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Loving the Earth

by Carlo Petrini

An extraordinary collage of conversations between Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, and a gallery of influential personages to mark the tenth anniversary of Terra Madre, the global network of food communities...

Sharing is Good

by Beth Buczynski

Collaborative consumption is a new way of living in which access is valued above ownership, experience is prized over material possessions, and "mine" becomes "ours," allowing everyone's needs to be met with...

The Five Stages of Collapse

by Dmitry Orlov

A user?s guide to economic, political, social and cultural collapse.

In the face of political impotence, resource depletion, and catastrophic climate change, many of us have become reconciled to an uncertain...


by Ugo Bardi & Jorgen Randers

As we dig, drill, and excavate to unearth the planet?s mineral bounty, the resources we exploit from ores, veins, seams, and wells are gradually becoming exhausted. Mineral treasures that took millions, or even...


by Rögnvaldur Hannesson

Everyone has heard of environmentalism, but what is it? Is it ideology or religion? Like socialism, environmentalism is a political program, but even more diffuse. Environmentalists hold diverse opinions, from...

The Zero Waste Solution

by Paul Connett & Jeremy Irons

Waste is something we all make every day but often pay little attention to.  That's changing, and model programs around the globe show the many different ways a community can strive for, and achieve, zero-waste...

Dreaming the Future

by Kenny Ausubel & David W. Orr

Few would deny that we are entering a period of great change. Our environment is collapsing. Social disruption abounds. All around, it seems, we are experiencing breakdown. But out of this chaos comes the opportunity...

White Paper on sustainable energy projects in Africa

by Jeremy Debreu & Claire Guibert

With almost 600 million people having no access to energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, rural electrification is a major challenge for the development of the continent.

This White Paper highlights 25 energy projects...

Environmental Economics

by Philip E. Graves

For the past 25 years, governmental decision-makers have employed the economic approach of benefit-cost analysis for resource allocation decisions. Environmental Economics describes, in a non-technical, readily...

The Politics of Permaculture

by Terry Leahy

'Inspiring. [...] Crammed with lively interviews and grounded examples' Ashish Kothari, founder of Kalpavriksh

Permaculture is an environmental movement that makes us reevaluate what it means to be sustainable....


by Frank Martin Brehany

In 2016, the author came into contact with passengers who had been overcome by fumes whilst on a flight from the UK to Florida. As he explored what had happened to them, he came to realise that there was a whole...

Climate Change: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review

by Harvard Business Review, Andrew Winston, Andrew McAfee & Dante Disparte et al.

Climate change is threatening our world. How are you responding?

Heat waves, flooding, extreme storms, harsh winters. The effects of climate change are only getting worse. How can you ensure your organization...

Handbook of Sustainable Development

by Radha R. Sharma

Sustainable development has garnered the attention of the global community when United Nations created Brundtland Commission in 1983 to suggest various ways to save the human environment and natural resources...

Community Engagement and Investment

by Alan S. Gutterman

This book is a comprehensive guide to community engagement and investment, beginning with a survey of community-related voluntary standards and then turning to strategy and management, community engagement,...

The Story of the Fly

by Jason Drew

The Story of the Fly explores how a humble insect, with its fascinating history and manifold talents, holds the answer to profitably solving some of the most significant environmental challenges we face today....

Sustainability Standards and Instruments

by Alan S. Gutterman

This book serves as an introduction to sustainability standards and instruments and includes chapters on initiatives of governmental and intergovernmental bodies, sectoral CSR commitments, CSR-related reporting...

Growing Trees in Urban Kinshasa

by Gutu Kia Zimi PhD

The study allowed us to understand that the urban vegetation of Kinshasa has been declining over the years, especially in the neighborhoods of the old municipalities and a slow progression in the new neighborhoods...

Anthill Economics

by Nathanial Gronewold

Does modern economic theory violate the basic laws of nature and physics? That is the question that award-winning environmental and energy writer Nathanial Gronewold sets out to answer in Anthill Economics....

The Energy Switch

by Peter Kelly-Detwiler

The energy industry is changing, and it’s far more than just solar panels. Electric vehicles look to overtake gasoline-powered cars within our lifetimes, wind farms are popping up in unlikely places, traders...

Oneness vs. the 1%

by Vandana Shiva & Kartikey Shiva

With a new epilogue about Bill Gates?s global agenda and how we can resist the billionaires? war on life

?This is what globalization looks like: Opportunism. Exploitation. Further centralization of power. Further...