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by Sabrina Minetti

#suspendedbook is a Christmas book  inaugurating a series of books, The Cubooks, published by Edizioni dEste with the business accelerator Rancilio Cube, where the concept of enterprise is told with the language...

All Most

by Maryann D'Agincourt

From the author of National Book Award-nominated Journal of Eva Morelli, this insightful collection of short stories takes the reader on a journey through a diverse array of lives and relationships, from a journalist...

Before sunrise and just after

by Rosalia Messina

Scenes of everyday life, in which the unexpected is always lying in wait, announced by a letter, a chance meeting, or an apparently insignificant detail that awakes distant memories or reveals unimaginable secrets....

Attack at the Dolphin

by Bridget Wilson

Attack at the Dolphin is written by former Sydney Morning Herald journalist and woman-about-town Bridget Wilson. Set during the hard drinking high roller days of 1990's Sydney, this short entertaining read is...

A Desperate Wife: Erotica for Couples

by Lisa Brian

Jess tried to be the supportive wife she had always said she would be, she could no longer control the suspicions that were creeping into her mind and she couldn't help but wonder if he was seeing another woman....

Fifty-Two Stories for Girls

by Various Authors

"Here you are, miss," said the red-faced cabby, putting his head in at the cab window, "this is Miss Melford's school."

It was a large, many windowed, white house on Hertford Green, in sight of the famous spires...

The Money Moon: A Romance

by Jeffery Farnol

When Sylvia Marchmont went to Europe, George Bellew being, at the same time, desirous of testing his newest acquired yacht, followed her, and mutual friends in New York, Newport, and elsewhere, confidently awaited...

The Right One: A Novel

by Isabella Jd William

Over the last few years, my life has been a little confusing. I have encountered many men that promised me the world, only to discover their deep dark secrets that really should have been left undiscovered......

The Seduction: Girl Next Door (A Novel)

by Brienne Jd Jolie

"You'll take Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday while I'll take Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Deal?" She said with sweet smile on her face.

Living in an apartment was perfectly acceptable for Will, but that was...

Remembering Valentine: A Novel

by Erica Jd Morrison

When Katie starts to receive valentine's gifts in her locker two weeks before Valentine's Day, and her school's annual sweetheart dance she can't help but wonder who her secret admirer is. She and her best friend...

SpicyShorts Bundle

by Kit Kyndall & Aurelia Skye

SpicyShorts are compact tales that can be read in a brief amount of time with no cliffhanger endings or multiple parts.

Get this collection of 10 SpicyShorts, with bad boys, aliens, spies, billionaires, cowboys,...

Small Bites: Classic Vampiric Tales for Short Nips of Time

by S. H. Marpel & Various

Short Stories Bring Haunting Vampires to Life - as you're lead into other worlds to find romance, adventure, horror, thriling Gothic tales, all in short reads perfect for those scraps of time you can invest...

Borrowing Amor: Books 4-6

by Kat Bellemore

Borrowing Amor: Where New Mexico meets small-town romance.

Read books 4-6 in this sweet romance series to experience space tourism, Carlsbad Caverns, and a road trip mixed with a billionaire, a real estate developer,...

Borrowing Amor: Books 1-3

by Kat Bellemore

Read the first three books in the Borrowing Amor series, where New Mexico meets small-town romance.

Chile peppers, hot air balloons and white sand dunes mix with a small-town mayor, a fake fiancé, and a second...

From Agony To Ecstasy

by J.l. Ryan

Most men I know want power, women, and money. As a wealthy professional bike racer, I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world. Everyone wants to be me and everyone wants a part of me. I have to...

Alpha Billionaire Club

by J.l. Ryan

My name is A.J. I'm a billionaire. I've always had to claw my way to the top, but I finally made it. I run my business like a maniac. That's how I made my first billion by the age of 30. There's nothing I can't...


by J.l. Ryan

Reluctant billionaire Alexander Jacobs was not prepared for the events that would forever change his life. His parents were recently killed by a drunk driver, and now, he's forced to run the family's corporation....

Love At A Distance

by A. C. Meyer

A tale of second chances and hope, taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic.

While the world is devastated by a pandemic, Babi finds herself trapped in her own personal nightmare. Alone at home, depressed...

One Magic Christmas

by A. C. Meyer

A sweet and full of magic story about Christmas and second chances.

Samuel, better known as Samuca, is a writer of fantastic novels. All of a sudden, his life turned upside down. In the midst of all the problems...

Short Romance Escapes

by Various

14 Short Romances Beyond Time and Space - stories to transport you to worlds you've never known before, from days where all fiction was "clean."

Find authors you've never heard of, or didn't know they wrote romances...