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The Regency Brides Collection

by Amanda Barratt, Angela Bell, Susanne Dietze & Michelle Griep et al.

Romance is a delicate dance bound by rules and expectations in Regency England...

Seven couples must navigate society’s gauntlet to secure the hand of true love....

Charity and Luke are strangers who were forced...

Tales from The Book

by Kristina Chase

What might it have been like in the Garden of Eden? What might it have been like in Adam's family after the fall? What was Moses thinking when he fell from the top of the world? What did Joseph's eleven brothers...

First Day Love

by Henderson,Wardell

First Day Love is written by an inspiring poet. The story is relatively how strong a bond this author has with religion as a young child. The love he felt for his God is so powerful that he took the word of...

A Day in My Life

by Rebecca Moore

We always need to be aware of the feelings of others, but even more so when they have been faced with a devastating medical event. This story was written to try and allow others to see what the life of a patient...

The Secret of the Old Warehouse, And Other Stories

by Imelda Rose Kaufman

Jacob Malloy was a strong, energetic lad of thirteen who lived with his family in the small suburb of Baytown. His life was far from boring because school and church always provided plenty of activities. However,...

The Ghost of Valencia Dupree

by Tanya L. Orr

In a world where decorum, duty, privacy, and family ties were of the utmost importance, it was sometimes made difficult for the innocence and timidity of a young woman such as Valencia Dupree to carry a strong...

Dreams from the Lord

by Bratteng,Lillian

Dreams from the Lord is a collection of stories that the author has received through dreams and visions and experiences in life. The turning point in life happened when God awakened Lillian Bratteng and called...

The Black Balloon

by Laura E. Hoium

The Black Balloon is a symbolic representation of the story of the Cross. It is a story of a girl finding her faith and healing from the hurts she had experienced in the past. She struggles and wavers on the...

Torts of the Soul

by Jerry Hanson

Hear these words. They were commissioned by you, for you! You know, you are solely responsible to seek your salvation. You also know everything is of your choosing. Choose to LIVE your life in the light or choose...

The Harvest That Abounds

by Geraldine Cocklin

These stories represent journeys made by many wise old warriors. The warriors spoke of mysterious balms; timing in our lives (being at the right place at the right time); the loss of hope due to certain circumstances;...

Opportunities of a Lifetime

by Robert Shafer

This story details the life of a growing boy in the throes of life and describes his activities through early manhood. The story starts at roughly the age of three with the continued involvement of his family...

Christmas from the Heart

by J. Kelly Casebolt

Christmas from the Heart is a collection of short stories that revolve around the Christmas season. It attempts to envelope the spirit of Christmas and all its joy, but realizing the season may have its challenges...

Unforgivable Actions

by Conner,N. D.

Life is beautiful, but sometimes, ugly things happen. Consumed more by the ugliness forced upon them, Joy, Mercy, Moses, Grace, Faith, and Patience find themselves hoping for life's beautiful moments again.



by H. R. Davis

There?s nothing ordinary about the way we live and perceive the world around us. Our constant need to fit into a place in society crafts our perceptions and forces us to give up the extraordinary in favor of...

True Essence

by Danita Stewart

True Essence is a collection of short stories that will blow your mind. I started writing this in 2019 and finished early this year. My imagination is wonderful. It will inspire you.

The Amish Sweet Shop

by Emma Miller, Laura Bradford & Mary Ellis

It?s almost Valentine?s Day, the busiest time of the year at Beechy?s Sweets, where the Amish gifts of love and faith are even sweeter than the home-made candy.


THE SWEETEST COURTSHIP National Bestselling...

My Toolbox of Short Stories

by Daniel Piller

In this collection, Dan taps into memories of humans and others, capturing different perspectives and feelings. His straightforward writing brings out aspects of pain and grief and anger and discoveries of joy...

My Toolbox of Short Stories

by Daniel Piller

In this collection, Dan taps into memories of humans and others, capturing different perspectives and feelings. His straightforward writing brings out aspects of pain and grief and anger and discoveries of joy...

The Brides of Lancaster County

by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Love Is Never Plain and Simple

Strong family and community ties merge in Pennsylvania Amish Country where four young women seek God’s will for their lives and their place in the modern world—while finding...

The Calico and Cowboys Romance Collection

by Mary Connealy

Love sneaks up on eight couples in the Old West.

The Old West comes to life under the talented pen of bestselling author Mary Connealy. Enjoy a lighthearted ride alongside seven historical and one contemporary...