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Mini Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes

by Au-Yang,Cecilia

With its clear defined photos and easy to read recipes, Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes contains everything you need to know to create over 30 delicious and authentic Hong Kong dishes. This cookbook contains...

Food of Morocco

by Hal,Fatema

Stunning location photography and a fascinating introduction to the culture of Morocco makes this book the perfect companion for your adventure into Moroccan cuisine.

This beautifully crafted Moroccan cookbook...

Food on the Rails

by Jeri Quinzio

In roughly one hundred years – from the 1870s to the 1970s – dining on trains began, soared to great heights, and then fell to earth.

The founders of the first railroad companies cared more about hauling...

Small Batch

by Suzanne Cope

Artisanal foods are making a comeback as more and more people seek to stock their pantries, and their bellies, with handcrafted or locally grown and made foods. Specialty markets and sections at grocery stores...

Canadians at Table

by Dorothy Duncan

Here is one of the most unique and fascinating food histories in the world, exploring the diverse culinary history of Canada.

Winner of the 2007 Canadian Culinary Book Award for Canadian Food Culture

In Canadians...

Inventing Baby Food

by Amy Bentley

Food consumption is a significant and complex social activity—and what a society chooses to feed its children reveals much about its tastes and ideas regarding health. In this groundbreaking historical work,...

Food, Medicine, and the Quest for Good Health

by Nancy Chen

What we eat, how we eat, where we eat, and when we eat are deeply embedded cultural practices. Eating is also related to how we medicate. The multimillion-dollar diet industry offers advice on how to eat for...

The Secret Financial Life of Food

by Kara Newman

One morning while reading Barron's, Kara Newman took note of a casual bit of advice offered by famed commodities trader Jim Rogers. "Buy breakfast," he told investors, referring to the increasing value of pork...


by Farha Bano Ternikar

Brunch is the decadent meal of the week. It includes savory and salty, sweet and indulgent. Brunch conjures up images of eggs Benedict and mimosas for some, and fried chicken and waffles for others. For Americans...

The Food Section

by Kimberly Wilmot Voss

Food blogs are everywhere today but for generations, information and opinions about food were found in the food sections of newspapers. Until the early 1970s, these sections were housed in the women’s pages...


by Megan Elias

Can you be a good mother without packing a cute bento box for your child? Should lunch always be followed by a nap? Is lunch a place to demonstrate democracy or hierarchy? These questions and more are considered...

Away from the Kitchen

by Dawn Blume Hawkes

Away From the Kitchen offers a glimpse into the joys and pressures of a chef’s life—satisfying the curiosity of those swept up in the wave of America’s chef-obsession. Here, selected chefs from across...

Balinese Food

by Kruger,Vivienne

Explore the exotic world of Balinese cooking—a cuisine dedicated to the gods and fueled by an aromatic array of fresh tropical island spices and ingredients!

In Balinese Food: The Traditional Cuisine & Food...

The Land of the Five Flavors

by Thomas O. Höllmann & Karen Margolis

Renowned sinologist Thomas O. Höllmann tracks the growth of food culture in China from its earliest burial rituals to today's Western fast food restaurants, mapping Chinese cuisine's geographical variations...


by Gordon Edgar

Witty and irreverent, informative and provocative, Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge is the highly readable story of Gordon Edgar's unlikely career as a cheesemonger at San Francisco's worker-owned Rainbow Grocery...

In Late Winter We Ate Pears

by Caleb Barber, Deirdre Heekin & Rowan Jacobsen

More than a cookbook, In Late Winter We Ate Pears is a love affair with a culture and a way of life. In vignettes taken from their year in Italy, husband and wife Caleb Barber and Deirdre Heekin offer glimpses...

How the Other Half Ate

by Katherine Leonard Turner

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, working-class Americans had eating habits that were distinctly shaped by jobs, families, neighborhoods, and the tools, utilities, and size of their kitchens—along...


by Heather Arndt Anderson

From corn flakes to pancakes, Breakfast: A History explores this “most important meal of the day” as a social and gastronomic phenomenon. It explains how and why the meal emerged, what is eaten commonly...

Bread Baking Basics

by Gregory Berger

Make the Perfect Loaf with this Bread Baking Guide

#1 New Release in Rice & Grains and Breakfast Cooking

Bread Baking Basics by Gregory Berger explores the art of getting started and trying something new through...

Wayward Tendrils of the Vine

by Ian Maxwell Campbell & Neal Martin

Wayward Tendrils of the Vine, though, is much more than a collection of reminiscences. As Neal Martin points out in his Introduction: “The title alone is a perfect allegory for how we learn about wine, how...