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Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1)

by Morgan Rice

“If you thought that there was no reason left for living after the end of the Sorcerer’s Ring series, you were wrong. In RISE OF THE DRAGONS Morgan Rice has come up with what promises to be another brilliant...

Dragon Spell: Fated Touch Book 1 (Dragon Shifter Romance)

by Mac Flynn

Jane is a normal orphan with unusual grandparents. She doesn’t realize how unusual until she returns on holiday from college to discover that her grandmother has been kidnapped. Her grandfather reveals that...

The Well of the Unicorn

by Fletcher Pratt

Fletcher Pratt's fantasy classic. "The Well Of The Unicorn is one of the finest novels in the field of heroic fantasy."-- L. Sprague de Camp.

Eternal War - Gli Eserciti dei Santi

by Livio Gambarini

Firenze, tredicesimo secolo. La guerra tra Guelfi e Ghibellini distrugge intere famiglie. Tutta la Toscana è sconvolta, ma le due fazioni non sanno che la loro guerra è solo il pallido riflesso di uno scontro...

Morgan Rice: 5 Beginnings (Turned, Arena one, A Quest of Heroes,  Rise of the Dragons, and Slave, Warrior, Queen)

by Rice

This 5 book bundle includes book #1 in each of Morgan Rice?s five #1 Bestselling series?THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, THE SURVIVAL TRILOGY, THE SORCERER?S RING, KINGS AND SORCERERS, and OF CROWNS AND GLORY?five novels...

Earth Logic

by Laurie J. Marks

The second book in the Elemental Logic series, Earth Logic continues the story from the perspective of Karis, a complex character born of magic and now ruler for the country of Shaftal.

Karis is a woman who can...

Gonji: Fortress of Lost Worlds

by T.C. Rypel

Renegade half-breed samurai Gonji Sabatake has left the survivors of devastated Vedun, certain that his unknown Enemies---with their mysterious agenda, their monsters and their sorcery---are gathering strength...

Gonji: Deathwind of Vedun

by T. C. Rypel

The Book of Death...and of Life. The Carpathian city of Vedun is poised for holocaust: terrifying monsters, vile magic, and brutal mercenaries are arrayed against the anxious secret militia by the multiple-lived...

Gonji: The Soul Within the Steel

by T. C. Rypel

The legendary warrior Gonji seems cast as Destiny's Scourge... The exiled son of a Samurai warlord and a Viking woman, Gonji pursues the secret of the Deathwind across monstrous 16th-century Europe. The storied...

Conquest of Noomas: The Noomas Chronicles, Vol. 3

by Charles Nuetzel & Heidi Garrett

In the third book of this epic science-fantasy series, Torlo Hannis leads a series of missions against the tyranny of Kamina. When he's captured and forced to entertain savage Mutis in their cruel killing arenas,...

Gonji: Red Blade from the East: The Deathwind Trilogy, Book One

by T. C. Rypel

A legendary sword-and-sorcery hero returns! Gonji Sabatake, the conflicted samurai-Viking, seizes Destiny itself by the throat, as he pieces together and pursues the bizarre, mystical quest which powerful cross-world...

The Time Machine

by H.G. Wells

A beautifully designed edition of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time…

First published in 1895, The Time Machine won author H.G. Wells immediate recognition and has been regarded ever...


by Brattain,Harley

In the world of Deja Pascal - one of beauty, hope, and endless perfection-lurked a darkness. The bloody, cold reality of World War II and its unnumbered shattered lives lay just beyond the trees of their home....

The Hand Bringer

by Penington,Christopher J.

Peter Hadrian is a tough, smart street cop in Dallas with ties to Romanian medieval history through his heritage; ties that he can’t possibly imagine. The tragic and mysterious loss of his son has made him...

Chronicles of Myr

by Wyrd,G.J.

“Times of peace are only times to plan the next war” (King Regaris). Decades have passed since the last Great War. Tensions brew as a body washes ashore outside a large keep, rumors abound of assassination....

The Eyes of the Wizard King

by Stiltner,Edgar

In The Eyes of the Wizard King, the age of man is over. The remnants of that race now struggle with other races. They struggle not for dominance but for survival. Into this age, T'Keleth is born. Kel's coming...

A Visitor’s Guide to the Shining Kingdom

by Jacquelyn Smith

The jewel of the continent... The Shining Kingdom draws visitors from all over the known world—mystical mages, wandering warriors, and everything in between.

But every foreign land has its perils and peculiarities....

A Visitor’s Guide to the Dharakmeni Empire

by Jacquelyn Smith

Assassins, danger, intrigue… The Dharakmeni Empire does not welcome the faint at heart. (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

But fear not, dear reader! The Shining Kingdom’s foremost adventurer, Yarden the...

The Elf Girl Effect Complete Trilogy

by Jonathan Evan Hudson

Several elf girls. One badass guy. Zero prisoners.

The newly knighted Roo dreams of elf girls galore. Despite an active war against them. A dream that will drive him into crazy action and adventure in this complete...

Elf Girl Festival of War

by Jonathan Evan Hudson

Elf girl mud wrestling. A wedding at stake. And a new war brewing sooner than ever imagined.

Fallen for another elf girl, Roo agrees to a favor. One that will change his life forever.

Furious at that man-stealing...