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Standing on Her Shoulders

by Monica Clark-Robinson & Laura Freeman

A stunning love letter to the important women who shape us -- from our own mothers and grandmothers to the legends who paved the way for girls and women everywhere.

Standing on Her Shoulders a celebration of...

Her Own Two Feet: A Rwandan Girl's Brave Fight to Walk (Scholastic Focus)

by Meredith Davis & Rebeka Uwitonze

Rebeka Uwitonze was born in Rwanda with curled and twisted feet, which meant she had to crawl or be carried to get around. At nine years old, she gets an offer that could change her life. A doctor in the US...

Malala Yousafzai (She Dared)

by Jenni L. Walsh

Malala Yousafzai always knew she wanted to become a doctor someday. But a new extremist group in her home country of Pakistan wanted to stop girls from going to school.

Malala knew what was important, and so...

Bethany Hamilton (She Dared)

by Jenni L. Walsh

Growing up in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton loved to surf. But one day, she was in her favorite place, out on the waves, when a tiger shark suddenly attacked. Thirteen-year-old Bethany lost her left arm.

As she fought...

Here Come the Girl Scouts! The Amazing All-True Story of Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low and Her Great Adventure

by Shana Corey & Hadley Hooper

The amazing, all-true story of the first Girl Scouts and their visionary founder. Juliette Gordon Low--Daisy to her friends and family--was not like most girls of the Victorian era. Prim and proper? BOSH! Dainty...

Women Who Changed the World: 50 Amazing Americans

by Laurie Calkhoven & Patricia Castelao

From the author of "I Grew Up to be President" comes an exciting new book that explores fifty influential and inspirational American women who changed the world. Women have always played an important role in...

Clara and Davie

by Patricia Polacco

From bestselling author Patricia Polacco's family tree -- the true story of young Clara Barton. Animals and flowers were Clara's best friends. She had a special way with critters and found joy in the beauty...

Profiles #4: Freedom Heroines

by Frieda Wishinsky

There are six bios in one in this full-color series! Profiles is so much more than just your typical biography series. The next book in this six-in-one, full-color bio series will focus on Civil Champions--some...

The Girls' Book: How to Be the Best at Everything

by Juliana Foster & Amanda Enright

A spiffy guide to anything and everything a girl could need to know! How to do almost anything in one handy little book! Want to be known for your unique style? Inside you'll learn how to design your own clothes...

Diamonds in Your Backyard

by Gundega Roze

Fears for the future, guilt about all those unfinished tasks, constantly on the go trying to get everything done and, above all else, a sense of dissatisfaction with yourself – welcome to the reality of twenty-first-century...

Standing Up Against Hate

by Mary Cronk Farrell

Standing Up Against Hate tells the stories of the African American women who enlisted in the newly formed Women?s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in World War II. They quickly discovered that they faced as many...

Dancing Through Fields of Color

by Elizabeth Brown & Aimée Sicuro

They said only men could paint powerful pictures, but Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) splashed her way through the modern art world. Channeling deep emotion, Helen poured paint onto her canvas and danced with...

MY OWN STORY - The Emmeline Pankhurst Story

by Emmeline Pankhurst

The closing paragraphs of this book were written in the late summer of 1914, when the armies of every great power in Europe called upon their citizens, and the citizens of their colonies, to mobilised for savage,...

Every Day is Malala Day

by Rosemary Mccarney

This is a letter of sisterhood to Malala Yousafzai, expressing the belief that every girl has the right to go to school. The beautiful photos from non-profit Plan International bring together their Because I...

Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

« Pride and prejudice » is a romantic novel published in 1813. It's a social critique of rigidity of the society from XIX century. The main story revolves around two characters: Elizabeth Bennet y Fitzwilliam...

Girl Talk

by Shàlonze-Lètian

Shlonze-Ltian, a ninth grade student, was an outstanding student at Georgetown University this summer of 2012. She earned a ninety six on the midterm and a hundred on the finals. She gave her Congressional debate...

Dazzling Women Dancers

by Anne Dublin

The women profiled here have become masters of their art, dancing and choreographing their way around the world. All of them have helped transform their style of dance, paving the way for the next generation....

Nobel's Women of Peace

by Michelle Benjamin & Maggie Mooney

Each year since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a person who has made a difference in the world. Twelve women have been given this award, and each has her own fascinating story. Each had to struggle...

Spectacular Women In Space

by Sonia Gueldenpfennig

Space is the final frontier and these ten women have established their place on it. This collection of ten biographies features women who have made an important contribution to the exploration of space. Included...

June Callwood

by Anne Dublin

A biography for young readers on the inspiring life of June Callwood, one of Canada?s greatest journalists and humanitarians. Filled with images and details of June?s life, from her humble beginnings in small-town...