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Statesmanship and Reconstruction

by Philip B. Lyons

After the Civil War, reconstruction governments for the former rebel states could not survive without native white support, but this was not possible without devising the right incentives. Though Lincoln demonstrated...

Ulysses S. Grant

by Brooks Simpson

Many modern historians have painted Ulysses S. Grant as a butcher, a drunk, and a failure as president. Others have argued the exact opposite and portray him with saintlike levels of ethic and intellect.

In ...

True Stories of the Civil War

by Joseph J. Millard

TRUE STORIES OF THE CIVIL WAR collects true tales of the Civil War, meticulously researched by Civil War authority Joseph J. Millard. These classic works, all originally published in TRUE Magazine, are great...

The Dundurn Arctic Culture and Sovereignty Library

by Michael Posluns, William R. Morrion, Greg Poelzer & Anthony Dalton et al.

This special bundle is your essential guide to all things concerning Canada’s polar regions, which make up the majority of Canada’s territory but are places most of us will never visit. The Arctic has played...

Toronto Neighbourhoods 7-Book Bundle

by Mark Osbaldeston, F.R. (Hamish) Berchem, Frederick H. Armstrong & Scott Kennedy et al.

The Toronto Neighbourhoods bundle presents a collection of titles that provide fascinating insight into the history and development of Canada’s largest and most diverse city. Beginning with histories of Canada’s...

The Forty Years that Created America

by Edward M. Lamont

The names “Jamestown” and “Plymouth” have become synonymous for most students of American history with “founding,” and “birth” – both of the American nation, and of freedom and democracy themselves....

Connecticut in the American Civil War

by Matthew Warshauer

Connecticut in the American Civil War offers readers a remarkable window into the state's involvement in a conflict that challenged and defined the unity of a nation. The arc of the war is traced through the...

Mourning Headband for Hue

by Nha Ca & Olga Dror

Vietnam, January, 1968. As the citizens of Hue are preparing to celebrate Tet, the start of the Lunar New Year, Nha Ca arrives in the city to attend her father's funeral. Without warning, war erupts all around...

Literature, Intertextuality, and the American Revolution

by Steven Blakemore

Dealing with Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1776), John Trumbull's M'Fingal (1776-82), Philip Freneau's "The British-Prison Ship" (1781), J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur's Letters from an American Farmer (1782),...

Historical Dictionary of Slavery and Abolition

by Martin A. Klein

This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Slavery and Abolition relates the history of the long and brutal history of slavery along with the struggle for abolition. This is done through a chronology, an...

The Ragged Road to Abolition

by James J. Gigantino II

Contrary to popular perception, slavery persisted in the North well into the nineteenth century. This was especially the case in New Jersey, the last northern state to pass an abolition statute, in 1804. Because...

Guns of the Civil War

by Dennis Adler

Guns of the Civil War celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War (1861–1865) with an elegant and richly detailed history of Colt, Henry, Manhattan, Remington, Sharps, Spencer, and S&W Firearms, and...

Polar Winds

by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

Polar Winds traces a century of northern flight from balloonatics to bush pilots and beyond.

"They were all gamblers and fortune seekers. They did things on their own — were independent people who wanted to...

Bring Out Your Dead

by J. H. Powell, Anna Coxe Toogood, Mary F. Jenkins & Kenneth R. Foster

In 1793 a disastrous plague of yellow fever paralyzed Philadelphia, killing thousands of residents and bringing the nation's capital city to a standstill. In this psychological portrait of a city in terror,...

How We Elected Lincoln

by Abram J. Dittenhoefer & Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Abram J. Dittenhoefer was a young South Carolinian who embraced abolition and moved to New York in order to work for the newly formed Republican party and its antislavery platform. Even though he was in his...

Marching as to War

by Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas

Since the American Revolution, African American women have served in every U.S. military conflict. Despite this dedicated service to their country, very little empirical research has been published regarding...

The Frederick Douglass MEGAPACK ®

by Frederick Douglass

The Frederick Douglass Megapack provides a selection of the works of Frederick Douglas, including 2 autobiographies as well as essays, speeches, and slave narratives. Included are:


Founding Myths

by Ray Raphael

First published ten years ago, award-winning historian Ray Raphael's Founding Myths has since established itself as a landmark of historical myth-busting. With Raphael's trademark wit and flair, Founding Myths...

Notes from a Colored Girl

by Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead

In Notes from a Colored Girl, Karsonya Wise Whitehead examines the life and experiences of Emilie Frances Davis, a freeborn twenty-one-year-old mulatto woman, through a close reading of three pocket diaries...

Samuel Adams

by John K. Alexander

Samuel Adams: The Life of an American Revolutionary vividly tells the story of a titan of America's greatest generation. Friend and foe alike considered Adams one of the greatest members of the generation that...