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by Bernice L. Mcfadden

"The seeming inevitability of cruel fate juxtaposes the triumph of the spirit in this remarkably rich and powerful novel, Glorious. Bernice McFadden's fully realized characters are complicated, imperfect beings,...

Gathering of Waters

by Bernice L. McFadden

One of Essence's Best Books of the Decade!

A New York Times Notable Book of 2012!

Gathering of Waters is a finalist for a Phillis Wheatley Fiction Book Award!

Gathering of Waters was named a finalist for a 2013...

The Fifth Gospel

by Mario Pomilio, Umberto C. Mariani & Alice J. Mariani

Mario Pomilio was a novelist, editor, and literary critic, releasing 8 novels, a book of short stories, and various books of criticism over his career. The Fifth Gospel is Pomilio’s most important work; it...


by Ray Robertson

"God and whiskey have got me where I am. Too little of the one, too much of the other."

—David King, 1895.

Born a slave in 1847, but raised as a free man by the Reverend William King, David has rebelled against...

Family of Families

by Llc,Milano Authors

Family of Families: Spirit of Liberty is a fictionalized account about families over several generations and is the second of three Family of Families series. Though fiction, all the individuals were real, except...


by Huddleston,Jermaine

“Abandoned” by his family and not knowing any other life besides chattel slavery, Tumelo places pieces of his past to create his present situation. Once discovering many answers, he realizes there’s more...

Cross Purposes

by Lucille L. Turfrey

CROSS PURPOSES is presented as a historical novel. The story includes a strong Biblical component to support the feasibility of the basically true story of 'Manaen who grew up with Herod' as verified in Acts...

Noah: Man of Destiny

by Tim Chaffey & K. Marie Adams

Most people think of Noah as the man who built a large ship and spent months caring for thousands of animals. But who was he and what events shaped who he would become? We wrote this novel to challenge Christians...

Of Buds and Weevils

by Aidoo,Kofi

When the wealthy Kani learns that his sole daughter has been raped in the bush, his plans for her marriage into royalty are thrown into disarray. In his efforts to avoid the humiliation and disgrace of a scandal,...

The Land We Leave Behind

by Aneneba,Akufor I.

THE LAND WE LEAVE BEHIND… is the story of one man’s conviction that his civilization, which was once decimated by the effects of the slave trade, is being threatened again. This time, not only from the moral...


by Christopher J. Robinson

As an African American, Staff Sergeant William Carver defies racial boundaries to gain entrance into the elite counter-terrorist unit, Delta Force. Thrown into the Iraq War, the hunt for Saddam Hussein is full...


by Jonathan Carroll

Davis Sterling, scion of Houston’s leading newspaper family, was enjoying the playboy life until his father challenges him to make something of himself. Always a talented writer, his rebellious streak leads...

Family of Families

by Llc,Milano Authors

Family of Families: Spirit of Freedom, the first trilogy, was a fictionalized account of families over several generations. Though fiction, all the individuals were real, except for some of those introduced...

Mary Whyte Was Right Pedro

by Billy Menamin

It is October 1969 in Northern Ireland as trouble begins to erupt, threatening the peace of the land and its people. Before heading out on the town for the night, four boys—all named Billy—decide to give...

Pilgrims in Love

by Frances Beer

Pilgrims in Love involves a re-visioning of the Canterbury Tales, told from the point of view of Alison, Wife of Bath, and Eglentyne, Prioress. Both undertake the pilgrimage to Canterbury because of personal...


by Sutton E. Griggs & Mint Editions

Unfettered: A Novel (1902) is a novel by Sutton E. Griggs. Sutton’s third novel is a story of violence and forced migration that explores and critiques the politics of liberalism and assimilation in twentieth...

The Sport of the Gods

by Paul Lawrence Dunbar & Mint Editions

The Sport of the Gods (1902) is a novel by African American author Paul Laurence Dunbar. Published while Dunbar was at the height of his career as one of the nation’s leading black writers, The Sport of the...

Minnie's Sacrifice

by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper & Mint Editions

Minnie’s Sacrifice (1869) is a novel by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. Originally serialized in the Christian Recorder, Minnie’s Sacrifice is a rediscovered work of fiction from one of nineteenth century...

Shadows Uplifted

by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper & Mint Editions

Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted (1892) is a novel by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. One of the first novels published by an African American woman, Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted is a story of liberation set...

The Ark Of The Covenant

by Carlo Santi

The Ark of the Covenant has always been considered the most important object of Christianity. God ordered Moses to build it to witness His divine presence among the Israelites, thus destined to become the “People...