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Military Finances

by Don Philpott & Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott

This informative and accessible book provides a one-stop guide to navigating the many financial questions facing today’s military in all phases of service: active duty, preparing for transition or retirement,...

Next Generation Excel +Website: Modeling In Excel For Analysts And MBAs (For MS Windows And Mac OS)

by Isaac Gottlieb

Take Excel to the next level in accounting and financial modeling

In this new Second Edition of Next Generation Excel, Isaac Gottlieb shows financial analysts how to harness the full power of Excel to move forward...

Attack Your Expenses

by Scott McDowell

How to live on less without limiting your life

 According to a recent Pew study, 46% of Americans spend more money than they earn each month. Hopefully, you’re not part of the 46%, but even if you are, you...

A-Bun-Dance 4 Your Finance

by Zarina Boily

When was the last time you truly enjoyed balancing your checkbook and playing with numbers? If you’re anything like me, your relationship with money is probably tumultuous. As someone with ADHD, I believed...

The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2020

by Gen Tanabe & Kelly Tanabe

Information on 1.5 million scholarships, grants, and prizes is easily accessible in this revised directory with more than 300 new listings that feature awards indexed by career goal, major, academics, public...

The Six-Figure Freelancer

by Laura Briggs

Start and Scale Your Freelance Business

The freelance portion of the workforce and the economy is growing at a rapid pace, but the lack of proper training or knowledge about how to run a freelance venture sets...

Summary of The Psychology of Money

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel is a great book that teaches readers how they can grow their wealth today. The book is not complicated like many books that talk about...

Healthy Money Mindset Workbook

by Kristy Jenkins

Healthy Money Mindset Workbook

One of the first things that someone needs to do when their changing their money mindset is to know all about their money situation.  

Wealth is one of the most  grossly misunderstood...

Living a Purposeful Retirement

by Hyrum W. Smith

Your Personal Roadmap to a Meaningful and Happy Retirement

So you’ve reached your retirement age and are at risk of becoming a “couch potato”. It doesn’t have to be that way. Uncover the joy of retirement...

Bulletproof Investing

by James Fitzgerald

Take the reins of your financial future with this powerful and insightful new resource 

In Bulletproof Investing, real estate expert, investor, entrepreneur, and author James Fitzgerald, delivers a collection...

Bounce Back

by Mitch Horowitz

BOUNCE BACK TO FINANCIAL, SPIRITUAL, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH WITH THESE FIVE POWERFUL CONDENSED CLASSICS The five works abridged and introduced by historian and New Thought scholar Mitch Horowitz in Bounce...

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

The most famous of all teachers of success spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the Law of Success philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized...

Dollars and Sense: a Fable of Personal Finance

by Vinnie Venturella

Want to learn about the basics of personal finance in an easy-to-understand manner? In this fable, during some normal days, this family explores many of the financial topics all families, especially children,...

A Letter to My White Friends and Colleagues

by Steven S. Rogers

Learn how to address racial wealth disparity in the United States today

From the life, professional experiences, and research of former Harvard Business School professor Steven Rogers, comes his boldly stated,...

The Myth the Lie and the True Facts about Minimum Wage

by Starks Iii,Pastor Edd

The Myth, the Lie and the True Facts about Minimum Wage will help all Americans, from the president down, understand how the American dream of home ownership is slipping away for most Americans, why the market...

Young Money

by Dasarte Yarnway

Turn Time into Money!

If you're under 40, you may not have a lot of money, but you're loaded with a valuable resource: time. It probably doesn't seem like it when you're looking at your student loan debt or scraping...

Personal Finance in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies

by Eric Tyson

The money lessons you wish you?d learned in school

Personal Finance in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies helps Millennials and Zoomers like you make smart financial moves. It?s not as tough as it looks to reduce and...

Secrets of the Wealth Game: What They Hoped You'd Never Find Out

by Eric L. Stevens J.D.

From the inception of the industrial revolution into our present ?nano technology? information age, Wealth and those who have it, continue to proliferate. Ever consider why during our early schools years and...

The War on Cash

by David McRee


This book is  a wake-up call to every one about the tactics being used by governments to restrict the public's use of cash and to abuse the laws for its own purposes.

Powerful forces are threatening your...

The Secrets of Getting Rich

by David J. Perel & Franklin Prosperity Report


You may not be rich now or in six months, but you can become wealthy if you change your mindset and adopt proven financial strategies that have helped countless...