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Virtual Ascendance

by Devin C. Griffiths

From school lunchrooms to the White House press room, video games are an integral part of our popular culture, and the industry behind them touches all aspects of our lives, gamer and non-gamer alike. Business...

Using Digital Video in Initial Teacher Education

by John McCullagh & Ian Menter

A research-based, critical yet practical exploration of the benefits of using digital video in teacher education.

Digital video is easy to use and student teachers find it incredibly helpful. Since Dwight Allen...

YouTube Shorts Excellence Training Guide

by Dwayne Anderson

YouTube Shorts has just arisen jumping into the limelight for Now

Adding to the massive popularity of the short clips trends , YouTube has created its own version: YouTube Shorts

Are you looking to utilize YouTube's...

Cashing In With The Power Of Social Live Video Marketing  Workbook Journal

by Laura Maya

Over the years, the amount of video content has grown exponentially, leading to a flood of video content on live broadcasting platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others. As you know, four out...

Ready to Wear

by Isabel Pedersen

Ready to Wear: A Rhetoric of Wearable Computers and Reality-Shifting Media explores how and to what ends wearable inventions and technologies augment or remix reality, as well as the claims used to promote them....

Digital Communications Professionals

by Kezia Endsley

Welcome to the digital communications field! If you are interested in a career in digital communications, you’ve come to the right book. So what exactly do these people do on the job, day in and day out? What...

Second Time Around

by D. A. Miller

The art houses and cinema clubs of his youth are gone, but the films that D. A. Miller discovered there in the 1960s and ’70s are now at his fingertips. With DVDs and streaming media, technology has turned...

Mary Ellen Bute

by Kit Smyth Basquin

Mary Ellen Bute: Pioneer Animator captures the personal and professional life of Mary Ellen Bute (1906–1983) one of the first American filmmakers to create abstract animated films in 1934, also one of the...

TikTok Marketing Made Easy

by Hillary Scholl

TikTok Marketing Made Easy

Reaching out easily to scattered audience & boost sales and profits

TikTok Marketing has become the best technique for marketers to make the most from their advertising efforts, and...

Profit from Facebook Instagram Stories Marketing Ads

by Hillary Scholl

Stories Marketing Ads

I know how discouraging it can be to put your heart and efforts into a project or business, only to feel like you've been left holding an empty bag. It can really make you want to throw...

One Up

by Joost van Dreunen

What explains the massive worldwide success of video games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Pokémon Go? Game companies and their popularity are poorly understood and often ignored from the standpoint of traditional...

The Context Marketing Revolution

by Mathew Sweezey

In a world of limitless media noise, how can businesses break through to customers? Context.

We are in the midst of a massive media revolution. For the first time in history, ordinary people around the world...

Instant Profits Guide to YouTube Channel Income Success

by Hillary Scholl

Instant Profits Guide to Youtube Channel Income Success

It has been proven that even the most traditional companies can be successful using YouTube for their marketing efforts.

A relative shift in mindset, and...

Vectors and Matrices for Geometric and 3D Modeling

by Michael Mortenson

Vectors are perhaps the most important mathematical objects used in modeling and animation. They have the properties of magnitude and direction, and provide visual understanding of model construction and analysis....

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

by Tim Summers, Mark Sweeney & Michiel Kamp

Some 22 years after its creation, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still held in high critical regard as one of the finest examples of the video game medium. The same is true of the game?s music, whose...

Two Virtuals, The

by Alexander Reid

In THE TWO VIRTUALS, Alex Reid shows that to understand the relationship between our traditional, humanistic realm of thought, subjectivity, and writing and the emerging virtual space of networked media, we...

Conversations with Things

by Rebecca Evanhoe, Diana Deibel & Kat Vellos

Welcome to the future, where you can talk with the digital things around you: voice assistants, chatbots, and more. But these interactions can be unhelpful and frustrating?sometimes even offensive or biased....

Design Beyond Devices

by Cheryl Platz & Erika Hall

Your customer has five senses and a small universe of devices. Why aren't you designing for all of them? Go beyond screens, keyboards, and touchscreens by letting your customer's humanity drive the experience—not...

Speech Acoustic Analysis

by Philippe Martin

The text sets out in simple and accessible terms the various methods of acoustic analysis of speech, placing them in their historical context, allowing a better understanding of the mathematical and technical...

YouTube Channels For Dummies

by Rob Ciampa, Theresa Go, Matt Ciampa & Rich Murphy

Create a YouTube channel that draws subscribers with top-notch content 

YouTube has the eyes and ears of two billion monthly users. YouTube Channels for Dummies, 2nd Edition offers proven steps to attracting...