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Gender and Genre

by Stephanie M. Hilger

Gender and Genre explores the ways in which German women writers used literature, in the sense of belles lettres, to comment on the French Revolution and its aftermath. By doing so, these authors not only adapted...

The Ethnographic State

by Edmund Iii Burke

Alone among Muslim countries, Morocco is known for its own national form of Islam, "Moroccan Islam." However, this pathbreaking study reveals that Moroccan Islam was actually invented in the early twentieth...

Twilight of the Belle Epoque

by Mary McAuliffe

Mary McAuliffe’s Dawn of the Belle Epoque took the reader from the multiple disasters of 1870–1871 through the extraordinary re-emergence of Paris as the cultural center of the Western world. Now, in Twilight...

The Marquis d’Argens

by Julia Gasper

In The Marquis d’Argens: A Philosophical Life Julia Gasper analyzes the life and works of an influential Enlightenment writer and philosopher. The facts of d’Argens’ life as well as his works have been...

Stephen Larigaudelle Dubuisson, S.J. (1786–1864) and the Reform of the American Jesuits

by Cornelius Michael Buckley

Cornelius Michael Buckley, S.J. delves into Stephen Larigaudelle Dubuisson’s life, using him as the point of departure to describe the tensions among Jesuits in Maryland after the restoration of the order...

Between France and New France

by Gilles Proulx

Between France and New France is an absorbing look at life abroad the sailing vessels which plied the North Atlantic during the French colonial era in North America. Focusing on the first half of the eighteenth...

When France Was King of Cartography

by Christine Marie Petto

Geographical works, as socially constructed texts, provide a rich source for historians and historians of science investigating patronage, the governmental initiatives and support for science, and the governmental...

Louis Althusser and the Traditions of French Marxism

by William Lewis

Throughout the course of the twentieth century communism has enjoyed direct competition with all other governmental and economic systems. Often, communist countries produced their own special brand of party...

Liberalism under Siege

by Aurelian Craiutu

Liberalism under Siege: The Political Thought of the French Doctrinaries is a compelling examination of the French Doctrinaries, a largely neglected group of liberal thinkers in post-revolutionary France who...

Compass of Society

by Henry C. Clark

Compass of Society rethinks the French route to a conception of 'commercial society' in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Henry C. Clark finds that the development of market liberalism, far from being...

The Norman Conquest

by Hugh M. Thomas

Exploring the successful Norman invasion of England in 1066, this concise and readable book focuses especially on the often dramatic and enduring changes wrought by William the Conqueror and his followers. From...

Surviving the French Revolution

by Bette W. Oliver

The unleashing of the French Revolution in 1789 resulted in the acceleration of time coupled with an inability to predict what might happen next. As unprecedented events outpaced the days, those caught up in...

Historical Dictionary of France

by Gino Raymond

From the construction of Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower to the Fall of the Bastille and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen to NapolZon Bonaparte's defeat at Waterloo to Albert Camus' L'Etranger...

The Royal Financial Administration and the Prosecution of Crime in France, 1670–1789

by Albert N. Hamscher

The Royal Financial Administration and the Prosecution of Crime in France, 1670–1789 explores the French monarchy’s role in financing criminal prosecutions in the royal courts of the realm—the payment...

The Pope's Jews in Provence

by Jules Farber

Revealing insight to a little-known chapter of Jewish life in Provence from the 6th century B.C. to over five centuries' protection by popes.

Writing Occupation

by Julia Elsky

Among the Jewish writers who emigrated from Eastern Europe to France in the 1910s and 1920s, a number chose to switch from writing in their languages of origin to writing primarily in French, a language that...

Revolutions and the Making of the Modern World

by James Cracraft & William Benton Whisenhunt

Professor James Cracraft is an established specialist on early modern Russian history, particularly the era of Peter the Great (1682-1725), tsar and first Russian emperor. This volume gathers some of the many...

Marxism and the French Left

by Tony Judt

Unlike most books, which treat labor, Socialist and Communist history separately and view French Marxism as a self-contained philosophical phenomenon, Marxism and the French Left offers a refreshingly different...

The Original Blue-Beard - The History of Gilles De Retz

by Thomas Wilson

“The Original Blue-Beard - The History of Gilles De Retz” is Thomas Wilson's 1899 biography of Gilles de Rais (1405–1440), a French knight and lord who led the French army and was one of Joan of Arc's...

The Louvre

by James Gardner

The fascinating and little-known story of the Louvre, from its inception as a humble fortress to its transformation into the palatial residence of the kings of France and then into the world’s greatest art...