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The Wake of Wellington

by Peter W. Sinnema

Soldier, hero, and politician, the Duke of Wellington is one of the best-known figures of nineteenth-century England. From his victory at Waterloo over Napoleon in 1815, he rose to become prime minister of his...

Hero-Tales of Ireland

by Jeremiah Curtin

Once upon a time all of the legends of Fin MacCool, an ancient hero of Gaelic mythology, were written down for posterity. Saint Patrick, however, was obliged to order two-thirds of them destroyed. The tales...

Ireland's Great Famine in Irish-American History

by Mary Kelly

Ireland’s Great Famine in Irish-American History: Enshrining a Fateful Memory offers a new, concise interpretation of the history of the Irish in America. Author and distinguished professor Mary Kelly’s...

Historical Dictionary of Ireland

by Frank A. Biletz

All places undergo change, but in few has this change been quite as sweeping as Ireland – both the independent Republic of Ireland and dependent Northern Ireland – so it is good to see where it is heading...

The Picture Postcard

by Ann Wilson

The Picture Postcard, a new window into Edwardian Ireland uses the material culture of the picture postcard as a lens through which to examine life on the island of Ireland during the Edwardian period (1902-10)....

The Insurrection in Dublin

by James Stephens

The Insurrection in Dublin is an account of the Easter Rising by the poet and novelist James Stephens, a supporter of Irish independence. Stephens witnessed firsthand the events described in the book.

The Rising...

The Picture Postcard

by Ann Wilson

The Picture Postcard, a new window into Edwardian Ireland uses the material culture of the picture postcard as a lens through which to examine life on the island of Ireland during the Edwardian period (1902-10)....

Shamrocks and Oil Slicks

by Fred A. Wilcox

The inspiring story of a successful struggle to preserve what’s left of the natural world

County Mayo, Ireland, is spectacularly beautiful. Dolphins, whales, and seals frolic in bays, rivers teem with salmon....

The Coffin Ship

by Cian T. McMahon

A vivid, new portrait of Irish migration through the letters and diaries of those who fled their homeland during the Great Famine

The standard story of the exodus during Ireland’s Great Famine is one of tired...

War and an Irish Town

by Eamonn McCann

“Few could quarrel with the publisher’s description of this as a classic.” —Books Ireland

“So honest, so human and so readable.” —Irish Times

McCann’s account of what it is like to grow up a Catholic...

Ireland in Song and in Story

by Frances Geraldine Fahy

Ireland in Song and in Story takes the reader on a journey to capture the essence of the development of what people associate with the term ‘Irish’.  Its insularity, harmonious scenic beauty, climate, as...

A Bloody Victory

by Harvey Dan

Post D-Day, with the Allies on the newly created ‘Second Front’ driving fast eastwards beyond Paris, and the Russians on the ‘Eastern Front’ pressing westwards, the fervour of the fanatical Fascist Nazi...

Richard Mulcahy

by Ó Caoimh Pádraig

Chief of Staff of the IRA, successor to Michael Collins as Commander in Chief of the National Army, founding member of Cumann na nGaedheal and later leader of Fine Gael: Richard Mulcahy was a leading figure...

A History of Ireland in International Relations

by McGee Owen

Concentrating on Ireland’s international relations rather than domestic party politics, this essential new history of the Irish state synthesises existing research with new findings, and adopts fresh perspectives...

Retreat from Revolution

by Kotsonouris Mary

In the spring of 1920, a remarkable phenomenon occurred in Ireland: the people took over the administration of law and order in their own communities and turned their backs on the enforced British judicial system....


by McBride Sam

One of the most shocking scandals in Northern Irish political history: originally a green-energy initiative, the Renewal Heat Incentive (RHI) or ‘cash-for-ash’ scheme saw Northern Ireland’s government...

The Salamanca Diaries

by Fanning Tim

In July 1936, an army-led coup against the democratically elected republican government ushered in the Spanish Civil War. Father Alexander J. McCabe was rector of the Irish College in Salamanca when General...

Thatcher's Spy

by Carlin Willie

Early one morning in March 1985, as he climbed the six steps of Margaret Thatcher’s prime-ministerial jet on the runway of RAF Aldergrove, little did Willie Carlin know the role Freddie Scappaticci played...

Prince Philip

by Annie Bullen

As the longest serving royal consort in British history (1921-2021), this fully-illustrated guide celebrates Prince Philip’s remarkable contribution to the monarchy.

A strong character full of vigour and verve,...

The Memory Marketplace

by Emilie Pine

What happens when cultural memory becomes a commodity? Who owns the memory? In The Memory Marketplace, Emilie Pine explores how memory is performed both in Ireland and abroad by considering the significant body...