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The Forger’s Tale

by Stephanie Newell

Between 1905 and 1939 a conspicuously tall white man with a shock of red hair, dressed in a silk shirt and white linen trousers, could be seen on the streets of Onitsha, in Eastern Nigeria. How was it possible...

When Sugar Ruled

by Patricia Juarez-Dappe

Two tropical commodities?coffee and sugar?dominated Latin American export economies in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. When Sugar Ruled: Economy and Society in Northwestern Argentina, Tucumán,...

A Necessary Luxury

by Julie E. Fromer

Tea drinking in Victorian England was a pervasive activity that, when seen through the lens of a century’s perspective, presents a unique overview of Victorian culture. Tea was a necessity and a luxury; it...

The Concession of Évora Monte

by Ron B. Thomson

In a period when the monarch was the key figure in the Portuguese government, the struggle for the throne among members of the royal family was of crucial significance. Against a backdrop of new liberal ideas,...

A Stitch in Time

by Aimee E. Newell

Drawing from 167 examples of decorative needlework?primarily samplers and quilts from 114 collections across the United States?made by individual women aged forty years and over between 1820 and 1860, this exquisitely...

Transatlantic Travels in Nineteenth-Century Latin America

by Adriana Méndez Rodenas

Transatlantic Travels in Nineteenth-Century Latin America: European Women Pilgrims retraces the steps of five intrepid “lady travelers” who ventured into the geography of the New World—Mexico, the Southern...

The Enduring Relevance of Robert E. Lee

by Marshall L. DeRosa

The sesquicentennial of the American Civil War presents a unique opportunity to consider the motivation behind General Robert E. Lee’s efforts to defend the Confederacy against his once beloved United States....

Liberty and Liberticide

by Michael J. Turner

America was important to many British radicals. It was a model, an exemplar, a source of inspiration, and American events were believed to have a bearing on reform debates in Britain. Many scholars focus on...

British Military Operations in Egypt and the Sudan

by Harold E. Raugh

The British Army's campaigns in Egypt and the Sudan from 1882 to 1899 were among the most dramatic and hard-fought in British military history. In 1882, the British sent an expeditionary force to Egypt to quell...

Stealing Things

by Rosemary A. Peters

Stealing Things traces the representations of thieves and thievery in nineteenth-century French novels. Re-reading canonical texts by Balzac, the Comtesse de Ségur, and Zola through the lens of crime, Peters...


by Hillsborough,Romulus

Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps is the true story of the notorious samurai corps formed in 1863 to arrest or kill the enemies of the Tokugawa Shogun.

The only book in English about the Shinsengumi,...

Morley of Blackburn

by Patrick Jackson

This biography covers both the literary and political career of John Morley, later Lord Morley of Blackburn (1838–1923). As a writer, Morley made his reputation as the radical editor of The Fortnightly Review...

On the Horizon of World Literature

by Emily Sun

On the Horizon of World Literature compares literary texts from asynchronous periods of incipient literary modernity in different parts of the world: Romantic England and Republican China. These moments were...

Bank Notes and Shinplasters

by Joshua R. Greenberg

The colorful history of paper money before the Civil War

Before Civil War greenbacks and a national bank network established a uniform federal currency in the United States, the proliferation of loosely regulated...

Bank Notes and Shinplasters

by Joshua R. Greenberg

The colorful history of paper money before the Civil War

Before Civil War greenbacks and a national bank network established a uniform federal currency in the United States, the proliferation of loosely regulated...

Defenders of the Faith

by Judith Bleich

The Emancipation of European Jewry during the nineteenth century led to conflict between tradition and modernity, creating a chasm that few believed could be bridged. Unsurprisingly, the emergence of modern...

From Manassas to Appomattox

by James Longstreet, Jr. James I. Robertson & Christian Keller

Peer through history at Confederate Lieutenant General James Longstreet, whose steady nature and dominating figure earned him the nicknames "War Horse," "Bulldog," and "Bull of the Woods." Years after the war,...

Breaking Free from Death

by Galina Rylkova

Breaking Free from Death examines how Russian writers respond to the burden of living with anxieties about their creative outputs, and, ultimately, about their own inevitable finitude. What contributes to creative...

The Karamazov Correspondence

by Vladimir S. Soloviev & Vladimir Wozniuk

The Karamazov Correspondence: Letters of Vladimir S. Soloviev represents the first fully annotated and chronologically arranged collection of the Russian philosopher-poet?s most important letters, the vast majority...

Strangers in a Strange Land

by Paul Manning

Manning examines the formation of nineteenth-century intelligentsia print publics in the former Soviet republic of Georgia both anthropologically and historically. At once somehow part of ?Europe,? at least...