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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Volume 3

by Captain S. P. Meek, Ray Cummings, Will Smith & R. J. Robbins et al.

No science fiction library would be complete without Astounding Stories of Super-Science, a highly influential pulp magazine of both sci-fi and horror from the early 1930s!

Contains the stories:

"Cold Light",...

The Winged Men of Orcon: A Complete Novelette

by David R. Sparks

Far out at the edge of the Universe

two scientists play a game of

wits—Earth to the winner.

The Radiant Shell

by Paul Ernst

The man on the metal plate was vanishing.

The White Invaders

by Ray Cummings

Out of their unknown fourth dimensional realm materializes a horde of White Invaders with power invincible.

The Pygmy Planet

by Jack Williamson

Down into the infinitely small goes Larry on his mission to the Pygmy Planet.

The Seed of the Toc-Toc Birds

by Francis Flagg

Little did Prof. Reubens suspect what his atom-tampering would set loose upon the world.

Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Volume 5

by Various

No science fiction library would be complete without Astounding Stories of Super-Science, a highly influential pulp magazine of both sci-fi and horror from the early 1930s! 

Enjoy Volume 5 of the classic series. ...

Sexual Chemistry and Other Tales of the Biotech Revolution

by Brian Stableford

This collection brings together the ten earliest stories in Brian Stableford?s series of "Tales of the Biotech Revolution," all written in the 1980s, except for one anomalous example from the 1960s. The dates...

Designer Genes

by Brian Stableford

The eleven stories in Designer Genes showcase the latest volume in this intriguing science fiction that explores intriguing future possibilities in biotechnology, ranging from stories of imminent technology...

When Angels Gather

by Guyer,Stan L.

When Mykel returns home to his family and friends, he must now meld his new family into that life. As some of their new friends join them there and in new ventures, his family now has to deal with a father and...

Artemis SSI

by Rochelle L. Black

The year is 2305, and humans have long since found out that they are no longer the only sapient race in the universe. As humans join forces with other alien races to fight a common enemy known as the carians,...

The Javelin Trilogy

by King,Cutcliffe

Little was known about the Great Southern Ocean during World War Two, or the large icebound continent located at the very bottom of the Blue Planet, known as Earth. Using nautical charts, put together by Old...


by J. E. Stock

The world has recovered from COVID-19, but a new danger soon arises: it is the outbreak of what could potentially be an even more deadly virus.

To almost everyone, the situation seems tragic but innocent. However,...

Dead Man Walking

by Harvey Cleggett

Russian ‘master criminals’ known as The Board have infiltrated Australian ports, moving contraband at will. Detective Inspector Michael Ballard’s relentless pursuit of the group’s hierarchy, backed by...

Rediscovering Eden

by Mazurk,John

Rediscovering Eden is a fictional story using actual science of how North America is transformed into an eco-friendly environment while also overcoming increased attacks by both terrorist and cartels. The story...

Patty's Knight

by Dupree,Duke

Patricia Henderson became a very talented pianist.  She was taught by her maternal grandmother who was a concert pianist.  Patricia also became rich since her paternal grandfather, who made it big in the Texas...

Astro Ranger

by Bourgogne,William

One thousand years in the future, humankind has tamed our solar system; and now looks to guard against the threat from emerging extraterrestrial life in nearby deep space.

Three amazing ultra-modern space stations...

Metal Powerhouse

by German,Analuz

Roxanne, or Roxxi for short, is trapped within a bizarre chamber after dreaming a surreal dream sequence. She finds out that the rest of her dreams are being uploaded by the Savants, a secret union who are godlike...

Future Perfect

by Rowell,Simon

It is 2061. You have won the lottery. Can you imagine the possibilities?

When it happens to Benjamin Privett, he won't have that dilemma. Others have already made plans that will take him on an unparalleled epic...

The Rage Room

by Lisa de Nikolits

pWhat if you had a chance to fix the worst mistake of your life…but only made things worse? The Rage Room dives into dystopia with an extraordinary tale about choices and second chances. Set in 2055, our plastic...