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Spy Killer

by L. Ron Hubbard

American Sailor Kurt Reid is a hothead and a hard case—a man who hits first and asks questions later. As scrappy and rough around the edges as Jimmy Cagney, it’s no wonder that when the ship’s captain...

Threatcon Delta

Ryan Kealey #7

by Andrew Britton

A former spy must stop a terrorist plot to unleash a deadly plague across the world in the New York Times bestselling author’s “page-turner of a thriller” (


Ryan Kealey has no doubt...

The Raids

by Mick Lowe

It?s spring, 1963 in the ?Nickel Capital of the World.? Nineteen-year-old Jake McCool is about to undergo a rite of passage?his first shift underground in a hard rock mine. But the Cold War is at its height,...


by Francesco Brunetti

young woman whose destiny seems to be reflected in the bubbles of the same vibrant and generous red wine that helped her conception; a dark family secret. Heyou is sweet and reserved, sentimental and passionate,...

The Watchman

by Adrian Magson

“A gripping read that will appeal to all adventure lovers” - Booklist Starred Review

Introducing professional watcher and deep cover specialist Marc Portman in the first of this stunning new series

He's a...

The Assassin

Ryan Kealey #2

by Andrew Britton

The New York Times bestseller from the author of The American. “A non-stop action thriller that never slows down . . . incredibly exhilarating.” —Midwest Book Review

A weapon of catastrophic destruction....


by Adrian Magson

When a Russian hit team catches up with Roman Tobinskiy, political opponent of Moscow and former FSB colleague of Alexander Litvinenko (murdered by polonium  poisoning in 2006), it's an easy kill; he's lying...

The Red Dragon

by L. Ron Hubbard

As a lieutenant in the US Marine Corps—as handsome and cocky as Richard Gere—Michael Stuart was once considered an officer and a gentleman. But that’s all changed. Now he’s seen as a renegade, a traitor...

Stationed For Good ... In Moscow

by Vladimir Jd McMillin

Based on a true story, Stationed in Moscow...For Good – A Tale of Love and Peril in the Cold War depicts the dramatic defection of Sgt. James McMillin, a young man who gave up his family, country, career,...

La Entrega

by Iohamil Navarro Cuesta

Tino Font, agente de la inteligencia cubana, vacaciona con su familia en Ronda, Andalucía. Tiene en su poder, gracias a su contacto dentro del gobierno norteamericano, una memoria USB con un video comprometedor...

The Missing Husband

by Alex Coombs

A security officer is assassinated. A small child grieves for his father. A psychopath commits their first crime...

A frightened Russian woman seeks DCI Hanlon's help in finding her missing husband. Hanlon's...

A Maker of History

by Edward Phillips Oppenheimer

Young Guy Poynton finds himself caught up in a mystery after witnessing a clandestine political meeting on the German-Russia border. A few weeks later, Guy disappears from a nightclub in Paris. Despite imploring...

Solange: Dr. Ledru’s Story of the Reign of Terror

by Alexandre Dumas & Frederick Franklin Schrader

When thousands are being executed, would you risk your life to save a stranger? That’s the choice faced by Dr. Ledru in Alexandre Dumas’ "Solange". It’s the time of The Terror, and across France, the nobility...

Mysterious Mr. Sabin

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

When Lord Wolfenden saw, in the supper-room of the Milan Restaurant, a beautiful woman and became acquainted with her by saving the life of her elderly companion, the mysterious Mr. Sabin, as they leave the...

The Donor

by Peter R. Shand

An eleven year old boy called Mark Morge is forced to be an assassin for the British goverment. They have activated a loop hole in medical law. This means secret agents can now legally possess the bodies of...

Midnight in Moscow

by M. D. Johnson

The ISIS Project is historically inspired fiction. The characters in this, the second of an intended five part series are wholly the product of my imagination. The newspapers and features cited in this work...

I Have You Now

by Victory Storm

When Kendra decided to deceive Alexei, she knew she was taking a big risk because the man was too ruthless to forgive and too powerful not to make him pay dearly for the first mistake. One misstep would be enough...

The Bells of Hell

by Michael Kurland

Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker recruits a number of civilians to help foil a suspected terrorist attack by German spies in New York in 1938.?

March, 1938. Otto Lehman arrives in New York on the S.S....

The Legacy of Shadows

by William Speir

When the Order of the Saltire uncovers a plot to simultaneously activate scores of foreign sleeper agents as part of a plot to destabilize the United States government and economy, the Order is faced with the...

The Trinity Gambit

by William Speir

The world is at war… again. Three regional wars rage across the globe. Only the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and the Caribbean island nations have yet to be dragged into one or more of the conflicts....