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Vilnius Poker

by Ricardas Gavelis & Elizabeth Novickas

Detailing a man's mental breakdown—and his obsessions with a seductress named Lolita, the omnipresent "them," and the need to uncover what's "really going on"—Vilnius Poker is an epic, paranoid novel about...

High Tide

by Inga Abele & Kaija Straumanis

Winner of the 2015 AATSEEL Book Award for Best Translation into English

"A sharp realist."—Aleksandar Hemon

Told more or less in reverse chronological order, High Tide is the story of Ieva, her dead lover, her...

Aaron's Leap

by Magdaléna Platzová & Craig Cravens

“Told in clear and beautiful prose, Aaron’s Leap is a deeply moving portrait of love, sacrifice, and the transformative power of art in a time of brutal uncertainty.” —SIMON VAN BOOY, author of The Illusion...

Red Crosses

by Sasha Filipenko, Brian James Baer & Ellen Vayner

Sasha Filipenko traces the arc of Russian history from Stalin’s terror to the present day, in a novel full of heart and humanity.

One struggles not to forget, while the other would like nothing better. Tatiana...

Four Minutes

by Nataliya Deleva & Izidora Angel

Giving voice to people living on the periphery in post-communist Bulgaria, Four Minutes centers around Leah, an orphan who suffered daily horrors growing up, and now struggles to integrate into society as a...


by Wioletta Greg & Jennifer Croft

A continuation of her Man Booker-nominated debut, Accommodations is Swallowing Mercury all grown up Accommodations follows Wiola after she leaves her childhood village, a close-knit agricultural community in...

The Attic

by Danilo Kis & John K. Cox

The Attic is Danilo Ki??s first novel. Written in 1960, published in 1962, and set in contemporary Belgrade, it explores the relationship of a young man, known only as Orpheus, to the art of writing; it also...

A Double Life

by Karolina Pavlova, Barbara Heldt & Daniel Green

An unsung classic of nineteenth-century Russian literature, Karolina Pavlova’s A Double Life alternates prose and poetry to offer a wry picture of Russian aristocratic society and vivid dreams of escaping...

Bride and Groom

by Alisa Ganieva & Carol Apollonio

Runner-up for 2015 Russian Booker Prize.

From one of the most exciting voices in modern Russian literature, Alisa Ganieva, comes Bride and Groom, the tumultuous love story of two young city-dwellers who meet...

The Same Night Awaits Us All

by Hristo Karastoyanov & Izidora Angel

"Karastoyanov's novel is set in Bulgaria in the 1920s, but also invokes the spirit of John Lennon, and brings to mind Dostoevsky's Demons with its anarchists and assassins, lighthouses, zeppelins, and synthesis...

Swallowing Mercury

by Wioletta Greg & Eliza Marciniak

Longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize

“Achieves a form of literary alchemy that mesmerizes.”—The New York Times

In this celebrated debut from prize-winning poet Wioletta Greg, Wiola looks back...


by Wojciech Nowicki & Jan Pytalski

"It all blends here unexpectedly: that past and memory with the present and space. [. . .] At times, your skin will crawl with pleasure from reading."—Andrzej Stasiuk

Lying in bed in Gotland after a writer's...

Walker on Water

by Kristiina Ehin & Ilmar Lehtpere

A woman cultivates a knack for walking on water, but is undermined by her husband's brain, which he removes each night when he returns home from work; a couple overcomes the irksome mischief of the gods; a skeptical...

The Black Box

by Alek Popov

The Black Box is the latest satirical novel from one of Europe's funniest and most exciting emerging writers.

In 1990 two Bulgarian brothers, Ned and Angel, receive an unusual package from the USA: a black plastic...


by Serhiy Zhadan, Reilly Costigan-Humes & Isaac Wheeler

"The power source for Zhadan's writing is in its linguistic passion."—Die Zeit

"One of the most important creative forces in modern Ukrainian alternative culture."—KulturSpiegel

A city-dwelling executive...

The Attempt

by Magdaléna Platzová & Alex Zucker

“The Attempt is historical fiction at its best. Through its narrator’s archival approach to his material, the book explores the intimate lives of a pair of fervent idealists, as well as a robber baron and...

The Dead Lake

by Hamid Ismailov & Andrew Bromfield

A haunting Russian tale about the environmental legacy of the Cold War.

Yerzhan grows up in a remote part of Soviet Kazakhstan where atomic weapons are tested. As a young boy he falls in love with the neighbour’s...

Killing Auntie

by Andrzej Bursa & Wiesiek Powaga

"The Polish postwar firebrand Andrzej Bursa acquired a reputation as a quick-burning, existentially tormented rebel. . . . Yet Bursa's dark humor and deadpan satire . . . keep utter bleakness at bay."—The Independent...

The Mountain and the Wall

by Alisa Ganieva, Carol Apollonio & Ronald Meyer

"Ganieva's writing has a kind of magic." —Lauren Smart, Dallas Observer

"Never before has Russian literature produced such an honest and complete picture of today's Caucasus. Kommersant Weekend (Russia)...

The Matiushin Case

by Oleg Pavlov

The Matiushin Case is one of the darkest and most powerful works of fiction to appear in Russian in the last twenty years. Deriving, like Captain of the Steppe (2013, And Other Stories), from Oleg Pavlov’s...