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by Nathalie Bélineau & Sylvie Michelet

Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!

The best way for little ones to learn everything about animals, through deserts, seas, jungles and mountains, and to practise those fascinating words!

Discover Fleurus...

On the Farm

by Émilie Beaumont & Sylvie Michelet

Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!

A book to awaken children’s awareness of the world around them and to discover the farm and its animals.

Discover Fleurus charming picture books with simple images...

At the pony-club

by Émilie Beaumont & Sylvie Michelet

Funny and lovely Picture Books for Little Ones!

The best way for little ones to learn everything about ponies and horses, saddles and reins and to practise those fascinating words!

Discover Fleurus charming picture...


by Bon Kay

Mr. McTavish loves to take rides on anything as long as he is with Gma. He protects her, and she takes good care of him. He loves going everywhere, especially if there will be children there. When Gma takes...

Johnny and Daddy

by ,Sandy & Billy

Johnny and Daddy is a book to teach children not to be afraid to learn new things and trust their daddies


The Teacup Deer Fawn

by Jesse Toland

Based on a heartwarming true story, The Teacup Deer Fawn chronicles the journey of a newborn deer fawn's challenging first day of life after one missed step had him struggling to survive. With determination,...

Lola, My Girl

by Lee Tufts,Donna

Lola, My Girl-the true story of a rescue dog from St. Thomas and her journey to the small town of Marion, Massachusetts, written with love by her "special friend." She will win your heart with her amazing personality...

Stories of God's Marine Creatures

by Douglas G. Campbell & Joseph Hicks

The stories tell the readers about different marine creatures from sea birds to Whales, the different species,where they live, what they eat and funny stories about each of the creatures that I delt with when...

When We Meet Again

by Bryant,Rm

When We Meet Again is a semi-fictional narrative of a canine-human bond from the beloved author’s dog’s point of view. From the beginning to the end, delight in reading this humorous, heartwarming tale of...

Yes, I Can See

by Velvia D. Norman & Geovanni Livingston

Yes, I Can See Book is the first one of a series of five books that features vivid, A through Z illustrations on every page of each book. The series highlights each of the five senses. Forthcoming books include...

Home at last

by Anderson,Bette Anunson

We are, indeed, lucky to inhabit the world with Bette and her team. Her impact is inspiring, and her resolve even more so because, like so many true heroes, again and again, she willingly stepped outside of...

What's Behind the Bushes?

by Delzer,Sheila

The summer Nathan came to stay with his grandparents, he never expected to have such a good time. He and Grandpa got into some things that required that they both think hard on how to solve the problem and find...

Charlie and the Rainbow Trout

by Charlotte Bynar

In a small town in the Sawtooth Mountains lived a girl named Charlie, who was in the third grade. Her real name was Charlotte, but that was too proper for a girl who didn’t like wearing dresses or getting...

Through Small Eyes

by Jessica Stafford

Through Small Eyes: Mia's Story is the tale of a dog named Mia who is adopted and brought to live with another dog named Harley. Being from two very different worlds, Mia and Harley find it difficult to share...

Dogs? We Don't Have Any Dogs!

by Owens,Mickey

Do you have any dogs? Well, we don't! At least, that is how we feel about our family.

Come spend time with us in our daily adventures and find out why. Learn what family and friends mean to us.

We are so glad...

Puppy Training for Kids

by Colleen Pelar & Amber Johnson

Kids and dogs are naturally attracted to each other, and this brand-new title introduces boys and girls to the responsibilities and the joys of puppy care, training, and companionship. Topics covered include--...

Super Animal Powers

by Ryan Jacobson & Stan Tekiela

This children’s picture book utilizes real photographs to showcase the astonishing super powers of North America’s most amazing wildlife!

Animals are awesome—you might even say they’re super! They have...

Funny Butts, Freaky Beaks

Whose House Is That?

by Stan Tekiela

  • Popular, proven, best-selling format: This book is similar in format to Whose Butt? (9781591933748), which has sold more than 80,000 copies
  • Stan Tekiela’s picture books consistently rank among Adventure’s...

Whose Track Is That?

by Stan Tekiela

Become a Wildlife Detective!

Spotting animals in the wild is tricky, but they leave plenty of clues behind—especially tracks.

  • Examine the evidence.
  • Study the animal tracks.
  • See if you can guess “Whose track...