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Learn, Work, Lead

by Terri Tierney Clark

So you've Leaned In, now what? In today's world, women's career success relies on much more than just taking advice from a mentor, knowing how to network, and being proactive. Young professional women have to...

Summary: 10 Insider Secrets To Job Hunting Success - Todd Bermont

by BusinessNews Publishing

This work offers a summary of the book "10 INSIDER SECRETS TO JOB HUNTING SUCCESS: Everything You Need To Get The Job You Want In 24 Hours ? Or Less!" by Todd Bermont.

Based on the responses of over a million...

Life after College

by Tori Randolph Terhune & Betsy A. Hays

Whether employed or not upon completing their college degree, most people experience a significant “culture shock” while transitioning from student to professional life. In Life After College: Ten Steps...

Best Way to Find a Job Is to... Effectively Manage Your Job Search

by JM Roman

The book takes the job seeker beyond a fine tuned resume and addresses ways to structure, organize and manage a focus job search.

This book addresses the five basic functions of managing a job search –-Planning,...

Creating the Work You Love: A Guide to Finding Your Right Livelihood

by Elaine Jd Voci

Unhappy in your current career? Do you lack clarity, vision, or courage when you try to imagine yourself doing work that's soul satisfying? Are you reluctant to learn new things in order to reinvent yourself?...


by Sebastian Ace

How to Get a Job Using LinkedIn: The Most Effective Way to Get the Job of Your Dreams 

You’re about to discover how to create, connect and build your social presence starting with your LinkedIn Profile and...

You Are The Brand

by Mike Kim & Todd Herman

Yes, It’s Possible to Build a Business around Your Expertise, Ideas, Message, and Personality. But First You Need to Realize — YOU ARE THE BRAND.

It’s no secret that more people than ever before are building...

The Insider’s Guide to Extreme Interview

by Martha Gage

"How would you handle a situation if your boss was wrong and you were right?"

Here it is. That tricky interview question that is designed to test your nerve, manner, and overall qualification for the position....

Consulting Interview

by Martha Gage

Personal Experience Interview (PEI) is the most underestimated part of the whole recruiting process at any of the top consulting firms, making up ~50% of the candidate's overall evaluation. Proper preparation...

The STAR Method Explained

by Martha Gage

Do you struggle to give concise answers to interview questions?

Are you unsure how to sell yourself during an interview without sounding boastful?

The STAR method can help!

Impressing at a competency-based interview...

The Path to the Shield

by Matthew J Jamison

The Path to the Shield is a comprehensive guide for those individuals who desire a career in police work or are, at least, strongly considering this career field. Whether a potential applicant is in high school,...

WELCOME to the Next Level

by Sonya L. Sigler

WELCOME to the NEXT LEVEL helps highly motivated professionals take their career to the next level, so they don?t spend another day in a job where they are not appreciated or paid what they are worth.

For over...

Personal and Career Development

by Claudio A. Rivera & Elza Priede

This workbook will help readers identify their strengths, interests, and priorities to take ownership of their life and career decisions.

The authors provide a framework to reflect on several questions that are...

Everyday Project Management

by Jeff Davidson

“Everyday Project Management is a practical guide for anyone new or needing to learn more about project management. Unlike many other books, it does not rely on arcane concepts and terms, and simply tells...

Measure Up

by Josh McAfee & Trisha Garek Harp

Measure Up helps those desiring or going through career transition understand their value and how to best communicate their value.

For those considering career transition, Measure Up helps them create compelling...

America’s Official Job Search Manual

by Deirk L. Keitt Sr.

This is an easy-to-follow manual. It is written for job seekers and those whose jobs are to help job seekers get employed. It is written in two parts. The first part shows what you should do in job search and...

Your GPS to Employment Success

by Beverly A. Williams

Economies had barely recovered from the Great Recession of 2008 when the COVID-19 pandemic moved swiftly around the world threatening to devastate global economies and their populations yet again. Inevitably,...

The Mentor

by J.N. Whiddon

The semester has begun, and Professor Johnathan Daniels welcomes his next batch of students into his classroom. He teaches the capstone Business Communications course at State U, one of the most valuable classes...

Launch Your Career

by Sean O'Keefe

This book shows how any college student can land the position they want by creating relationships with professionals in the industries they're interested in by using the author's proven Career Launch Method....

Getting a Job is a Job

by Harvey Mackay & Hjohn Maxwell

?A mother lode of timely, hard-earned, bite-size, street-smart golden nuggets ? invaluable for job seekers, employed or unemployed.?

?Stephen Covey

You are looking at the ultimate briefing on how to get hired...