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The Dundurn Arctic Culture and Sovereignty Library

by Michael Posluns, William R. Morrion, Greg Poelzer & Anthony Dalton et al.

This special bundle is your essential guide to all things concerning Canada’s polar regions, which make up the majority of Canada’s territory but are places most of us will never visit. The Arctic has played...

God and the Indian

by Drew Hayden Taylor

While panhandling outside a coffee shop, Johnny, a Cree woman who lives on the streets, is shocked to recognize a face from her childhood, which was spent in a residential school. Desperate to hear the man acknowledge...

Two Little Savages

by Ernest Thompson Seton

This is one of the great classics of nature and boyhood by one of America's foremost nature experts. It presents a vast range of woodlore in the most palatable of forms, a genuinely delightful story. It will...

Dream Catchers

by Cath Oberholtzer

An investigation into the symbol of Native heritage.

In Ojibwe (or Chippewa in the United States) culture a dream catcher is a hand-crafted willow hoop with woven netting that is decorated with sacred and...

Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour

by Garry Thomas Morse

Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour resumes The Chaos! Quincunx novel series and presents two ironically dystopic visions of the speculative future.

In Rogue Cells, Oober Mann emerges from his cryobed on high alert...

'If You Knew the Conditions'

by David N. Dejong

After their sequestering on reservations across the West, American Indians suffered from appalling rates of disease and morbidity. While the United States Indian Service (Bureau of Indian Affairs) provided some...

Tribal Cultural Resource Management

by Michael S. Burney, Darby C. Stapp, Jeff Pelt & Robert Whitlam

The entrance of Native Americans into the world of cultural resource management is forcing a change in the traditional paradigms that have guided archaeologists, anthropologists, and other CRM professionals....

They Called Me Number One

by Bev Sellars

Like thousands of Aboriginal children in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere in the colonized world, Xatsu'll chief Bev Sellars spent part of her childhood as a student in a church-run residential school....

Hudson Bay Watershed

by John Macfie

At the midpoint of the twentieth century, the First Nations people of Ontario’s underdeveloped hinterland lived primarily from the land. They congregated in summer in defined communities but in early autumn...

The Battle of Jettena Junction

by A.W. Bennett & Ben Lewis

The Battle of Jettena Junction is a remarkable work. This intriguing combination of fiction work and history textbook subverts and reverses the expectations of historical fiction, using plot as the backdrop...

Trail of Tears

by Alexander Cooper

Trail of Tears

Thank you for purchasing “Trail of Tears: The Rise and The Fall of Cherokee Nation” !

This book is a historical review of one of the darkest and cruelest chapters in the history of the United...

In Those Days

by Kenn Harper

Kenn Harper shares the tales of murderers, thieves, and fraudsters--as well as the wrongfully accused--in the early days of Northern colonization. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, settler and Inuit...

In Those Days

by Kenn Harper

Arctic historian Kenn Harper gathers the best of his columns about Inuit history, which appear weekly in Nunatsiaq News, in this exciting new series of books.

Each installment of In Those Days: Collected Columns...

In Those Days

by Kenn Harper

In this third volume of In Those Days, Harper shares stories of the rise and fall of the whaling industry in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. At the turn of the nineteenth century, whale baleen and blubber were...

Re-Bisoning the West

by Kurt Repanshek

"A much–needed look at the exceptionally fraught relationship between bison and people…engaging and comprehensive."


"A fascinating perspective…Re–Bisoning the West demonstrates the complex...

Brothers of Coweta

by Bryan C. Rindfleisch

In Brothers of Coweta Bryan C. Rindfleisch explores how family and clan served as the structural foundation of the Muscogee (Creek) Indian world through the lens of two brothers, who emerged from the historical...

The Atlantic City: Club Harlem

by W.D. Palmer

Club Harlem is an exciting anecdote about the historic night club of the same name, once a mid-20th century epicenter of African-American entertainment in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Founded in 1935 by brothers...

Red Treachery Black Slavery

by James Kaye

Red Treachery Black Slavery is a history of the confrontations in Texas between Native Americans and Anglo-American settlers, and of plantation slave life of which both subjects were dark histories of the Texas...


by Jacqueline Keeler

"A powerful, illuminating book."

—LOUISE ERDRICH, author of The Night Watchman

Native young people and elders pray in sweat lodges at the Océti Sakówin camp, the North Dakota landscape outside blanketed in...

Complexion of Empire in Natchez

by Christian Pinnen

In Complexion of Empire in Natchez, Christian Pinnen examines slavery in the colonial South, using a variety of legal records and archival documents to investigate how bound labor contributed to the establishment...