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Let Liberty Rise!

by Chana Stiefel & Chuck Groenink

How did 121,000 Americans save their most beloved icon? Here is an inspiring story about the power we have when we all work together!

"All rise to this evocative, empowering offering." -- Kirkus Reviews

On America's...

The Giant and How He Humbugged America

by Jim Murphy

When a 10-foot tall purported "petrified man" is unearthed from a backyard in upstate New York in 1869, the discovery immediately turns into a spectacle of epic proportions. News of the giant spreads like wildfire,...

Dear America: Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie

by Kristiana Gregory

Critically acclaimed and award-winning author Kristiana Gregory's ACROSS THE WIDE AND LONESOME PRAIRIE is now back in print with a gorgeous new package! After the death of her two sisters, thirteen-year-old...


by Tim Grove

The little-known and inspiring story behind the national anthem and the stars and stripes


?O say can you see? begins one of the most recognizable songs in the US. Originally a poem by Francis Scott Key, the...

Facing Frederick

by Tonya Bolden

From award-winning author Tonya Bolden comes the fascinating story of one of America?s most influential African American voices

Teacher. Self-emancipator. Orator. Author. Man. Frederick Douglass (1818?1895)...

Emancipation Proclamation

by Tonya Bolden

Published on the anniversary of when President Abraham Lincoln’s order went into effect, this book offers readers a unique look at the events that led to the Emancipation Proclamation. Filled with little-known...

Major Impossible (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #9)

by Nathan Hale

The ninth book in the bestselling series tells the story of John Wesley Powell, the one-armed geologist who explored the Grand Canyon

John Wesley Powell (1834–1902) always had the spirit of adventure in him....

Alamo All-Stars (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #6)

by Nathan Hale

From Nathan Hale, #1 New York Times bestselling author and Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List maker, comes the definitive graphic novel about the Alamo.


Hale relays the facts, politics, military actions,...

Sitting Bull

by S. D. Nelson

Sitting Bull (c. 1831–1890) was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux warriors and chiefs who ever lived. From Sitting Bull’s childhood—killing his first buffalo at age 10—to being named war chief to leading...

Capital Days

by Tonya Bolden

Capital Days introduces young readers to Washington, D.C., during the early to mid-19th century. Spanning more than 60 years, the story of Michael Shiner (c. 1804–1880) highlights a period of immense change...

Ballots for Belva

by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen & Courtney A. Martin

In 1884, when men were the only people allowed to vote in national elections, Belva Lockwood took a bold but legal step: She ran for president! Though her campaign was difficult, Belva never wavered in her commitment...

Donner Dinner Party (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #3)

by Nathan Hale

  The Donner Party expedition is one of the most notorious stories in all of American history. It?s also a fascinating snapshot of the westward expansion of the United States, and the families and individuals...

The Statue of Liberty: Discover This Children's Book About The History Of The Statue Of Liberty

by Bold Kids

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to America, and it?s still standing today. Before you visit it with your child, you can teach them about it through these cool facts. Check this out today, and show...

Erie Canal For Kids! A Children's American History of 1800s Book About The Erie Canal With Pictures

by Bold Kids

The Erie canal is still a popular canal used today, and it has an interesting history. Your child can, with this book, learn all about it, and some of the unique facts they may not even teach in school! Grab...

Working for Freedom

by Rona Arato

Josiah Hensons life is an epic tale of one mans battle against evil and ignorance. By the time he was six, Josiah had been sold three times. When he was nine, his familys owner beat him for trying to learn to...

The Stout-Hearted Seven

by Neta Lohnes Frazier

Neta Lohnes Frazier's story of the seven Sager children and their travails on the Western frontier in a new, illustrated edition.

An almost incredible true tale of tragedy, persistence, and youthful courage on...

Abraham Lincoln

by Clara Ingram Judson

The life of Abraham Lincoln, America's greatest president, in a new, illustrated edition of the Newbery Honor classic.

Clara Ingram Judson's Newbery Honor Book is a richly drawn biography of Abraham Lincoln from...

Path to the Pacific

by Neta Lohnes Frazier

The classic story of Sacajawea for young readers in a new, illustrated edition.

Seldom given the credit she deserves, Sacajawea is one of America's true heroines. Without her assistance as a guide and interpreter,...