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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Volume 3

by Captain S. P. Meek, Ray Cummings, Will Smith & R. J. Robbins et al.

No science fiction library would be complete without Astounding Stories of Super-Science, a highly influential pulp magazine of both sci-fi and horror from the early 1930s!

Contains the stories:

"Cold Light",...

The Winged Men of Orcon: A Complete Novelette

by David R. Sparks

Far out at the edge of the Universe

two scientists play a game of

wits—Earth to the winner.

Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Volume 14

by Various

No science fiction library would be complete without Astounding Stories of Super-Science, a highly influential pulp magazine of both sci-fi and horror from the early 1930s!

Vol. 14 includes:


Galactic Derelict

by Andre Norton

A sequel to Time Traders, the Cold War race through time remains Norton's background. Both search for abandonded wrecks of a race that had interstellar travel in Man's infancy. Travis Fox, Apache, joins Ross...

Kingpin Planet

by John Russell Fearn

The Cosmic Crusaders are plunged into a strange new space, where all the probabilities of electronic law are strangely altered, a complete and stunning inversion of all so-called natural laws. They discover...

World in Reverse

by John Russell Fearn

Continuing their cosmic crusade among the stars, the Golden Amazon and her three companions discover a planet in another space where intelligent beings are being created, not through normal biological processes,...

The Cosmic Crusaders: The Golden Amazon Saga, Book Eight

by John Russell Fearn

The unfolding story of the Golden Amazon enters a new phase when she renounces all ties with the Earth, the planet of her birth. Together with her husband Abna, former Lord of Jupiter, and their daughter Viona,...

Daughter of the Amazon: The Golden Amazon Saga, Book Five

by John Russell Fearn

Tarnec Brodix, super-mathematician from an external cosmos, accidentally destroys his universe. The destruction begins to spread into our own cosmos in the form of a Dark Tide of Absolute Nothingness, destroying...

The Amethyst City

by John Russell Fearn

The human-occupied planets in the Solar System, Earth and Mars, are suddenly threatened with a space-borne plague that rusts and destroys all metals. If the "disease" continues unchecked, all of civilization...

The Fire People

by Ray Cummings

Invaders from Mercury!

The invaders from Mercury came in ships designed to look like asteroids. Thus did they avoid detection from the unsuspecting humans until they began to lay waste to entire cities. The women...

Otis Adelbert Kline's Mars Series

by Otis Adelbert Kline

Harry Thorne had lost everything: his business, the love of his life, even his own self respect. As he’s contemplating suicide he’s made an incredible offer. He can go back in time and switch places with...

The Outlaws of Mars

by Otis Adelbert Kline

Jerry Morgan, is a man with no future on Earth, he is offered a new life on Mars and he takes it. He starts out his new life on Mars on the wrong foot by meeting a princess and killing the fearsome-looking Martian...

Argosy All-Story Weekly Super Pack

by Burroughs Leinster Adelbert Kline Kline Rice Burroughs Burroughs Ray Cummings

Argosy is considered the very first pulp fiction magazine. It was launched in 1882 as a children’s magazine, but quickly changed its target audience as it realized children were not in charge of their reading...

The Dragon Queen of Jupiter

by Leigh Brackett

More feared than the deadly green snakes, the hideous red beetles of that outpost of Earth Empire, was the winged dragon-queen of Jupiter and her white Legions of Doom. Leigh Brackett was the undisputed Queen...

Child of the Sun

by Leigh Brackett

Far beyond molten Mercury flashed the Patrol-pursued Falcon....Out to where black Vulcan whirled his hidden orbit, and a flame-auraed last child of Sol played his cosmic game. Leigh Brackett was the undisputed...

The Blue Behemoth

by Leigh Brackett

Shannon’s Imperial Circus was a jinxed space-carny leased for a mysterious tour of the inner worlds. It made a one-night pitch on a Venusian swamp-town—to find that death stalked it from the jungle in a...

Garbadon Major

by S.C. Mae

Jazz Healy and her gene-spliced cat, Rainbow Ninja, are deep in the bowels of the planetoid Kinon. They’re hunting Arteen Vendta, a scumbag with nothing much going for him except a long rap sheet.

Jazz doesn’t...

The Princess and the Physicist

by Evelyn E. Smith

Elected a god, Zen the Omnipotent longed for supernatural powers—for he was also Zen the All-Put-Upon, a galactic sucker! Clearly Omnipotence wasn’t everything. Evelyn E. Smith is best known as the author...

The Runaway Skyscraper

by Murray Leinster

Arthur Chamberlain, is an engineer who works at the Metropolitan Tower in Midtown Manhatten. When the sun suddenly begins moving backwards in the sky he is the only person who realizes what this means. A flaw...

Stanley G. Weinbaum's Mars

by Stanley G. Weinbaum

Collected in one binding are both of Stanley G. Weinbaum’s Mars stories “A Martian Odyssey” and “Valley of Dreams.” When “A Martian Odyssey” first appeared it took the science fiction world by...