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Let's Stop Meeting Like This

by Dick Axelrod & Emily Axelrod

Ugh?meetings. They?re where productivity goes to die, right? There has to be a better way. According to leading consultants Dick and Emily Axelrod, there is. Using the same principles that make video games so...

Writing Winning Business Plans

by Garrett Sutton

To win in business requires a winning business plan. To write a winning business plan requires reading Garrett Sutton’s dynamic book on the topic. Writing Winning Business Plans provides the insights and the...

How PowerPoint Makes You Stupid

by Franck Frommer & George Holoch

With over 500 million users worldwide, Microsoft's PowerPoint software has become the ubiquitous tool for nearly all forms of public presentation?in schools, government agencies, the military, and, of course,...

Fearless Facilitation: The Ultimate Field Guide to Engaging (and Involving!) Your Audience

by Cyndi Maxey & Kevin O'Connor

As the workforce ages and younger trainers and managers emerge, facilitation skills take on a new importance and, with the increased use of social networks, new facilitation skills are needed. Written by two...

Holding Change

by adrienne maree brown

  • Before she was an NYT bestselling author, adrienne was known for her work as a facilitator, mediator, and teacher. She still travels the country helping organizations, especially Black organizations, clarify...

Summary of Doesn't Hurt to Ask

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Doesn't Hurt to Ask

One of the most critical skills a prosecutor can have in a courtroom is the ability to persuade. Every prosecutor knows that if they cannot persuade a jury of their client's guilt,...

30 Days to a More Powerful Business Vocabulary

by Dan Strutzel

“…A LEARNING EXPERIENCE THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.” -BRIAN TRACY The author of the best-selling 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, Dan Strutzel, now puts his focus on communicating successfully...

The Power to Speak Naked

by Sean Tyler Foley

The Power To Speak Naked helps everyone unleash the power to speak the raw naked truth.

For those who want to advance their career, increase their wage, improve their social standing, and skyrocket their confidence,...

The Remote Facilitator's Pocket Guide

by Kirsten Clacey & Jay-Allen Morris

This approach to remote facilitation makes virtual meetings powerful means of collaboration using proven techniques to accommodate a diversity of cultures, locations, and personalities.

Many people struggle with...

Scientifically Speaking

by Jo Filshie Browning

Now more than ever, the scientific and medical community is under the microscope and in front of the media. Science matters, and in a post-truth world it’s more important than ever for scientists and physicians...

101 Tips for Improving Your Business Communication

by Edward Barr

This book contains business communication information that may not have been taught in college?information that has been accumulated over years of business experience and teaching.

Anyone can read these brief...

Sustainability Reporting and Communications

by Alan S. Gutterman

This book is intended to be a practical introduction to sustainability reporting and communications that begins by discussing material legal and regulatory considerations and the some of the major sustainability...

Your Story, Well Told

by Corey Rosen & Patrick Combs

So You’ve Got a Story to Sell

“Corey Rosen's book is a great resource. I know I will return to it again and again for ideas, inspiration, and entertainment.” ―Samantha Harris, cohost of Dancing with...

HBR's 10 Must Reads for Sales and Marketing Collection (5 Books)

by Harvard Business Review

Stop pushing products. Start empowering your salespeople cultivating relationships with the right customers.

In today's economy, companies are fighting tooth and nail for their customers' attention. Hyper-informed...

How to Become a Master of Persuasion

by Tony Treacy

This book is perfect for everyone involved in sales who wants to be a better and more persuasive communicator. It is a practical guide that explain what motivates customers, how to identify the best things to...

Build Your Confidence on Stage

by Sabirul Islam

Every aspiring speaker has one task: to master their communication and performance on stage. Through 14 years of experience and application, Sabirul Islam has crafted the brand?Build Your Confidence on Stage??...

Facilitating Breakthrough

by Adam Kahane

Making progress on complex, problematic situations requires a new approach to working together: transformative facilitation, a structured and creative process for removing the obstacles to fluid forward movement....

The Power of Strategic Listening

by Laurie Lewis

Listening is critical in today’s organizations. As recent examples in the #MeToo era and numerous organizational failures and scandals illustrate, the consequences of poor listening in organizations can be...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Communication, Vol. 2 (with bonus article "Leadership Is a Conversation" by Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind)

by Harvard Business Review, Heidi Grant, Scott Berinato & Tsedal Neeley et al.

A collection of 10 of the best, most influential articles on communication that published since the original HBR's 10 Must Reads on Communication came out.

  • Curates the best and most influential HBR articles on...

The Listening Shift

by Janie Hool

In organizations, it’s a miracle our conversations get us anywhere at all – we are constantly distracted by goals, consumed by the draw of emails, multi-tasking in everything that we do. We rush from meeting...