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The Fishmonger's Apprentice

by Aliza Green & Steve Legato

An ocean of fish and seafood preparation techniques at your fingertips!

In The Fishmonger’s Apprentice, you get insider access to real life fishermen, wholesale markets, fish buyers, chefs, and other sources—far...

What's Cooking on Okinawa

by Kubasaki High School,Kubasaki

What's Cooking on Okinawa presents the favorite, cook-when-company-comes recipes of the Americans stationed on Okinawa and of their Okinawan friends. Its more than two hundred and forty-five recipes contributed...

The Food of New Orleans

by DeMers,John

This comprehensive Cajun and Creole cookbook presents over seventy recipes from all the top New Orleans restaurants.

From Brennan's and Emeril to Commanders Palace—providing all the heady Cajun and Creole...


by Dana Moos

Lobster is undoubtedly the world's favorite seafood, and lobsters play a vital part in Maine's economy and culture, for good reason--the best lobsters in the world are caught there and they are shipped all over...


by Jon Wipfli & Colleen Eversman

From water to table, Fish—author and chef Jonathan Wipfli’s follow-up to Venison—shows you how to responsibly harvest and clean freshwater game fish throughout the seasons, and how to cook them perfectly....

Fresh from Louisiana

by George Graham

Master the art of all the most delectable styles of Louisiana cooking, from Cajun to Creole, rural Acadiana to down-home New Orleans, in more than 100 easy-to-use recipes.

George Graham—a lifelong Louisianan,...

Big Book of Embroidery

by Renee Mery

  • Contains high-quality photography, concise instruction, and helpful diagrams
  • Includes 237 popular embroidery stitches and techniques
  • A must-have reference guide for any level embroiderer

Tasty Ways of Cooking Fish

by Charles Herman Senn

Fish lovers rejoice! This fantastic vintage cook book contains a plethora of exciting recipes for producing delicious and nutritious fish-based dishes, written by a variety of authors. It offers the reader expert...

Sushi Master

by Nick Sakagami

Learn to make sushi at home and gain all the skills, knowledge, and techniques you need to work with raw, sustainable fish in Sushi Master.

Nick Sakagami is the only person outside of Japan to earn the designation...

Sushi Party

by Ken Kawasumi

The ultimate finger food, cute and colorful sushi is perfect for entertaining!

Easy to eat, gorgeous to look at, and healthy, too?it's no wonder sushi is one of the world's favorite foods. This book shows you...

Fishy Fishy Cookbook

by Paul Shovlin

Fishy Fishy is a relaxed, informal seafood brasserie in Brighton that was the brainchild of three close friends: James Ginzler, Dermot O'Leary and Paul Shovlin. They share a passion for good food, but more importantly...


by Abbie Cornish & Jacqueline King Schiller

Actress Abbie Cornish and chef Jacqueline King are best friends who bonded over their love of food and self-care. A few years ago, Abbie, a novice cook, asked Jacqueline, a graduate of the culinary program at...

Pure & Simple

by Pascale Naessens

In Pure and Simple, Pascale Naessens shares her method for staying happy, healthy, and slim, with more than 60 recipes. She recommends a lifestyle that embraces only natural, unprocessed foods, but she is not...

How to Make Love to a Lobster

by Marjorie Harris & Peter Taylor

Devotees will tell you that eating these wonderful beasts is not only healthy but also very sexy. They insist there has to be some truth to the many myths that expound their aphrodisiac qualities and more than...

The Ocean Wise Cookbook

by Jane Mundy

Ocean Wise is a nationwide conservation program designed to educate restaurants and consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. Created by the Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Wise has an affiliation...

Fish Cookbook - Simple and Easy Fish Recipes

by Dennis Adams

We are presenting delicious and beautiful fish and seafood dishes that can be cooked at home. Exquisite light salads and appetizers, fragrant soups, extraordinary pastes and fragrant pastries - from all this...

Amazing Seafood Recipes - Volume II

by Dennis Adams

This book is a real gift to gourmets and those who care about healthy and wholesome nutrition. In it, you can find simple recipes for interesting, colorful, and most importantly healthy dishes. Step-by-step...

Amazing Seafood Recipes -  Volume I

by Dennis Adams

This book is a real gift to gourmets and those who care about healthy and wholesome nutrition. In it, you can find simple recipes for interesting, colorful, and most importantly healthy dishes. Step-by-step...

Delicious Fish Recipes for Fish Lovers

by Dennis Adams

Fish dishes should be in the diet of every person, because it is an important source of nutrients and trace elements for the body. In this great cookbook you will find the most delicious and original recipes...

Easy Fish Recipes - Recipes for all fish lovers

by Dennis Adams

Fish and seafood dishes - a notable treat. No merry company and celebration, especially men's parties, can do without them. Cooking is delicious and thoughtful - real art. But they can be mastered if you find...