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GTA Cheat Sheet

by Markus Reiter

pThis ebook contains all known GTA V cheats and will be updated if new cheats are discovered./p p /p pstrongNote:/strong These cheats are for the Xbox One version of the game./p

GTA V Cheat Sheet

by Markus Reiter

This ebook contains all cheats discovered until now and will be updated if new ones are discovered.

Note: These cheats are for the PlayStation version of the game.


by Ludovic Castro

Discover an analytic work of Sekiro, a game that spectacularly marked the 2010s.

Few video game series can boast having marked the 2010s as much as Souls. FromSoftware mainly owes this amazing and unexpected...

Space-N-Robots Coloring Book for Kids Ages 3+ (Printable Version)

by Sheba Blake

A lovely robot coloring book for boys and girls who love robots. A beautiful coloring book, full of robots and outer space that's perfect for boys, girls and adults of all ages.

Why You'll Love This Book:


Pre-K Sight Words Tracing Activity Book for Kids Ages 3+ (Printable Version)

by Sheba Blake

This activity book will help your child practice with the Dolce 40 sight words for pre-kindergarten or preschool. 

Why You'll Love This Book:

• Features Dolce 40 sight words for pre-k.

• Age appropriate pictures...

ABC Letter Tracing Activity Book for Kids Ages 3+ (Printable Version)

by Sheba Blake

This activity book will help your child learn how to write their alphabet, contains both capital and small letters.

Why You'll Love This Book:

• Letter tracing for A-Z.

• Age appropriate pictures for elementary...

The Curious History of Mazes

by Julie E. Bounford & Trevor Bounford

Thread your way through this aMAZEing history and delve into a curious experience!​

From prehistoric times, mazes and labyrinths worldwide have served as different symbolic, ritualistic, and practical purposes....

Dancing on Ice

by Ernest Law

This vintage book contains a classic guide to ice skating, concentrating on dancing and especially the waltz. The waltz is a ballroom and folk dance of German origins usually in triple time and performed primarily...

American Mah Jongg for Everyone

by Toby Salk, Swain,Gregg & Gladys Grad

Whether you're an American Mah Jongg newbie or an intermediate player looking to gain an edge over your opponents, American Mah Jongg for Everyone is the perfect book to help you start practicing your game!


Skating on Ice - A Concise Essay on this Popular Winter Sport Including its History, Literature and Specific Techniques with Useful Diagrams

by Edgar Syers

?Skating on Ice? is a vintage guide to ice skating, looking at its history and origins, literature, techniques, and equipment, and much more. Ice skating involved moving skates attached to the feet to propel...


by Hinda Packard & Nancy Kaplan

Clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds are the four suits of any card game. But Can(Am)asta is no ordinary card game. It combines Canadian rules with American rules, and leads to a whole lot of fun for anyone who...

Herrmann the Great's Wizard Manual

by Alexander Herrmann

One of history's most acclaimed and successful magicians provides clear and concise explanations of more than 100 tricks and illusions. Alexander Herrmann ? better known as Herrmann the Great ? performed these...

The Value of Games

by Kaye Bennett Dotson

This work brings together a collection of games that have been a part of childhood through the ages, games that continue to be played in various forms around the world. Many anthologies of folktales, music,...

The History of Curling  - A Concise Essay on this Popular Winter Sport Including its History, Principles and Rules

by Bertram Smith

This book contains a classic guide to the game of curling, looking at its history, equipment, different styles and techniques, and much more. Curling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice...

The Legend of Final Fantasy IX

by Collective

What gamer hasn?t tried Final Fantasy IX ?

"Final Fantasy IX is the closest to my ideal view of what Final Fantasy should be." This quote is from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy saga. For...

Chess History and Reminiscences

by H. E. Bird

“Unlike other games in which lucre is the end and aim, [chess] recommends itself to the wise by the fact that its mimic battles are fought for no prize but honor. It is eminently and emphatically the philosopher’s...

A Mah Jong Handbook: How to Play, Score, and Win

by Whitney,Eleanor Noss

Master the game of Mahjong with this must-have game strategy guide for Mahjong beginners and enthusiasts.

Originally played with cards, and then piece carved from ivory or bamboo, the Chinese game of Mahjong...

General Book of The Tarot

by A.E. Waite & A.E. Thierens

Adolph Ernestus Thierens  was a noted and controversial Dutch astrologer. His many publications are not only about astrology, but also about Tarot, Theosophy and Freemasonry. In the following pages A.E. Thierens...


by Erwan Lafleuriel

The year was 1997 and Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game had just been released by Interplay.

This book looks back at the entire Fallout saga, tells the story of the series' birth, retraces its history...

The Strange Works of Taro Yoko

by Nicolas Turcev

Throughout his career, Taro Yoko was despaired by the image of humanity returned by most big budget video games.

Taro Yoko's strange work reviews the entire career of this extraordinary creator, his games (Drakengard,...