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The 1928 New York Yankees

by Charlie Gentile

The 1927 New York Yankees are often considered one of the best Yankee teams of all time—perhaps one of the best major league teams ever. Yet often overlooked is the Yankee team that followed. The 1928 Yankees...

Building the Beloved Community

by Stanley Keith Arnold

Inspired by Quakerism, Progressivism, the Social Gospel movement, and the theories of scholars such as W. E. B. Du Bois, Charles S. Johnson, Franz Boas, and Ruth Benedict, a determined group of Philadelphia...

General Henry Lockwood of Delaware

by Lloyd J. Matthews

General Henry Lockwood of Delaware: Shipmate of Melville, Co-builder of the Naval Academy, Civil War Commander depicts the fascinating and accomplished life of nineteenth-century Delaware son, Brig. Gen. Henry...

Pivotal Policies in Delaware

by William W. Boyer & Edward C. Ratledge

This book identifies ten pivotal policies in Delaware that still impact public life in this small state. Much that has happened since the mid-twentieth century in Delaware public policy evolved from particular...

Thunder Snow of Buffalo

by Billy Klun, Don Purdy & Marv Levy

The City of Buffalo, New York, is known for its snowy reputation, but the snowstorm of October 2006 was beyond unexpected.

It caught Buffalonians so off guard that it merits this book of true stories from citizens,...


by Seth Barron

“Seth Barron has covered New York for a very long time. He has a new book The Last Days of New York. The title says it all.” — TUCKER CARLSON "A must read.” — BRIAN KILMEADE, host of Fox & Friends...

An Alternative History of Pittsburgh

by Simon

Ed Simon tells the story of Pittsburgh through this collection of explorations of its hidden histories—one of Newsweek's "21 Best Books to Read This Spring."

The land surrounding the confluence of the Allegheny,...

Sunnyside Gardens

by Jeffrey A. Kroessler & Laura A. Heim

The first book devoted to this landmark of architecture, urban planning, and social engineering

Situated in the borough of Queens, New York, Sunnyside Gardens has been an icon of urbanism and planning since its...

Unofficial Guide to Washington, D.C.

by Renee Sklarew

Honest and Outspoken Advice Helps Plan Your Next Trip

Written by Washington, D.C.’s Renee Sklarew, this is the insider’s guide to Washington at its best with more than 50 restaurants and nearly 100 hotels...

Antiquity in Gotham

by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

The first detailed study of “Neo-Antique” architecture applies an archaeological lens to the study of New York City’s structures

Since the city’s inception, New Yorkers have deliberately and purposefully...

Eunice Hunton Carter

by Marilyn Greenwald & Yun Li

The fascinating biography of Eunice Hunton Carter, a social justice and civil rights trailblazer and the only woman prosecutor on the Luciano trial

Eunice Hunton Carter rose to public prominence in 1936 as both...

Philadelphia Stories

by C. Dallett Hemphill, Rodney Hessinger & Daniel K. Richter

For the average tourist, the history of Philadelphia can be like a leisurely carriage ride through Old City. The Liberty Bell. Independence Hall. Benjamin Franklin. The grooves in the cobblestone are so familiar,...

Strike the Hammer

by Laura Warren Hill

On July 24, 1964, chaos erupted in Rochester, New York. Strike the Hammer examines the unrest—rebellion by the city's Black community, rampant police brutality—that would radically change the trajectory...

George Washington's Final Battle

by Robert P. Watson

Despite America?s newly won independence, a bitter dispute over whether to have a capital and where to locate it almost tore the young nation apart. Few have written about the key role George Washington played...

The Ultimate Guide to the 2020 Election

by No Labels

Will Donald Trump?s Mexican border wall actually make our country safer? How much will Bernie Sanders?s Medicare for All plan really cost American taxpayers?

You?ll find the answers in this book. The 2020 US...

Philip Payton

by Kevin McGruder

At the turn of the early twentieth century, Harlem—the iconic Black neighborhood—was predominantly white. The Black real estate entrepreneur Philip Payton played a central role in Harlem’s transformation....


by Robert O. Binnewies

How the famous and not-so-famous like-minded citizens all gave their time, expertise, and money to build a park legacy of incomparable benefit

The Palisades park and historic site system in New York and New Jersey...

Working-Class New York

by Joshua B. Freeman

A “lucid, detailed, and imaginative analysis” (The Nation) of the model city that working-class New Yorkers created after World War II—and its tragic demise

More than any other city in America, New York...

The Floating Pool Lady

by Ann L. Buttenwieser

Why on earth would anyone want to float a pool up the Atlantic coastline to bring it to rest at a pier on the New York City waterfront? In The Floating Pool Lady, Ann L. Buttenwieser recounts her triumphant...

Dryden’s Second Hundred Years: a Central New York Town in the 20Th Century

by Elizabeth Denver Gutchess

Dryden?s Second Hundred Years (Part II) does two exceptional things. First, its tight focus on local participation in World War II paradoxically chronicles the entire war, a conflict which drew its combatants...