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You Want Me to Believe What?

by Johnson T.T.L.J.C.,David

Everyday has its challenges for the police force. However, some situations can actually be entertaining. Read about funny exchanges between the officers and the public. Officer Johnson shares stories that you...

Elon Musk Biography

by Alexander Cooper

Elon Musk Biography, A Fascinating Life Story

When people today talk about modern-day success stories in entrepreneurship, engineering, and technological innovation, Elon Musk's name inevitably garners much of...

Summary of Believe It

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Believe IT

In Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable, IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima tells the wild but true story of how a once struggling waitress turned her upstream idea...

The Cats Be Unemployed

by Kristin D. Butler

The Cats Be Unemployed

A Millennial?s Topsy-Turvy Chase for Gainful Employment; or,  

A Generation?s Catalog of Conundrums 

             When we are young and un(der)employed, we  may find ourselves...

The Art of Taking It Easy

by Brian King

  • In the vein of the Mark Manson’s Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, the book is a cheeky and unconventional entry into the self-help genre and takes a humorous approach to mental health and self-care.
  • Timeliness...

Bell Bottom Brothers

by Don Shepler

If you like to laugh, then this book is a must read. Bell-Bottomed Brothers is filled with true life adventures of a group of US sailors. Follow them as they travel through the Orient, including Hong Kong, Singapore,...

The Funny Side of Contracting

by Arthur C Porcaro

Over the years of being in my own construction business, I have come across many unusual circumstances. Unusual might be putting it lightly. I think bizarre would be a better word to describe my experiences...

Faking It

by Portia MacIntosh

‘A brilliantly funny and unique story about love, loss, family and fitting in. I laughed, I cried - I loved it.’ Holly Martin

The perfect house, the perfect husband and the perfect life... or is she just...


by Bo Bennett & Ryan Levesque

With the help of a freakishly wise janitor, a newly-hired membership director struggles to keep a fitness center afloat while being given ridiculous tasks from an ethically-questionable owner.

Take an opinionated...

Social Security Behind the Scenes

by Vanessa Ann Bates

This book is about an employee's adventures while working for the Social Security Administration. It is full of laughter and, at the same time, full of heartbreak, sorrow, misfortune, sadness, and hurtful experiences....

Summary of How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

There are two numbers you need to know when it comes to understanding climate change. The first is fifty billion-the number of greenhouse gasses we release into the...

The Inimitable Jeeves

by P. G. Wodehouse

One of the earliest and best collections of stories about hapless aristocrat Bertie Wooster and his supremely efficient valet Jeeves, this volume centers on the romantic travails of Bertie's school chum, Bingo...

The Laughing Guide to a Better Life

by Isaac Prilleltensky & Ora Prilleltensky

The motto of this book is smarter through laughter. If you can laugh about it, you can probably change it. The authors use a heavy dose of humor (the laughing side), and a healthy measure of science (the learning...

Have You Come Far?

by Grylls Vaughan

We have all squirmed at an uncomfortable interview. Vaughan Grylls has squirmed at more than most. Having had more interviews in his lifetime than anyone should reasonably expect, Grylls, with exemplary powers...

Think Like a White Man

by Boulé Whytelaw & Nels Abbey

'This book rewarded me with dark, dry chuckles on every page' Reni Eddo-Lodge 'Hilarious . . . This original approach to discussing race is funny, intellectual and timely' Independent 'The work of a true mastermind'...

A Flight Attendant's Diary

by K.A. Russell

A Flight Attendant's Diary is an exciting book of the adventures K.A. Russell experienced during her flying career. The stories are filled with humor, fun, laughter, adventure, and curiosity about what is going...

You Could Go to Jail

by Bernie Siler

Laws are created to protect countries, cities, and counties from criminal and deviant acts. But for any of these statutes to exist, there must have been behavior to precipitate the need for them. In his collection...

A Book of Barberisms

by Barberist Bob Barber

The author often writes and speaks using metaphors and satirical statements. He calls these barberisms. He usually discusses real-life situations in business, education, and life in general and often draws similarities...


by Laura Dolan-Hayes

Desperate and overwhelmed by the mind-numbing sameness of each day during ten months of unemployment and no interviews, our heroine Laurie slowly unravels as she lowers her employment expectations. Coming apart...

Pfarma Pfables

by Jr. George Hughes & Cynthia Hughes

It is crucial for a Chief Executive Officer or Business Manager to anticipate and to prepare for key changes in the business milieu and in one's career. Pfarma Pfables is told from animal points-of-view and...