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The Little Book of Alternative Investments: Reaping Rewards by Daring to be Different

by Ben Stein & Phil DeMuth


"Ben and Phil have done it again. Another lucid, insightful book, designed to enhance your wealth! In today's stock-addled cult of equities, there is a gaping...

Corporate Human Heritage and Competitiveness

by Yves Barou


The value of a company

The value of a company is not just its financial or tangible assets; it is also its human heritage.But how to render all the complexity...

The Nature of Value

by Nick Gogerty

Using evolution as the template to understand growth, The Nature of Value takes a first-principles approach to explore the parallels between economic and ecological systems. Not only does Gogerty show how value...

Francis: A Pope for Our Time

by Luis Rosales & Daniel Olivera

The Catholic Church has been undoubtedly going through a period of profound crisis. Endless scandals and conspiracies have plagued the Church in recent years, and with resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February...

Aftershock's High Income Guide

by Andrew Packer

Today’s investment environment can be daunting, at best. Trying to find solid returns without the nasty, associated risks can be extremely difficult. The High Income Guide will lead you to investments that...

Aquaponics: A Complete Step by Step Guide to Grow Aquaponics at Home to Start an Expert Diy Aquaponic System (Comprehensive Guide on Starting Up Your Own Aquaponics Garden)

by Larry Schenk

Aquaponics is a food production method that combines conventional aquaculture, or fish farming, with hydroponics, or growing plants in water. The result is a system where fish and plants work together in an...

Summary of Cash Flow Quadrant

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Cash Flow Quadrant

You can never have true freedom without financial freedom. Freedom may be free, but it has a price.

Preface: What is Your Life’s Goal?

Finding your path in life is your goal in life....

Frugal Living : Tips and Tricks for Frugality in Gift Giving (How To Organize Your Life, Declutter Your Home, Office and Clear Your Mind And Get Stuff Done)

by Justin Johnson

It’s about finding ways to save where you can — whether via coupons, freebies, or DIY hacks — so you can focus your money and attention on the things you value, whether that’s saving for a comfortable...

Stupid Brokers  Stupid Clients

by Midas,King T.

This book will put you on a path to financial security. If you learn from the examples and follow the simple but important principles enumerated, you will not be guaranteed success, but you will have a better...

Great Minds. Great Wealth. Great for Your 401K.

by Rodney Schulz

Wouldn’t you rather spend more time on the golf course, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying your children and grandchildren? You may think any investment book can help you achieve these goals, but you’d be...

Summary of Winning

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Winning

Everyone loves to win in whatever they do, which makes people search for a secret to winning. This book, Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Success was written by Tim S. Grover. The writer of...

Summary of The Psychology of Money

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel is a great book that teaches readers how they can grow their wealth today. The book is not complicated like many books that talk about...

The Little Book of Market Myths: How to Profit by Avoiding the Investing Mistakes Everyone Else Makes

by Kenneth L. Fisher

Exposes the truth about common investing myths and misconceptions and shows you how the truth shall set you free—to reap greater long-term and short-term gains

Everybody knows that a strong dollar equals a...

Crossing the Street

by Andy Ho

Vietnam is the last significant opportunity for investors in Southeast Asia. But, as with any frontier market, that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Investing in this fast-growing and exciting country can be rather...

Don't Panic

by Christine Ibbotson

As soon as the COVID-19 global pandemic hit North America, Licensed Financial Advisor Christine Ibbotson, syndicated “Ask the Money Lady” columnist and recent author of How to Retire Debt-Free and Wealthy...

L o w r a t e b a s t a r d

by Rosario Stefanelli


Low rates stimulate leverage.Mike, a banker struck by lightning on his way to Central Park, is convinced that they could also stimulate the stupidity of many entrepreneurs.  That's why he decides...

Summary of The Intelligent Investor

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor is a book written by Benjamin Graham, published back in 1949 by Harper & Brothers. The book itself is widely famous because it offers a different and...

Bulletproof Investing

by James Fitzgerald

Take the reins of your financial future with this powerful and insightful new resource 

In Bulletproof Investing, real estate expert, investor, entrepreneur, and author James Fitzgerald, delivers a collection...

Investing in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies

by Eric Tyson

Investing in Your 20s & 30s

Discover your unique investing style!

Now is an exciting time to get started with investments. Stock trading apps, robo-advisors, ETFs, small business ownership—setting your money...

The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them

by Peter Mallouk

This book, from New York Times best-selling author Peter Mallouk, will help you avoid the mistakes that stand in the way of investment success!

A reliable resource for investors who want to make more informed...