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Wisdom in a Traffic Jam

by Angella Luyk

Finally! An entrepreneurial starting point for real people. Do you have an entrepreneurial dream? Are you a small business owner determined to grow against all odds? "Wisdom in a Traffic Jam" is your practical...

How to Keep a Competitive Edge in the Talent Game

by Christal Morehouse & Matthias Busse

By 2020, the global map of higher education will be completely redrawn, and by 2030, China is expected to emerge as the world's largest source of brainpower. The European Union should not necessarily view this...

Financial Accounts in the Sstem of National Accounts (SNA) and in the Current Economy

by Daniele Fano

Daniele Fano is a graduate from the Universities of Siena and Harvard. He has worked in the public sector, in industrial and financial corporations, both on the management and on the research side. He is a guest...

Life Beyond Spending

by Ernesto Caravantes

Ernesto Caravantes was among the multitudes of people who were affected by the Recession of 2008, the financial impact of which continues to be felt to this day. Rather than focus on how people can return to...

Missions Impossible

by John Waterbury

A rigorous examination of higher education policymaking in the Arab world

None of the momentous challenges Arab universities face is unique either in kind or degree. Other societies exhibit some of the same pathologies?insufficient...

Education from a Manufacturing Perspective

by Edsel Shejen

Edsel Shejen went to trade school and spent thirty-six years in manufacturing.

Four metrics were drilled into his head: Safety, quality, schedule, and cost. The mantra was to safely produce a quality product?on...

Leadership Trust: Build It, Keep It

by Christopher Evans

Trust is a mechanism of people?s decision-making processes that mediates nearly every interaction in their lives. Identifying and discussing the specific issues or behaviors that increase or decrease one?s willingness...

Early Economic Thought in Spain, 1177–1740

by Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson

In the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, clerics gave lectures at the University of Salamanca on such topics as the varying purchasing power of money, the morality of money, and how price is determined....

Job Challenge Profile, Participant Workbook

by Cynthia D. McCauley

This updated Participant Workbook now includes the Job Challenge Profile survey. With the aid of this action guide, you will determine what and how much you are learning, what parts of your job holds key challenges,...

Direction, Alignment, Commitment: Achieving Better Results through Leadership, Second Edition

by Cynthia McCauley & Lynn Fick-Cooper

This book will show you how to diagnose problems in your team by focusing on the three outcomes of effective leadership: direction, alignment, and commitment. By assessing where your group stands in each of...

Feedback That Works: How to Build and Deliver Your Message, Second Edition (International Spanish)

by Center for Creative Leadership

Effective feedback, whether it's meant for your boss, your peers, or your direct reports, is built around three ideas. One, focus on the situation. Two, describe the other person's behavior you observed in that...

The Handbook for Learning and Development Professionals

by Dr. K. Dave Crowder

K. Dave Crowder Ed.D stumbled into learning and development in the usual way: He developed a reputation of doing such a great job training new people that he became a trainer. The chemical plant he worked for...

Economics in One Virus

by Ryan A. Bourne

"A truly excellent book that explains where our pandemic response went wrong, and how we can understand those failings using the tools of economics." ?Tyler Cowen, Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics at George...

Japanese Business Culture and Practices

by Isao Takei & Jon P. Alston

Japanese Business Culture and Practices presents detailed insights and descriptions on the proper ways to conduct business with contemporary Japanese. It focuses on the traditional and nontraditional business-related...

Interdisciplinary Public Finance, Business and Economics Studies Volume III

by ÖZER ÖZCELIK & Adil Akinci

This book presents topics regarding economics, public finance and business. It is aimed at educators, researchers, and students interested in public finance, business and economics.

Community Colleges as Economic Engines

by Kjell A. Christophersen, Kate Thirolf, Debbie L. Sydow & Richard L. Alfred

Over the past 19 years, Economic Modeling Specialists International (Emsi) has responded to the demand for credible and affordable economic impact studies by completing over 2000 such studies for colleges in...

The Economic Gulag

by Robert Bahlieda

The Economic Gulag: Patriarchy, Capitalism, and Inequality is a trenchant critical analysis of the devastating ravages of capitalist patriarchy in our modern society and its pervasive and increasingly destabilizing...

The Economic Gulag

by Robert Bahlieda

The Economic Gulag: Patriarchy, Capitalism, and Inequality is a trenchant critical analysis of the devastating ravages of capitalist patriarchy in our modern society and its pervasive and increasingly destabilizing...

Digital Cultures, Innovation and Startup

by Annalisa Buffardi & Lello Savonardo

The book focuses on the relationships between technological and social innovations, and the new opportunities and challenges that the education system is facing. The authors explore the intertwines between the...

Spurious Economy For All

by Claudio Pardo Molina

Many modern leaders want to install into the common sense of the masses that economics is bad because economics is synonymous with capitalism. And they do it through countless spurious examples that I will be...