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Did You See Us?

by Andrew Woolford

The Assiniboia school is unique within Canada?s Indian Residential School system. It was the first residential high school in Manitoba and one of the only residential schools in Canada to be located in a large...

Brotherhood to Nationhood

by Peter McFarlane & Doreen Manuel

Charged with fresh material and new perspectives, this updated edition of the groundbreaking biography From Brotherhood to Nationhood brings George Manuel and his fighting tradition into the present.


Because They Were Women

by Josée Boileau & Chantal Bilodeau

Fourteen young women, murdered because they were women, are memorialized in this definitive account of the tragic day that forced a reckoning with violence against women in our culture. The victims of what became...


by T. Joseph Scanlon & Roger Sarty

Catastrophe weaves together compelling stories and potent lessons learned from the calamitous Halifax explosion?the worst non-natural disaster in North America before 9/11.

On December 6, 1917, the Canadian...

The Foresters' Scribe

by Ursula A. Kelly

The Foresters' Scribe is the first comprehensive study of the Newfoundland Forestry Companies (NFC) of the First World War. It adds a long-overdue and essential chapter to the Great War history of Newfoundland...


by Adele Perry

1919 is often recalled as the year of the Winnipeg General Strike, but it was also the year that water from Shoal Lake first flowed in Winnipeg taps. For the Anishinaabe community of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation,...


by Brittany Luby

"Dammed: The Politics of Loss and Survival in Anishinaabe Territory" explores Canada?s hydroelectric boom in the Lake of the Woods area. It complicates narratives of increasing affluence in postwar Canada, revealing...

Mnidoo Bemaasing Bemaadiziwin

by Theresa Turmel

Mnidoo Bemaasing Bemaadiziwin is a twenty-five year research and community based book. It brings forward Indigenous thought, history, and acts of resistance as viewed through the survivors of residential school...

Compelled to Act

by Sarah Carter & Nanci Langford

"Compelled to Act" showcases fresh historical perspectives on the diversity of women?s contributions to social and political change in prairie Canada in the twentieth century, including but looking beyond the...

My Life with the Eskimo

by Vilhjalmur Stefansson

... They took me into their houses and treated me hospitably and courteously, but exactly as if I were one of them. They gave me clothes to wear and food to eat, I helped them in their work and joined in their...

Arrows in a Quiver

by James Frideres

In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?s report, Arrows in a Quiver provides an overview of Indigenous-settler relations, including how land is central to Indigenous identity and how the Canadian...

The Rise and Fall of United Grain Growers

by Paul D. Earl

For much of the twentieth century, United Grain Growers was one of the major forces in Canadian agriculture. Founded in 1906, for much of its history UGG worked to give western farmers a ?third way? between...

The Conquest of Canada (Vol.2)

by George Warburton

-The Conquest of Canada (Vol.2)-“One of the most momentous political questions that has ever yet moved the human race was decided in the Canadian war. When a few English and French emigrants first landed among...

The Conquest of Canada (Vol.1)

by George Warburton

pThe Conquest and History of Canada. “England and France started in a fair race for the magnificent prize of supremacy in America. The advantages and difficulties of each were much alike, but the systems by...

Distorted Descent

by Darryl Leroux

Distorted Descent examines a social phenomenon that has taken off in the twenty-first century: otherwise white, French descendant settlers in Canada shifting into a self-defined ?Indigenous? identity. This study...

Back to Blakeney

by David McGrane, John Whyte & Roy Romanow

Allan Blakeney believed in government as a force for good. As premier of Saskatchewan, he promoted social justice through government intervention in the economy and the welfare state. He created legal and constitutional...

On the Frontier

Drought and Depression

by Gregory P. Marchildon

The Great Depression of the 1930s often recalls images of the drought-stricken Canadian Prairies. It was a region in the grips of an environmental disaster made even worse by the economic effects of the Depression....

The Court of Appeal for Saskatachewan

by David Mittelstadt

A history of Saskatchewan?s highest court on its centennial, The Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan places the court within the context of Canadian law and shows how the court contributed to the province?s legal,...

When Trains Ruled the Rockies

by Terry Gainer

When Trains Ruled the Rockies is a personal history of the Banff train station from 1948 through 1962.

Drawn from Terry Gainer?s personal memories and experiences from his years living and working at the legendary...