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3X Speed Writing

by Giacomo Bruno

Bestseller? Yes, after reading this text you would have learned how to write a book from scratch and how to become a bestseller author.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to write a 100 pages book in 10 hours...

Effective Writing

by Elizabeth Manning Murphy & Hilary Cadman

'Effective writing: plain English at work, second edition, is about writing that works: it is based on sound English grammar and plain English style. If you want to write in a way that is clear and meaningful,...

Deeptetch Nation

by Dominique Mégret

What is Switzerland's place in a high-tech world dominated by American and Asian giants ? How can we ensure a suffi cient level of technological sovereignty ?

The author launches the debate and provides thought-provoking answers...

The 12 Week Year for Writers

by A. Trevor Thrall, Brian P. Moran & Michael Lennington

Praise for The 12 Week Year for Writers

“We writers are a peculiar bunch, so I am impressed how Trevor manages to bridge high-performance practices into our creative world and make it feel natural. This book...

The Content Marketing Handbook

by Robert W. Bly

The Content Marketing Handbook helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners understand the true role of content within integrated multichannel marketing campaigns, avoid wasting time and money by...


by Frank Martin Brehany

In 2016, the author came into contact with passengers who had been overcome by fumes whilst on a flight from the UK to Florida. As he explored what had happened to them, he came to realise that there was a whole...

You Are The Brand

by Mike Kim & Todd Herman

Yes, It’s Possible to Build a Business around Your Expertise, Ideas, Message, and Personality. But First You Need to Realize — YOU ARE THE BRAND.

It’s no secret that more people than ever before are building...

101 Tips for Improving Your Business Communication

by Edward Barr

This book contains business communication information that may not have been taught in college?information that has been accumulated over years of business experience and teaching.

Anyone can read these brief...

Faster, Fewer, Better Emails

by Dianna Booher

Business communication expert and bestselling author Dianna Booher shares practical wisdom on how to write effective emails that get results and how to organize documents to gain control and increase your productivity....

Writing Is Designing

by Michael J. Metts, Andy Welfle & Nick Madden

Without words, apps would be an unusable jumble of shapes and icons, while voice interfaces and chatbots wouldn't even exist. Words make software human–centered, and require just as much thought as the branding...

Business Writing For Dummies

by Natalie Canavor

Learn how to write for the results you want every time, in every medium!

Do you wish you could write better? In today’s business world, good writing is key to success in just about every endeavor. Writing...

Literary Translation and Foreign Rights: Find Translators, Enter New Markets, and Make More Money With Literary Translations

by S C Scott

Ready, Set, Translate!

Are You An Author? Unlock Your 10-step Plan to Multiple Streams of Income from Foreign Translations. It's Easy and Profitable!

The Indie Publishing Gold Rush is not over…

In fact, it’s...

Working Words

by Elizabeth Manning Murphy

For editors, writers, teachers and students of English grammar, and wordsmiths all ? WORKING WORDS is a collection of ?chats? about aspects of editing and writing for dipping into ? it?s not a textbook but a...

Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business

by Inc. The Staff of Entrepreneur Media & Laura Pennington Briggs

Write Your Own Success Story

Breaking into freelance writing has gotten much easier for word-savvy entrepreneurs like you. But even in the golden age of content creation, you still need to know what it takes...

The Successful Author

by Peter Lyle DeHaan

Do you have questions about writing? Publishing?

With over three decades of experience as a publisher, author, and freelance writer, Peter Lyle DeHaan has answers. He will help you move forward on your writing...

How to Become a Successful Author

by Russell Nohelty

Are you tired of writing books that release to crickets? Are you sick of reading hundreds of articles about how to find more readers? Are you lost in a sea of information without any direction on how to move...

Seven Steps to Confident Writing

by Alan Gelb

Not everyone is a natural writer. In fact, most people don’t think that much about writing until they’re called upon to write something like an office memo or a wedding speech and find themselves paralyzed...

The Direct Mail Revolution

by Robert W. Bly

In our digital world, it?s easy to overlook the power of a snail mail marketing piece. But think again because when you could earn as much as a 1,300% ROI, why would you not want to generate more leads, orders,...

The Influential Author

by Gregory V. Diehl & Tom Morkes

Do you have something important to say? By combining his experience as an educator and entrepreneur, author Gregory V. Diehl teaches passionate thinkers how to turn unique messages into profitable books—without...

Selfie of Success

by Burra Venkatesham Ias

So far, the Success books spoke on only achieving the desired visions and planned goals regarding wealth, prosperity, fame, establishment of business empires, big positions; or tips to achieve anything you want...