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Hanok: The Korean House

by Park,Nani, Robert J. Fouser & Jongkeun Lee

Appreciate the understated glamour and traditional comfort in this collection of the most excellent examples of timeless Korean architecture.

Hanok: The Korean House provides new insights on the stylish traditional...

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Handbook

by Water Environment Federation

This Handbook complements several recognized wastewater treatment design references, including Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, MOP 8. It facilitates access to those design guides by providing...

Negotiation and Design for the Self-Organizing City

by Ekim Tan, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment

This book is dedicated to building an open negotiation and design method for cities as self-organizing systems that bridges the gap between collaborative planning and collaborative design methods. Gaming as...

Set Design

by Pierluigi Salvadeo, Davide Fabio Colaci, Marina Spreafico

Set design takes the world of dreams onto an architectural scale and for a moment this allows the time of the theatrical production to coincide with that of reality. It is an immersive environment in which architecture...

Japanese Design

by Graham,Patricia

**Winner, Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title 2015**

This Japanese design book presents the arts, aesthetics and culture of Japan with over 160 stunning color photos and extensive historical and cultural...

Design Transitions

by Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies & Lauren Tan

Discover where design practice is today - and where it will take us in the future. Design Transitions presents 42 unique and insightful stories of how design is changing around the world. Twelve countries are...

Giovanni Pintori. The Stark Tension between Flair and Discretion.

by Massimiliano Musina

Giovanni Pintori (Tresnuraghes 1912–Milan 1999) was one of the best-known, widely admired and respected Italian designers worldwide. The winner of sought-after international awards, he designed impressive...

Design Cult

by Steven Heller

Renowned designer, author, critic, co-chair of SVA’s MFA program in design and National Design Award recipient Steven Heller reaches into the most contemplative recesses of his mind to offer an entertaining...

Hacking Design

by Avinash Rajagopal

What if you could press a button and have a machine build you any product you wanted? What if we all had the means to modify our physical environment, to tweak and subvert objects produced for us by designers...

Art Deco

by Victoria Charles & Klaus Carl

Art Deco style was established on the ashes of a disappeared world, the one from before the First World War, and on the foundation stone of a world yet to become, opened to the most undisclosed promises. Forgetting...

The illustrator's survival guide - 2nd Edition

by Amélia Giroux-Gagné & Nicolas Trost

The illustrator?s survival guide - 2nd edition ?Since its inception in 1983, Illustration Québec (Québec Association of Illustrators) has developed numerous promotional tools for illustrators. It has also...

Yacht design

by Massimo Paperini

“Yacht Design, Interior and Superstructures” confirms the interest of young architects, engineers and designers in boat design, a subject always in need of new ideas, new design solutions and a new approach....

The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book

by Dan Cuffaro & Isaac Zaksenberg

The Industrial Design Reference & Specification Book is the first book to gather all the essential pieces of information industrial designers need on a daily basis in one concise handbook. It's a reference you'll...


by Alexander F. Tcherviakov

Besides its practical uses in regions across the globe, the fan has a long history as a fashion item, with new shapes, materials, and colours constantly being created. This book portrays the most artistic examples...

Mosaic Tile Designs

by Susan Johnston

Rich source of royalty-free design ideas. Circles, squares, rectangles, and other geometric figures combined in intricate patterns, symmetrical motifs, interlocking figures, etc. Rich, varied, complex ? ideal...

Victorian Architectural Sheet-Metal Ornaments

by Bakewell & Mullins

Over 1,000 designs in rare 19th-century catalog of impressive architectural ornaments and statuary ? rendered in zinc, brass, and copper ? includes rosettes, historical figures, angels, gargoyles, knights, eagles,...


by Klaus Carl

Mega Square Shoes focuses on the history of the shoe and elevates the shoe to the rank of a work of art. The author is a leading expert on the subject and curator of France?s Shoe Museum, which holds the greatest...

Persian Miniatures

by Vladimir Loukinin & Anatoli Ivanov

Encounter one of history?s greatest civilisations through miniatures. In Persian Miniatures, the story of the magnificent Persian Empire is told by way of a small but vibrant artistic tradition. The colourful...

Paisleys and Other Textile Designs from India

by K. Prakash

Over 500 splendid motifs, adapted from elegant brocades, include colorful block prints and woven designs inspired by nature ? trees, leaves, flowers, buds, animals, and birds. This volume constitutes a superb,...

Animal Motifs from Around the World

by Doris Rosenthal

Drawn from the ancient art and artifacts of an international array of museum collections, this spectacular volume offers a unique selection of unusual animal motifs from Prussia, Egypt, Persia, China, Germany,...