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Food of Jamaica

by DeMers,John & Eduardo Fuss

This collection offers the island's best recipes, both traditional and the new, from Jamaica's hottest chefs and restaurants, including Norma Shirley of Norma at the Wharfhouse, Everett Wilkerson of the Sans...

Mini Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes

by Au-Yang,Cecilia

With its clear defined photos and easy to read recipes, Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes contains everything you need to know to create over 30 delicious and authentic Hong Kong dishes. This cookbook contains...

Ruhlman's Twenty

by Michael Ruhlman & Donna Turner Ruhlman

James Beard Award, 2010 winner! — Ruhlman's Twenty — Redefining how we cook

Michael Ruhlman cookbook: Rare is the cookbook that redefines how we cook. And rare is the author who can do so with the ease...

Italian Recipes

by Associazione Lo Sportello del Cittadino

Good food for good life? The best Umbria’s recipes, the heart of Italian-style, pasta, dishes, soup, pork, traditional food with an easy descriptions. If you are looking for the best recipes of the Italian...

Cholesterol Lowering Cookbooks: Superfoods and Dairy Free for a Low Cholesterol Diet

by Kelly Marcil

Cholesterol Lowering Cookbooks Superfoods and Dairy Free for a Low Cholesterol Diet In today's world there are plenty of reasons to want cholesterol lowering foods. We're nowhere near as active as we were in...

Paleo Grilling

by James Phelan, Tony Federico & Amy Kubal

Embracing the Paleo movement is about getting back to basics­—eating food in its most simple, unprocessed form, just like our ancestors. And what is more basic than cooking meat over a fire? This book features...

3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes

by Suzanne Bonet

People love the convenience of their slow cookers. What could be better than walking in the door after a hard day's work to the smell of beef stew, ready and waiting? A beef stew that only requires three ingredients,...

What's Cooking on Okinawa

by Kubasaki High School,Kubasaki

What's Cooking on Okinawa presents the favorite, cook-when-company-comes recipes of the Americans stationed on Okinawa and of their Okinawan friends. Its more than two hundred and forty-five recipes contributed...

Crockpot Recipes: Scrumptious Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes

by Janet Daley

Crockpot Recipes Scrumptious Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes A New Generation of Crock Pot Cooking Creative Crockpot Cookbook and More for Today's Living Discover how good crockpot recipes have been rejuvenated...

The Korean Table

by Debra Samuels, Chung,Taekyung & Heath Robbins

This Korean cookbook makes it easy to replicate the authentic tastes of Korean food—even for beginners!

Korean food is poised to become America's next favorite Asian cuisine. It is rapidly gaining popularity...

Mini Contemporary Asian Favourites

by Rajah,Carol Selva

With its clear photography and easy to read recipes, Contemporary Asian Favorites contains everything you need to create over 30 of some of today’s most popular easy to prepare Asian dishes. This cookbook...

Canning And Preserving

by Duncan Jana

"Canning And Preserving: A Guide To Home Canning For Everyday Cook And Chef" helps individuals to learn the proper methods to can foods and also the best foods that are suited for the canning process. The process...

How To Prepare Comfort Food Your Family Will Love

by Anna Gracey

All of us are aware of what comfort foods are and can also safely say that we enjoy having some of that food especially when we are down. For those who love comfort foods and are not able to prepare any ourselves...

Clueless in the Kitchen

by Evelyn Raab & George Walker

This thorough and witty culinary guide demystifies the kitchen and its contents for young adults and anyone who's found themselves in front of a full fridge exclaiming, "There's nothing to eat here!" With 200...

Preserving with Pomona's Pectin

by Allison Carroll Duffy

Craft intensely flavored jams and jellies without all the sugar! In this first official Pomona’s Pectin cookbook, find recipes that use less sugar to create your favorite jams, jellies, preserves, marmalades,...

Mini Vietnamese Favorites

by Hutton,Wendy

All of your favorite Vietnamese recipes are right here in this cookbook! Vietnamese Favorites contains everything you need to create over 40 healthy and authentic Vietnamese classics. This cookbook contains...

Mini Thai Cakes & Desserts

by Mingkwan,Chat

In the past sweets were reserved for special occasions or for royalty in Thailand, but now you too can enjoy sweet and delicious Thai treats. Thai Cakes and Desserts features 35 authentic, mouth watering recipes...

Mini Spicy Padang Cooking

by Wongso,William W. & Hayatinufus A. L. Tobing

With its clear photography and easy to read recipes, Spicy Padang Cooking contains everything you need to create over 35 healthy, authentic, and delicious Indonesian dishes. This cookbook contains spicy recipes...

Mini Spicy Sichuan Cooking

by Reid,Daniel

With its clear photography and easy to read recipes, Spicy Sichuan Cooking contains everything you need to make over 30 healthy and authentic Sichuan dishes. This cookbook features spicy recipes from all over...

Mini Tropical Salads

by Boi,Lee Geok

Salads have never been so exciting! Change up your boring salad routine with Tropical Salads. This cookbook features healthy and authentic salads from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Tropical...