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by Patricia Haley & Gracie Hill

Attorney Maxwell Montgomery has amassed a long list of legal victories in the war he's waged against corruption and religious hypocrisy, single-handedly bringing down one of the most popular churches in Philadelphia....

Hawaii Pearl

by Nix,Jena

"Look, Lonnie, you're not in a position to demand more money from me. I've paid you plenty."

Slurring his words, Lonnie whines, "Come on. Since I got kicked out of the Navy, I can't seem to get any work. You...

Twenty-Two Shells

by Tom Schulte

Detective Marvin Sludge, a former Special Services operative, lives a simple life. But he’s the best detective in his department, the one always assigned to impossible cases and interrogations. With virtually...

Operation NorthStar

by Ts Delaney with Cathleen DeLaney


Operation NorthStar details the exploits of Captain Walter Weber. Captain Weber is one of the OSS's first agents and is pressed into service to capture Germany's top saboteur-Nordstern (NorthStar).

The story...

Flashes of Blessedness

by Arlene Marie Wever

Ariëtte, the protagonist of the novel, is an American girl who grows up on an enchanting Caribbean island. Ariëtte’s parents are exemplary citizens; however, regrettably, religion is not part of their lives....

Blest Be the Tie

by Joann White

In a world fractured by dividing lines of politics, economics, gender, and race, we are hungry for connection and community, for places where we are loved and accepted in all our frailty. Tubby has a broken...


by ,DiVine

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever wandered into unknown territory just to find yourself desperately looking for a way back home? Then you'll understand when five strangers from different walks of life are...

Fire and Flood

by Dawn Morris

Fire and Flood tells the stories of two young women, one near the beginning of history—at the time of Noahic flood—and one at the end of Earth’s history—at the time of the tribulation of Revelation....

In the Course of Three Hours

by Rysen,C. J.

Captivating mysteries and gripping suspense blended within Christian, philosophical, and some political ideologies, and a healthy dose of imagination result in a fast-paced thriller, a stimulating and thought...

You Have Been Murdered!

by Michael Scopus

This book is an extraordinarily unique thriller documenting one man's struggle to escape his past mistakes. Set in contemporary London, England, and the picturesque Highlands of Scotland, our story follows David,...

A Unicorn Dies

by Paul S. Fiddes

Giles Questing, an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, finds his life taking an unexpected turn after the suspicious death of a PhD student, a death the police believe to be suicide. He determines...

Judas' Gospel

by Andrea Lepri

Year 2178, the Sky Project is about to begin. Sir Jonathan will use the Time-Space Translator to go and take Jesus in the year 30 and bring him to his time, he wants to give him the perfect world that he was...

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

by Tim Fry

Today the truth seems to be a difficult thing to find. What if there was a way to recreate past events with exact detail? A young physicist, Ben, has a theory that will do exactly that with government funding....

21st Day

by Nathan Cummings

Sometimes, things just don't feel right. Clara, the church bookkeeper and secretary sensed her church was in trouble. She prayed to God for help for both her and the church. The cause of all the troubling items...

Jeane Rose

by Ken Simmons

The true events that inspired this story are: Set in Tampa Bay area. In the 1970s, there were television news reports of a woman who was abducted during a home invasion, kidnapped, beaten, and sexually assaulted....


by Georgie,Benita

Carla is living with her mom who thinks being out on her own life will be better""a mom who chooses to buy street drugs from the neighborhood dealers then being a parent of her two kids. The allure of being...

A Perfect Match

by ,Kelly

Eighteen-year-old Kevin Knapp leaves his home in Iowa to begin his broadcasting career in Austin, Minnesota, where he meets his future wife, Maggie McGovern, who is still in high school. Kevin quickly moves...

The Armies of Gog

by Sparks,R.K.

Eli Grollenberg is a chameleon""a half-Jewish, half-Palestinian spy for the NSA. His ethnic flexibility, looks and build, fluency in nine languages, and technological genius makes him one of America's greatest...

Come Stay Awhile

by Hebert,Mureena

Throughout life, we all strive to make right choices. The testing of our choices comes in the form of the consequences down the road. In this story we meet Margaret, an elderly widow; Gage, an ex-policeman;...

Blood Beneath The Pines

by Partlow,Tammy

Chloe Parker dutifully fills her role as the daughter of an absentee father who demands her loyalty to his ranch nestled high in the Rockies. Even with an immense love for the mountains, Chloe knows she doesn't...