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Dark Zone

by Stephen Inc. Grisham

Long time ago a satellite detected a massive star ship in the desert of Thar Desert, Pakistan. A team of scientist from all over the world was commissioned to research this massive artifact that holds the key...

Dark Heart

by Tony Park

From the ashes of an African genocide lost love and a new evil arise.

Lawyer Mike Ioannou is dead after a hit and run in Thailand. A home invasion threatens the life of medico Richard Dunlop. In Johannesburg,...

African Dawn

by Tony Park

Zimbabwe - a country in peril, a family torn apart, a battle to save a species.

In the broken country that is Zimbabwe, only the strongest can survive.

Three families – the Bryants, the Quilter-Phipps and the...

The Midnight Bell (Sean Dillon Series, Book 22)

by Jack Higgins

“The bell tolls at midnight as death requires it.” But will it finally toll for Sean Dillon & company in the explosive new thriller of murder, terrorism and revenge from the Sunday Times bestselling author....

If I Were You

by L. Ron Hubbard

Does size matter? Is bigger better? That’s no small question to Tom Little—the circus midget with giant dreams.

Tom may be king of the midgets, but he’s got far grander ambitions—to become the muscleman...


by Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar

An oneiric and surreal thriller, a journey trought the time from death to life. The discovery of the deepest emotions to be reborn new men.

5 Years After

by Richard Correll

5 Years After is a fresh look at the apocalypse genre. A deeper, more intriguing storyline with characters that reach out and grab you. They are defined not by their strengths. Instead, it is their weaknesses...

The Seducer

by Claudia Moscovici

This psychological thriller shows both the hypnotic appeal and the deadly danger of psychopathic seduction. This novel traces the downfall of a married woman, Ana. Feeling trapped in a lackluster marriage, she...

A Wicked Snow

by Gregg Olsen

“Olsen will scare you—and you’ll love it.”

—Lee Child


Hannah Griffin was a girl when tragedy struck. She still remembers the flames reflected against the newly fallen snow and the bodies the police...

Ministers of Fire

by Mark Harril Saunders

Kabul, Afghanistan, 1979: CIA station chief Lucius Burling, an idealistic but flawed product of his nation?s intelligence establishment, barely survives the assassination of the American ambassador. Burling?s...


by Kevin O'Brien

A newlywed woman faces frosty neighbors as a coldblooded killer stalks Seattle in the New York Times bestselling author's chilling domestic thriller.

The houses in Willow Tree Court are sleek and modern?the kind...


Sam Becket #4

by Hilary Norman

The new 'Detective Sam Becket' novel - Life is good in the Becket household. Sam is planning a surprise for Grace's birthday, Cathy's back from California and Grace is seeing patients again. And then the killings...


Sam Becket #3

by Hilary Norman

The new Detective Sam Becket novel - In Miami Beach, all hell is breaking loose. First, a swimmer makes a gruesome discovery, and then the city is rocked by an explosion. Detective Sam Becket has a vicious killer...

Low Profile

by Nick Oldham

A gripping police procedural featuring Detective Chief Superintendent Henry Christie

Responding to a desperate phone call, Henry Christie stumbles across a gangland-style execution in progress – and only just...

Keeping The Record

by Travis Richardson

A disgraced former home run king, whose rampant steroid use has left him as a testicle shrinking, soprano speaking, bra wearing recluse, is holding on to his single season home run record, asterisk be damned....

Book II: The Revelations (The Fallen Race Trilogy)

by Colin Patrick Garvey

As Sean continues to dig into the heart of this conspiracy, he learns that a ruthless and clandestine group of Americans called the Foundation, whose members occupy positions within the highest echelons of the...

Lucio Fulci's Last Movie: Blood Bite In Hell

by Joe Kittay

Lucio Fulci is back to shoot his new movie: Blood Bite in Hell A hellish journey in the company of the king of the macabre Lucio Fulci (ENGLISH AND ITALIAN VERSION) Lucio Fulci è tornato per girare il suo nuovo...

The Watchman

by Adrian Magson

“A gripping read that will appeal to all adventure lovers” - Booklist Starred Review

Introducing professional watcher and deep cover specialist Marc Portman in the first of this stunning new series

He's a...

Whispering Bones

by Rita Vetere

When someone dies in outrage, a curse is born.

In 1576 Venice, during the second and worst outbreak of the plague, a dying child is shown no mercy. Her death spawns a curse, one which has endured for more than...

Born of Darkness

by Rita Vetere

There's no escaping black karma, even for immortals.

Meet Jasmine Fairchild, outrageously gorgeous and extremely persuasive -- unnaturally so. Jasmine is a Cambion, part mortal, part succubus.

Enter Ahriman,...