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Literature, Intertextuality, and the American Revolution

by Steven Blakemore

Dealing with Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1776), John Trumbull's M'Fingal (1776-82), Philip Freneau's "The British-Prison Ship" (1781), J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer (1782),...

To Secure the Blessings of Liberty

by Gouverneur Morris & J. Jackson Barlow

Liberty Fund is pleased to present this single-volume collection of Gouverneur Morris?s writings. This edition will be a welcome addition to scholars of American and French history as the volume contains many...

Choosing Sides

by Ruma Chopra

Though scores of texts, films and stories have been told about the American Revolution from the perspectives of our Founding Fathers and their followers, comparatively little is known about those colonists who...

Homage To Catalonia

by George Orwell

Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell’s personal account of his experiences and observations fighting for the POUM militia of the Republican army during the Spanish Civil War. The war was one of the defining...

Conversations About History, Volume 1

by Howard Burton

Conversations About History, Volume 1, includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading historians. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections...

The Federalist Papers

by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay

Hailed by Thomas Jefferson as “the best commentary on the principles of government which was ever written,” The Federalist Papers is a collection of eighty-five essays published by Founding Fathers Alexander...

In the Words of Our Founders

by ,Tullius

The overtly obvious and seemingly malicious maligning of our Founders by many Americans within our systems of education, government, and media is being performed with a greater intensity at the passing of each...


by Michael Lowy

The photographs collected in this unique book provide a startling visual documentation of seminal revolutionary events, from the Paris Commune of 1871 through to a series of “Unfinished Revolutions”, from...

Now What?

by Rachel Weiss

Now What? is an innovative exploration of artworks and films that return to radical histories subject to erasure or otherwise lost or occluded over time. The moments returned to—the Cuban Revolution, Chile’s...

Asian Place, Filipino Nation

by Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz

The Philippine Revolution of 1896–1905, which began against Spain and continued against the United States, took place in the context of imperial subjugation and local resistance across Southeast Asia. Yet...

There Is No Unhappy Revolution

by Marcello Tarì & Richard Braude

"A powerful case for the persistent questioning and existential interruption that accompanies that pursuit of [happiness and revolution], and fuels it, and constitutes and ruptures its vagrant, open end."—...

JP in Jail: An Uncensored Account

by M.G. Devasahayam

When Indira Gandhi declared a state of Emergency in 1975, the people of India were deprived of their freedom and fundamental rights. The event remains a dark chapter in the history of the sub-continent. Jayaprakash...

Finally Got the News

by Brad Duncan, Interference Archive, Dan Berger & Johanna Brenner et al.

Finally Got the News uncovers the hidden legacy of the radical Left of the 1970s, a decade when vibrant social movements challenged racism, imperialism, patriarchy, and capitalism. It combines written contributions...

The Austrian Revolution

by Otto Bauer, Eric Canepa & Walter Baier

This is the story of the decline and fall of an empire, a region devastated by war, and a world stage fundamentally transformed by the Russian Revolution. Bauer’s magisterial work — available in English...

The Women's Revolution

by Judy Cox

The dominant view of the Russian Revolution of 1917 is of a movement led by prominent men like Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Despite the demonstrations of female workers for ‘bread and herrings’, which...

Cairo's Ultras

by Ronnie Close

The history of Cairo’s football fans is one of the most poignant narratives of the 25 January 2011 Egyptian uprising. The Ultras Al-Ahly and the Ultras White Knights fans, belonging to the two main teams,...

Two Revolutions and the Constitution

by James D. R. Philips

Why and how did Americans conceive a republic built on individual liberty, in an era of oppressive monarchies? Two Revolutions and the Constitution describes how the British revolutions and constitution shaped...

The Great French Revolution - 1789–1793

by Peter Kropotkin & Victor Robinson

Written by one of the greatest anarchists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, ?The Great French Revolution ? 1789?1793? is not to be missed by those with an interest in history and sociology. In this...

Language and Metaphors of the Russian Revolution

by Lonny Harrison

Language and Metaphors of the Russian Revolution: Sow the Wind, Reap the Storm is a panoramic history of the Russian intelligentsia and an analysis of the language and ideals of the Russian Revolution, from...

Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution Vol. II

by Hal Draper

This is the second installment of Hal Draper’s incomparable treatment of Marx’s political theory, policy, and practice. In forceful and readable language, Draper ranges through the development of the thought...