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Dispositivi formativi per l'apprendimento linguistico

by a cura di Cristiana Cervini e Anabel C. Valdiviezo V.

Sempre più variegati, ricchi e articolati sono gli ambienti in cui si apprendono e insegnano le lingue straniere. Le caratteristiche dell’ambiente di apprendimento influiscono direttamente sulle modalità...

The Principal as School Manager

by William L. Sharp & James K. Walter

Designed to teach the principal to efficiently and effectively accomplish noninstructional roles, the third edition of The Principal as School Manager offers advice on expectations and survival techniques to...

Engaging in Action Research

by Jim Parsons, Kurtis Hewson, Lorna Adrian & Nicole Day

You don’t need a tweed jacket to be a researcher--in thousands of schools across North America, practising teachers conduct studies on best practices, alternative approaches, and effective learning strategies....

Action Research

by Jeffrey Glanz

Action Research: An Educational Leader’s Guide to School Improvement, Third Edition, is a clear and practical guide to conducting action research in schools. Although it offers neither a cookbook nor a quick-fix...

Words Matter

by Susan Mandel Glazer

Words Matter enables teachers to observe their actions and ask, “Do I know how children perceive my behaviors?" It also helps them to understand reasons for children’s responses to their words and actions....

Teaching and Learning in the Intermediate Multiage Classroom

by Alice Leeds & David Marshak

Teaching and Learning in the Intermediate Multiage Classroom describes in practical detail a creative and effective teaching practice in multiage elementary classrooms, one that integrates challenging academics...

Poetry in Literature for Youth

by Angela Leeper

Poetry in Literature for Youth offers teachers, librarians, parents, and students with an instrumental guide for incorporating all forms of poetry into the curriculum. More than 900 annotated entries provide...

Revitalizing the Commons

by C. a. Bowers

The enclosure of the cultural and environmental commons has been going on for hundreds of years, privatizing what was previously available to all members of the community. Recently, however, the process of enclosure...

A Methodology of the Heart

by Ronald J. Pelias

Education without ethics, without sentiments, without heart, is simply soulless, factual academics and nothing more. In his array of authentic essays, Ronald J. Pelias poetically evokes the spiritual aspects...

The French Educator Celestin Freinet (1896-1966)

by Victor Acker

The French Educator Celestin Freinet is a complete overview of the influence of this seminal figure. Although Celestin Freinet is virtually unknown outside of France, his ideas about the integration of technology...

Capitalists and Conquerors

by Peter McLaren

Capitalists and Conquerors is a series of path-breaking essays in the political sociology of education on topics hotly debated within the educational community. In this volume Peter McLaren addresses some of...

The Phenomenon of Information

by Mario Pérez-Montoro & Dick Edelstein

We are surrounded by information. Even the most routine situations in which we find ourselves conceal a hidden information flow. Every step we take, a host of signals meet us, providing information about what...

Library Board Strategic Guide

by Ellen G. Miller & Patricia H. Fisher

View the author's companion website for more information and extra materials

Whether they have full governance powers or are just there in an advisory capacity, trustees on library boards need to understand the...

Four British Fantasists

by Charles Butler

Four British Fantasists explores the work of four of the most successful and influential fantasy writers of the generation who rose to prominence in the "second Golden Age" of children's literature in Britain:...

Activating the Primary Social Studies Classroom

by Leslie Marlow & Duane Inman

In this educational era of increasing emphasis on student performance, there is a definite shortage of high-interest resources through which teachers can effectively address the ten standards identified by the...

Student Leadership Training

by Diane Taub

The practice of students demonstrating their care and helping each other to achieve their goals and dreams has a long historical tradition. According to Taub, communication skills are at the heart of the matter,...

Build It Once: A Basic Primer for the Creation of Online Exhibitions

by Sarah Goodwin Thiel

While online exhibitions vary in complexity, basic tenets apply to the design of fluid, descriptive, and easily navigable displays. Build It Once: A Basic Primer for the Creation of Online Exhibitions explains...

Something to Talk About

by Ann-Marie Cyr & Kellie M. Gillespie

There are many books that provide advice and booktalks for adults who work with children and teens. However, Something to Talk About: Creative Booktalking for Adults is the first book to focus solely on adults....

Africa 2020–2022

by Francis Wiafe-Amoako

The World Today Series: Africa provides students with vital information on all countries on the African continent through a thorough and expert overview of political and economic histories, current events, and...

East and Southeast Asia 2020–2022

by James E. Hoare

The World Today Series: East & Southeast Asia provides historical background on the evolution of Modern East & Southeast Asia to help readers gain a thorough understanding of contemporary developments in this...