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Hudson Bay

by Robert Michael Ballantyne

First published in 1848, "Hudson Bay", Robert Michael Ballantyne's most famous book, details life as a fur trader in the Canadian wilderness.

"Hudson Bay" follows Ballantyne from the shores of the Thames and...

The Conquest of Canada (Vol.2)

by George Warburton

-The Conquest of Canada (Vol.2)-“One of the most momentous political questions that has ever yet moved the human race was decided in the Canadian war. When a few English and French emigrants first landed among...

The Conquest of Canada (Vol.1)

by George Warburton

pThe Conquest and History of Canada. “England and France started in a fair race for the magnificent prize of supremacy in America. The advantages and difficulties of each were much alike, but the systems by...


by Barbara Mitchell

As the first inland surveyor for the Hudson's Bay Company, Philip Turnor stands tall among the explorers and mapmakers of Canada. Accompanied by Cree guides and his Cree wife, Turnor travelled 15,000 miles by...

The White and the Gold: The French Regime in Canada

by Thomas B. Costain

A thorough overview of early Canadian history, told in the matchless style which marks the best of Costain, here is the vast panorama of a mighty land, of its vivid and violent people and of the turbulent centuries...

Sweet Land of Liberty

by Charles Carleton Coffin

"The settlement of our country was the beginning of a new era in human affairs. The people of England, ever since the days of King John, when the barons compelled him to sign the Magna Charta in the meadow of...

Claiming the Land

by Daniel Marshall

This trailblazing history of early British Columbia focuses on a single year, 1858, the year of the Fraser River gold rush ? the third great massmigration of gold seekers after the Californian and Australian...

Reconsidering Confederation

by Daniel Heidt, Barry Ferguson, Colin Coates & Martin Pâquet et al.

July 1st 1867 is celebrated as Canada's Confederation - the date that Canada became a country. But 1867 was only the beginning. As the country grew from a small dominion to a vast federation encompassing ten...

Storm of the Sea

by Matthew R. Bahar

Narratives of cultural encounter in colonial North America often contrast traditional Indian coastal-dwellers and intrepid European seafarers. In Storm of the Sea, Matthew R. Bahar instead tells the forgotten...

Ranching Women in Southern Alberta

by Rachel Herbert

Once dominated by large cattle operations covering thousands of acres, Alberta in the 1880s-1930s saw a shift as small, family-owned ranches began to dot the province's southern plains. While this era of agriculture...

Let's Move On, Paul Okalik Speaks Out

by Paul Okalik & Louis McComber

Paul Okalik was raised in Pangnirtung, a community that survived starvation, epidemics, eradication of its spiritual heritage, relocation, schooling in a foreign language, and confrontation with the Canadian...

Trail North

by Ken Mather

Winner (second prize), 2019 British Columbia Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Historical Writing

A revealing history of the ancient trail that served as a major transportation route between Washington and British...

Tecumseh and Brock

by James Laxer

At the dawn of the nineteenth century, the British Empire is engaged in a titanic war with Napoleonic France for global supremacy. The American Republic is quickly expanding its territory along the western frontier,...

Canada the Good

by Marcel Martel

To invest in vice can be a sound financial decision, but despite the lure of healthy profits, individuals and mutual funds have been reluctant to invest in this type of stock. After all, who would take pride...


by John English & Kenneth McLaughlin

The history of Kitchener is unique among cities in southern Ontario. Although Kitchener shares so much of the character of the region today, its past was considerably different. Until 1916, Kitchener was Berlin,...

Love Strong as Death

by J.I. Little

A transcription of Lucy Peel?s wonderfully readable journal was recently discovered in her descendent?s house in Norwich, England. Sent in regular installments to her transatlantic relatives, the journal presents...

A Not-So-Savage Land

by Peter Johnson

A richly illustrated exploration of the art, life, and historical impact of artist Frederick Whymper, who documented the landscape of the North American west.

Before the advent of photography, the topography...

The Seven Oaks Reader

by Myrna Kostash

Finalist for the Wildrid Eggleston Award for Nonfiction at the 2017 Alberta Literary Awards!

The long rivalry between the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company for control of the fur trade in Canada's...

Through an Unknown Country

by Mike Murtha & Charles Helm

Based on previously unpublished reports and journals thought to be lost, Through an Unknown Country provides the reader with a harrowing and riveting account of a 19th century expedition through the northern...

The Fur-Trade Fleet

by Anthony Dalton

In mid-July 1925, the SS Bayeskimo ran into heavy drift ice at the entrance to Hudson Strait. The ice carried her north, squeezing the steamer and testing the strength of her rivets. Helpless until the tide...