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Holding Out for Christmas

by Janet Dailey

Fans of RaeAnne Thayne, Lori Wilde, and Fern Michaels will delight in this beautiful Christmas love story with a heart the size of Texas. A visit to Janet Dailey’s Christmas Tree Ranch is the perfect kick-off...

Be My Texas Valentine

by Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda & DeWanna Pace

In Texas, Valentine's Day is for restless hearts, brave second chances, and passions rekindled. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace tempt you with four...

Remember the Passion

by Lynn Eldridge

Blaze Bowie and his brother Shade are not only on the verge of losing their Louisiana plantation and timberland but are accused of causing a local woman?s death. Refusing to give up their birthright without...

Calder Brand

by Janet Dailey

Return to the roots of romance legend Janet Dailey’s most beloved family—the Calders—in this first book in a brand new series set on the beautiful, unforgiving American West, where the only thing more...

Rangeland Romances #16 No Sirens Wanted

by Marian O’Hearn

Blonde Truly couldn?t keep her kiss-ban against that cowboy Dave ? not even when sultry Garnet ran engaging interference. She thought Dave?s kisses delightfully habit-forming ? and so did his sultry fiancee....

Rangeland Romances #7 Muleskinners Aren’t Ladies!

by Jane Hardey

Beautiful tomboy Judy was a muleskinner ? and not a lady, according to Dan. For Dan wanted to marry a fancy girl. He said: ?A feller don?t want a muleskinner for a wife setting in his parlor.? One of the most...

Rangeland Romances #25 Little Amazon Lover

by Thelma Knoles

Innocent little Trudy was at wit?s end figuring how to awaken the wounded stranger ? till she thought that a kiss might do it... One of the most popular settings for romance stories was the old west, where men...

Rangeland Romances #23 The Broken Circle Gets A Siren

by Marian O’Hearn

To cover the escapades of her willful young sister, beautiful Donna let herself be branded a ruthless heart thief. One of the most popular settings for romance stories was the old west, where men were men and...

Rangeland Romances #5 Her Phantom Heart-Throb

by Art Lawson

Deep in her young heart, Liberty knew that only she was to blame ? when Brit Farnum told her there?d be a slight change in their wedding plans... that he?d take another girl to the little rangeland church! One...

Rangeland Romances #6 Love’s Little Outcast

by Thelma Knoles

It would be fun, thought beautiful Janeen, to try out the advice of the gay, worldly wise Chiquita ? and play the serious-minded Bill Daley against the rough, insolent Eric Hayden... A story of new love and...

Rangeland Romances #22 Tease For Two

by Ennen Reaves Hall

Judy knew that it wasn?t fair to a girl for Bart to kiss her gloriously... then let her learn of his plans to marry high-and-mighty Laurita. It just wasn?t fair ? and impish Judy devised a sensational retribution!...

Rangeland Romances #24 Fiddle-Footed Romeo

by Bill Severn

Beautiful tomboy Nell could stand most anything ? now that she was going to marry Lew ? except Bill giving her a pretty silk nightgown... as a wedding present. One of the most popular settings for romance stories...

Rangeland Romances #11 A Little LIght Cheating

by Marian O’Hearn

Breezy young Poppy thought it would be lively fun ? and good politics ? to stir up all the women against the men. One of the most popular settings for romance stories was the old west, where men were men and...

Rangeland Romances #20 Gamblin’ Gal

by Thelma Knoles

Lovely Lucky made a reckless bet with conniving Caleb ? hoping to find a way to handsome Sid?s arms. Her betting folly won her a kiss ? and an unwelcome sweetheart. One of the most popular settings for romance...

Rangeland Romances #26 Tenderfoot Cupid

by Art Lawson

Sourapple Gulch was a city of dreary, unhappy women. Pert Cinnie was sure she had the right remedy to liven up the girls ? even though handsome Rand thought her a frivolous brat. One of the most popular settings...

Rangeland Romances #21 Honkatonk Girls Don't Cry!

by Thomas Calvert

Vivacious Vida played her handsome, honkatonk boss against the dashing, millionaire grandee ? till she lost both that wild night when Grasslands branded her a notorious woman. One of the most popular settings...

Rangeland Romances #2 Trouble Trail—For Two

by Cecilia Bartholomew

Lovely Tess knew that big ranches weren?t built on promises and moonlight kisses. She wanted her future safe-guarded against the ravages of wild range life ? and she poured her whole heart into that kiss she...

Rangeland Romances #12 Rough, Tough and Glamorous

by Bill Severn

Salty little Arly went all-out to out-glamour a gorgeous Eastern girl. One of the most popular settings for romance stories was the old west, where men were men and women were women. As many a swooning damsel...

Rangeland Romances #9 Go West For Your Man

by Art Lawson

When vibrant Marta met Noah Conrad she knew that she would have to come out of her shell of indifference and match wits and kisses with a soft, cuddly, starry-eyed belle. One of the most popular settings for...

Rangeland Romances #4 The Beautiful Boss of the Double-B

by Joe W. Baker

By hiring handsome Jim Raleigh on her ranch, Beth hoped to make Carter Ganes jealous enough to propose to her. But in carefully stacking Cupid?s deck ? Beth forgot one two-faced queen!.? One of the most popular...