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MATLAB For Dummies

by John Paul Mueller & Jim Sizemore

Go from total MATLAB newbie to plotting graphs and solving equations in a flash! 

MATLAB is one of the most powerful and commonly used tools in the STEM field. But did you know it doesn’t take an advanced...

Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional

by Rex Black

A hands-on guide to testing techniques that deliver reliable software and systems

Testing even a simple system can quickly turn into a potentially infinite task. Faced with tight costs and schedules, testers...

World of Warcraft Programming: A Guide and Reference for Creating Wow Addons

by James Whitehead & Rick Roe

The #1 bestselling programming book is back with updated and expanded coverage of the newest release of WoW!

World of Warcraft (WoW) is currently the world's largest massively multiplayer online role-playing...

Managing the Testing Process: Practical Tools and Techniques for Managing Hardware and Software Testing

by Rex Black

New edition of one of the most influential books on managing software and hardware testing

In this new edition of his top-selling book, Rex Black walks you through the steps necessary to manage rigorous testing...

Developing Information Systems

by Tahir Ahmed, Julian Cox, Lynda Girvan & Pete Thompson et al.

  • Combines technical expertise with business knowledge and management skills
  • Key topics include lifecycles, development approaches, requirements engineering and how to make a business case

Systems development...

The Software Test Engineer's Handbook, 2nd Edition

by Graham Bath & Judy McKay

Many books cover functional testing techniques, but relatively few also cover technical testing. The Software Test Engineer's Handbook-2nd Edition fills that gap. Authors Graham Bath and Judy McKay are core...

Testing in Scrum

by Tilo Linz

These days, more and more software development projects are being carried out using agile methods like Scrum. Agile software development promises higher software quality, a shorter time to market, and improved...

Clean Hands Save Lives

by Thierry Crouzet, Margaret Chan, Oms & Sir Liam Donaldson, Oms

You may not know it, but an innovation has made our world a better place. The use of alcohol-based handrubs protects us from infectious diseases and saves millions of lives each year through safer health care....

Improving the Test Process

by Graham Bath & Erik Van Veenendaal

This book covers the syllabus for the Improving the Test Process module of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Expert Level exam.

To obtain certification as a professional tester at...

iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming

by Jason Scotts

What Every Programmers Need To Know About iOS Programming Exposed! iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming is a precise and concise book for any programmmer...

Testing Cloud Services

by Kees Blokland, Jeroen Mengerink & Martin Pol

Everybody is confronted with cloud computing. Whether you are a user, designer, programmer, project manager, or tester, sooner or later the cloud affects your work. If you are involved in selecting or implementing...

Trends in Constraint Programming

by Frédéric Benhamou, Narendra Jussien & Barry A. O'Sullivan

This title brings together the best papers on a range of topics raised at the annual International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming. This conference provides papers and workshops...

Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanics and Engineering

by Petre Teodorescu, Nicolae-Doru Stanescu & Nicolae Pandrea

A much-needed guide on how to use numerical methods to solve practical engineering problems

Bridging the gap between mathematics and engineering, Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanics and Engineering...

Digital Color: Acquisition, Perception, Coding and Rendering

by Christine Fernandez-Maloigne, Frederique Robert-Inacio & Ludovic Macaire

In this book the authors identify the basic concepts and recent advances in the acquisition, perception, coding and rendering of color. The fundamental aspects related to the science of colorimetry in relation...

Ant Colony Optimization and Constraint Programming

by Christine Solnon

Ant colony optimization is a metaheuristic which has been successfully applied to a wide range of combinatorial optimization problems. The author describes this metaheuristic and studies its efficiency for solving...

Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications: Proceedings of the Workshops and the Doctorial Symposium of the I-ESA International Confere

by Herve Panetto & Nacer Boudjlids

Within the framework of the Sixth I-ESA International Conference, supported by the INTEROP VLab (International Virtual Laboratory on Enterprise Interoperability,, three workshops...

Digital Color Imaging

by Christine Fernandez-Maloigne, Frederique Robert-Inacio & Ludovic Macaire

This collective work identifies the latest developments in the field of the automatic processing and analysis of digital color images.

For researchers and students, it represents a critical state of the art...

Software Specification Methods

by Henri Habrias & Marc Frappier

This title provides a clear overview of the main methods, and has a practical focus that allows the reader to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. The following are just some of the techniques covered:...

Beginning HTML and CSS

by Rob Larsen

Everything you need to build websites with the newest versions of HTML and CSS

If you develop websites, you know that the goal posts keep moving, especially now that your website must work on not only traditional...

Model-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering

by Jean-Claude Royer & Hugo Arboleda

Many approaches to creating Software Product Lines have emerged that are based on Model-Driven Engineering. This book introduces both Software Product Lines and Model-Driven Engineering, which have separate...