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Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa

by Robin Philpot

The book comprises three parts. The first part addresses the little-discussed but crucial events preceding the assassination of the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali...

Hostile Seas

by Jl Savidge

Set during a period of dramatically escalating piracy, Hostile Seas is a personal account of a mission on board a naval warship in the waters off Somalia.

In late 2008, piracy around the Horn of Africa escalated...

Kenya's Independence Constitution

by Robert M. Maxon

Kenya's Independence Constitution: Constitution-Making and End of Empire, by Robert M. Maxon, is a narrative of the evolution of the constitution that was put into effect as Kenya's history as a colonial possession...

Dying to Live

by Pierre-Claver Ndacyayisenga, Casey Roberts & Phil Taylor

Pierre-Claver Ndacyayisenga was a history teacher in Kigali when he was forced to flee to the neighbouring Congo (Zaïre) with his wife and three children. Thus began a harrowing five-year voyage of 9781926824789...

Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia

by David H. Shinn & Thomas P. Ofcansky

Ethiopia is clearly one of the most important countries in Africa. First of all, with about 75 million people, it is the third most populous country in Africa. Second, it is very strategically located, in the...

The Case For Biafra Restoration

by Obi Ukwuoma

The massacre of Igbos/Biafrans across the Northern Nigeria started way back in 1945 in Jos, where more than 150 Igbos/Biafrans were brutally slaughtered for no reason. That is about thirty-one years after the...

African Game Trails

by Theodore Roosevelt

The twenty-sixth president of the United States was also a world-renowned hunter, conservationist, soldier, and scholar. In 1908 he took a long safari holiday in East Africa with his son Kermit. His account...

From Red Earth

by Denise Uwimana

A Hundred Days of Carnage, Twenty-Five Years of Rebirth

In the space of a hundred days, a million Tutsi in Rwanda were slaughtered by their Hutu neighbors. At the height of the genocide, as men with bloody machetes...

The Crime of the Congo

by Arthur Conan Doyle

In 1909 Conan Doyle, fueled by “a burning indignation, which is the best of all driving power”, wrote a book in only eight days. In "The Crime of the Congo", Doyle documents the atrocities committed in the...

Historical Dictionary of Nigeria

by Toyin Falola, Ann Genova & Matthew M. Heaton

The Historical Dictionary of Nigeria: Second Edition introduces Nigeria’s rich and complex history. Readers will find a wealth of information on pre-20th century history, Nigeria under British colonial rule,...

Medicinal Rule

by Koen Stroeken

As soon as Europeans set foot on African soil, they looked for the equivalents of their kings – and found them. The resulting misunderstandings have lasted until this day. Based on ethnography-driven regional...

Distant Companions

by Karen Tranberg Hansen

Distant Companions tells the fascinating story of the lives and times of domestic servants and their employers in Zambia from the beginning of white settlement during the colonial period until after independence....

African Game Trails

by Theodore Roosevelt

The twenty-sixth president of the United States was also a world-renowned hunter, conservationist, soldier, and scholar. In 1908 he took a long safari holiday in East Africa with his son Kermit. His account...

Ancient History of East Central African Customs

by James MacDonald

"The following account of a few of the customs common among the tribes of east central Africa, in the region of Lake Nyassa, has been gathered from many sources; most of the statements have been revised and...

The Order of Genocide

by Scott Straus

The Rwandan genocide has become a touchstone for debates about the causes of mass violence and the responsibilities of the international community. Yet a number of key questions about this tragedy remain unanswered:...

Through the Dark Continent

by Henry M. Stanley

Through the Dark Continent is essential reading for anyone interested in nineteenth century Africa and the European explorers who travelled through it.

Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904) was a Welsh-American...

The Chibok Girls

by Helon Habila

"In rescuing the Chibok tragedy from 'mythic status,' Habila's unusual primer quietly yet powerfully revives the call to take notice." —The Atlantic

On April 14, 2014, 276 girls from the Chibok Secondary School...

Historical Dictionary of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

by Emizet Francois Kisangani

This book looks at 55 years of independence, over eight decades of colonial rule, and earlier kingdoms and groups that shared the Congolese territory. This fourth edition highlights new developments and the...

The Katangese Gendarmes and War in Central Africa

by Erik Kennes & Miles Larmer

Erik Kennes and Miles Larmer provide a history of the Katangese gendarmes and their largely undocumented role in many of the most important political and military conflicts in Central Africa. Katanga, located...

A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts