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by Patricia Haley & Gracie Hill

Attorney Maxwell Montgomery has amassed a long list of legal victories in the war he's waged against corruption and religious hypocrisy, single-handedly bringing down one of the most popular churches in Philadelphia....

The Second Killing of Christ

by Morris,Rod

The Second Killing of Christ is a chillingly conceivable tale of a small group of retired US Special Forces so frustrated over the general indifference to the persecution and purging of Christians in Syria and...

For You

by P. M. Herring

Michael was out to party. It was his twenty-first birthday after all, and he wanted to enjoy all of it with his friends. But too many drinks and one punch later changed a fun night out for him and his friends....

The Scarlet Plan

by Rick W. Warren

In the town of Galesburg, Illinois, a storm is coming. Not a storm of rain and lightning but a storm of evil.

It is two weeks until Halloween, and the city is celebrating its undefeated high school football...

The Primal Fear

by Williams,Latesha

A family is torn apart by an evil, sadistic plague that has haunted the Peterson family for many years. Until one Liza Ray Peterson manages to escape the grip of the malevolent spirit that has taken many lives...

Engaging the Sons of Darkness

by Dr. Barbara Smitherman

Engaging the Sons of Darkness takes readers deep into the realm of the spiritual, where unseen forces are at work, influencing the lives, actions, and thoughts of people. Engaging the Sons of Darkness perfectly...

Harold’s Heavenly Christmas

by Chris Whaley

Harold?s Heavenly Christmas is a Christmas story that is relatable and heart-warming while presenting the hopefulness of miracles.

Harold was a firefighter who passed away in an emergency room. Now, he is a heavenly...

The Lies

by J. Michael Koppen

The fragrance of the gun mixed with the pungency of the Crown Royal in his glass almost nauseated him as much as the lie he had sold out to. Holden Jeffries has all he has ever dreamed, yet lately it is hollow....

Remember Your Dreams in Life

by Sheila Askins

Remember Your Dreams in Life is inspired from an event that occurred from someone associated with the Author.  Luanne Canton is a young and naive girl who finds herself in a true dilemma after discovering a...

Lost and Found

by Leonard P. Tiedt

Lost and found is based on the words of John Newton?s hymn, Amazing Grace - I once was lost, but now I'm found; was blind but now I see. This is the story of Sky Nash - born into a horribly dysfunctional family....

Dark Heart, The

by Julie Cave

Is there a past too awful for even God to forgive? The Dinah Harris mystery series continues....

Angus Whitehall’s past never really just stubbornly waited for vengeance. A killer has settled into...

One Second Past Midnight

by Baetsle,Janie

One Second Past Midnight by Janie Baetsle



by Brian L. Willis

Elizabeth Bracken?s father, Ryan, is a researcher of phenomena and folklore for the United States government. Since her mother left them, Liz has enjoyed shadowing Ryan on his ?Indiana Jones? adventures. But...

False Conclusion

by Veronica Heley

An uninvited house guest throws Bea Abbot?s summer plans into chaos, bringing danger and peril to Bea?s door.

Bea Abbot is looking forward to spending the summer with her fourteen-year-old ward, Bernice, but...

James is My Name

by Pisarcik,John G

He was dead! The bells pealed out their mournful cry. Crowds gathered, and in no time, the piazza was full. Then the announcement came to the people of Rome and the world?John XXIV was dead, poisoned by an unidentified...

Capitol in Crisis

by Kathy Roy Johnson

Simone Perez, Architect of the Capitol, is stunned when a terrible explosion rocks the capitol, totally collapsing the tunnel which connects the House and Senate Chambers and trapping several people. Simone...

Murder for Good

by Veronica Heley

The kindness of strangers comes under suspicion in the enjoyable new Ellie Quicke mystery.

Ellie?s husband Thomas, a retired minister, is suspicious when he receives not one but five letters advising him that...


by H. W. Shake

The Sevrin family was struggling to hold onto their farm during the Second Great Depression in the mid-twenty-first century. When things were darkest young Will Sevrin received a revelation. He was shown how...

13 Days

by Louis Paul DeGrado

In this sequel to The 13th Month, 2015 Finalist Foreword Review Book of Year Contest, forces of good and evil battle for power. Samar Hamish is an archeologist obsessed with confirming his faith by digging up...

Christ-Edge Saga: All or Nothing-The Beginning

by John St. Fleur

God, The Devil, The most intelligent human being ever born to the human race. What do they all have in common? They star in this groundbreaking book series: The Christ-Edge: The Creation of a New Universe. It...