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Toronto Neighbourhoods 7-Book Bundle

by Mark Osbaldeston, F.R. (Hamish) Berchem, Frederick H. Armstrong & Scott Kennedy et al.

The Toronto Neighbourhoods bundle presents a collection of titles that provide fascinating insight into the history and development of Canada’s largest and most diverse city. Beginning with histories of Canada’s...

Polar Winds

by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

Polar Winds traces a century of northern flight from balloonatics to bush pilots and beyond.

"They were all gamblers and fortune seekers. They did things on their own — were independent people who wanted to...

Alice Munro

by Brenda Pfaus

Alice Munro, recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, is undoubtedly among Canada’s greatest living writers. In this unique, intriguing collection, Brenda Pfaus gives fresh insights into some of Munro’s...

The August Gales

by Gerald Hallowell

Three different fishing communities, three different countries, but in their pursuit of fish on the banks they would have much in common, including the terrors of the North Atlantic storms. The August Gales...

From Old Hollywood to New Brunswick

by Charles Foster

Imagine receiving a mysterious invitation from Charlie Chaplin, doing jigsaw puzzles with Marilyn Monroe, having a heart-to-heart with Jack Kennedy, or being kissed by Greta Garbo. All of these and more are...


by Peter Moreira

This hard-hitting but fair assessment of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes will shock and surprise many Maritimers who have been conditioned to think that the east coast of Canada is one of the most liveable regions...

The Lost Canoe

by Lawrence W. Coady

A contemporary account of tracking a historical explorer across Labrador.

In the mode of Leonidas Hubbard and William Cabot, Hesketh Prichard set out with a group of adventurers in the early 1900s, determined...

Metal on Ice

by Sean Kelly

A musical genre as tough and hard as the Canadian Shield.

Canada has produced many successful proponents of the genre known as heavy metal, which grew out of the hard rock of the 1970s, exploded commercially...


by Ted Glenn

A first-hand chronicle of Wolseley’s expedition to end Riel’s Red River Rebellion by a remarkable trio embedded on the mission.

In the spring of 1870, two reporters set off from Toronto to cover one of the...

Dissenting Traditions

by Sean Carleton, Ted McCoy & Julia Smith

The work of Bryan D. Palmer, one of North America’s leading historians, has influenced the fields of labour history, social history, discourse analysis, communist history, and Canadian history, as well as...

Christmas in Atlantic Canada

by David Goss

In Christmas in Atlantic Canada, prolific folklorist David Goss traces the history of the holiday in our region, from its earliest celebration, quite possibly in 1604, to modern times. Using historical records,...

As British as the King

by Gerald Hallowell

The Great War comes to Lunenburg County in this gripping and detailed historical account from award-winning author Gerald Hallowell. In 1914, Germans in Lunenburg County, despite deep roots, faced suspicion...


by Vernon Theriault & Marjorie Coady

Vernon Theriault was off shift when the Westray mine exploded in 1992, killing twenty-six men in Plymouth, Nova Scotia. Theriault took part in the perilous rescue operation that followed, as the small community...


by John Langley G.

Eleven months before the historic 1909 flight of the Silver Dart in Baddeck, Frederick Walker “Casey” Baldwin, became the first Canadian to fly. One of Alexander Graham Bell’s young associates, Casey was...

Ryan's Commander

by Johanna Ryan Guy

The Ryan's Commander capsized off Spillars Cove, near Bonavista, on September 19, 2004. In the tragic wreck, two brothers were lost: Dave and Joe “June” Ryan. A federal report concluded that vessel design...

St. Patrick's Hall Schools: 1826 - 1999

by Joseph B. C.F.C. Darcy

St. Patrick's Hall Schools, the creation of the Benevolent Irish Society (BIS), was the first modern school in Newfoundland. No ordinary educational establishment, it played a primary part in raising the Catholic...

Courting Disaster

by Robert C. Parsons

This is a collection of true Newfoundland and Labrador stories about crime and punishment on land and sea. Included here are tales of murder, mutiny, and smuggling on the high seas, as well as riots, assaults,...


by J. P. Andrieux

Rumrunners is a history of the smuggling trade between the French Island colonies of St. Pierre and Miquelon and the United States, the Bahamas, and Newfoundland. The distribution of contraband alcohol has always...

Newfoundland Drugstores

by John K. Crellin

Although primarily associated with filling doctors' prescriptions and selling medicines and other items for self-care, historically drugstores have also been operated as general stores, selling an intriguing...

The Gale of 1929

by Gary Collins

On the night of November 29, 1929, eleven schooners set sail for home from the comfort and safety of St. John’s harbour. They all headed north: directly into the teeth of a deadly hurricane. Here for the first...