalnganu people of north-east Cape York from 1858 to 1875. Even though it is all but forgotten in Australia, and...

Gobekli Tepe Alien Contact Narrated

by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

The stone pillars at Gobekli Tepe are arguably one of the most visual and thought evocative pieces of pre-civilization architecture.

However there are many smaller versions of T shaped pillars similar to Gobekli...

Almost There

by Turner,Dp

"Do you want to hike the Appalachian Trail again?" he asked. Although DP Turner had hiked 1,500 miles of that trail during his adolescent years, that question from an unlikable classmate in high school led...

The Long Road East

by Super,Quentin

From the author of the internationally-selling novel The Long Road North comes Quentin Super's next journey into the unknown.

The Long Road East captures Super's 2017 cycling adventure that took him and his best...

A Dedication to Sir Richard Francis Burton

by Various

Sir Richard Francis Burton KCMG FRGS (1821–1890) was a British writer, poet, linguist, explorer, translator, geographer, ethnologist, orientalist, Freemason, diplomat, and cartographer best remembered for...

Another Baby Boomer Strolls Down Amnesia Lane!

by Garrison,W.E. Bill

This is about one man's review of his early adult life experiences which he wishes to share with his sons and future generations. He wishes to point out how his military experiences shaped his understanding...

The Do Right Man

by McJoy,Glenn

It was Edgar Allan Poe who inspired me in grade school to become a writer. The way he expressed himself in his poem, the birds have never left my spirit . I wished, as a child, he could have read to me this...

Nome's Polar Princess

by Henry,Edward

This is a true story of how one man, on his journey to the Arctic Circle to satisfy his "Bucket List", finds love in Nome, Alaska. Ed an electrician and California native, travels to Nome armed with his fishing...

Ford According to Ram

by Krishnan,Ramakrishnan

This is my story. This is about my life. I was with Ford for thirty-nine years. Projects. Process. Products. People and pizza! There, those keywords capture the journey of thirty-nine years. My grandfather,...

Into the Clouds

by Dozier,Jacqueline

Some may say that dreams are fanciful and belong to children. I believe that is where they start but never end. They can come from a story read at bedtime, an example set by an adult, or hero seen on TV. They...

A Tramp's Philosophy

by Bart Kennedy

A discovery in Feral House’s Tramp Lit Series, Bart Kennedy’s 1908 A Tramp’s Philosophy is Kennedy’s late work distilling his life and experiences into a concept for living. He includes insights on everything...

A Cry No One Ever Heard

by Thompson,Bonnie

"You see my glory but don't know my story."

Creating a life so beautiful is a miracle. Born loved, wanted, needed, cared for, properly fed, cleaned in the way a child should be birthed into the world. It takes...

Mind Over Mountain

by Robby Kojetin

  • Robbie Kojetin is now a highly sought-after keynote speaker and motivational coach
  • The first South African book to be considered for the Boardman Tasker Literature and Banff Mountain Festival Book Prizes
  • Robbie...

My Precious Bobby

by Bob,Bad


Gripping and emotional. That's exactly what you'll find as you read this book; every page will keep you wanting more. This is the kind of book you just can't put down, and I'm sure you're going to want...