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A Letter from Frank

by Stephen J. Colombo

On the last day of the Second World War, Frank and Russ fought each other. In the days after, they became friends.

This is the remarkable tale of a long-forgotten letter. It was written from Germany in the aftermath...

Eisenhower and Adenauer

by Steven J. Brady

In the early years of the Atlantic Alliance, no bilateral relationship was more important than that between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States. Even so, the West German-American alliance was...

Hitler and Abductive Logic

by Ben Novak

Adolf Hitler is the greatest mystery of the 20th century, and the mystery surrounding him consists of two unanswered questions that have baffled biographers and historians. First, how did he ever rise to power?...

Suppressed Terror

by Bettina Greiner

At the end of World War II, the Soviet secret police installed ten special camps in the Soviet occupation zone, later to become the German Democratic Republik. Between 1945 and 1950, roughly 154,000 Germans...

Ernst Toller and German Society

by Robert Ellis

During the years of Weimar and the Third Reich, Toller was one of the more active of the "other Germany's" left-wing intellectuals. A leader of the Bavarian Soviet of 1919, he had in addition won the Kleist...

The Great Escape

by Ted Barris

A unique retelling of WWII?s most dramatic escape, told through first-hand recollections of the soldiers who experienced it.

On the night of March 24, 1944, 80 Commonwealth airmen crawled through a 336-foot-long...

War and German Memory

by K. Michael Prince

Germans often claim that 'we have learned the lessons of our history.' But what, precisely, are the lessons they have drawn from their Nazi-era past? What experiences from that time continue to hold significant...

Johann Leisentrit’s Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen, 1567

by Richard D. Wetzel & Erika Heitmeyer

Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen, 1567, was compiled and published by Johann Leisentrit, a Roman Catholic priest who from 1559 to the time of his death in 1586, was Dean at the Cathedral of St. Peter’s in Bautzen,...

German Foreign Policy, 1918-1945

by Christoph M. Kimmich

Christoph Kimmich’s German Foreign Policy, 1918-1945: A Guide to Current Research and Resources is the most comprehensive guide to archival resources and published materials on the foreign policy of Weimar...

German Song Onstage

by Natasha Loges & Laura Tunbridge

A singer in an evening dress, a grand piano. A modest-sized audience, mostly well-dressed and silver-haired, equipped with translation booklets. A program consisting entirely of songs by one or two composers....


by Alexander Wolff

A sweeping portrait of the turmoil of the twentieth century and the legacy of immigration, as seen through the German-American family of the celebrated book publisher Kurt Wolff

A literary gem researched over...

Waiting for news

by Regina Gottschalk, Nicola Gebauer & Beatrix Ziegler-Gebauer

Letters that have been preserved are the basis of Regina Gottschalk´s research. By means of these letters, she reconstructs the fate of a Jewish family from the Bohemian Forest during the years of Nazi terror....

German and Austrian-German Historical Thought in the Modern Era

by Mark E. Blum

Every nation develops a narrative structure for thinking about history that is generated by its own historical experience. In this study, the German and Austrian-German “historias”—the way narratives of...


by Jay Lockenour

In this fascinating biography of the infamous ideologue Erich Ludendorff, Jay Lockenour complicates the classic depiction of this German World War I hero.

Erich Ludendorff created for himself a persona that...

The Nazi Impact on a German Village

by Walter Rinderle & Bernard Norling

Many scholars have tried to assess Adolf Hitler's influence on the German people, usually focusing on university towns and industrial communities, most of them predominately Protestant or religiously mixed....

Admiral Canaris - Chief of Intelligence

by Ian Colvin

This vintage book contains a fascinating and detailed biography of the heroic chief of German military intelligence who opposed Hitler at the cost of his own life; Wilhelm Franz Canaris. Wilhelm Franz Canaris...

Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities

by Lenny A. Ureña Valerio

In Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities, Lenny Ureña Valerio offers a transnational approach to Polish-German relations and nineteenth-century colonial subjectivities. She investigates key cultural dynamics...

Communist Pigs

by Thomas Fleischman & Paul S. Sutter

The pig played a fundamental role in the German Democratic Republic’s attempts to create and sustain a modern, industrial food system built on communist principles. By the mid-1980s, East Germany produced...

Echoes of Trauma and Shame in German Families

by Lina Jakob

How is it possible for people who were born in a time of relative peace and prosperity to suddenly discover war as a determining influence on their lives?

For decades to speak openly of German suffering during...

The Moment of Rupture

by Humberto Beck

An instant is the shortest span in which time can be divided and experienced. In an instant, there is no duration: it is an interruption that happens in the blink of an eye. For the ancient Greeks, kairos, the...