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Professor Wooford McPaw’s History of Cars

by Elliot Kruszynski

'This book offers an interesting and informative history of cars with plenty of light-hearted, chatty asides!' -- North Somerset Teacher's Book Award

'This marvellous exploration of the history, design, engineering,...

Would You Rather Game Book For Kids 6-12 Years Old

by Lucky Sammy

Entertain Your Kids with Hundreds of ‘Would You Rather’ Questions without Inventing Them Yourself

What if you plan a long road trip with your kids and need something to keep them entertained along the way?...

Pick, Spit & Scratch

by Julia Garstecki & Chris Monroe

Parents and teachers, turn nagging about hand washing, covering your cough, and other healthy practices into STEM learning moments with Pick, Spit & Scratch. Weird, disgusting science facts (a sneeze or cough...

The Humor-Laden Book of Germs for Kids

by Christopher McKay

Did you know brownyotalitus is a germ that makes brownies hard, like a rock? You can?t remove them from their cooking pan or eat them. Have you heard about bluedaisyhue? It?s a germ that makes kids insist daisies...

100 Crazy Questions: Creatures

by Ben Grossblatt

100 Crazy Questions: Creatures offers real science answers to 100 silly animal scenarios.

The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal

by Nick Seluk

Have you ever thought about everything your brain does for you? It is always working to keep you alive and safe. (Plus it lets you think about funny stuff, too.) So why is the brain such a big deal? Because...

Say Cheese and Die - Again! (Goosebumps #44)

by R. L. Stine

Sourball. That's what Greg calls his English teacher, Mr. Saur. He's a real grouch. And he just gave Greg a big fat "F" on his oral report.

He didn't believe Greg's story. About the camera Greg found last summer....

The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal

by Nick Seluk

Oh hey, guess what? The Sun never stops working to keep things on Earth running smoothly. (That's why it's been Employee of the Month for 4.5 billion years.) So why does the Sun get to be the center of attention?...

Lord Garmadon's Guide to World Domination (LEGO NINJAGO Movie)

by Meredith Rusu & Scholastic

Get your conquer on with help from Lord Garmadon, Ninjago's one and only foul-but-funny warlord! Lloyd's evil dad shares his wisdom on everything from fighting the ninja to building a volcano lair to conquering...

The Fandom

by Anna Day

Violet's in her element. Cosplay at the ready, she can't wait to feel part of her favorite fandom: The Gallows Dance, a mega book and movie franchise that she and her friends know EVERY WORD of (canon and fanfic...

I Am Slappy's Evil Twin (Goosebumps SlappyWorld #3)

by R.L. Stine

Luke Harrison's dad makes horror movies. It's very fun to be around such scary stuff-especially when you have your own monster museum at home. But when two ventriloquist dummies join the collection, things get...

Archvillain #1

by Barry Lyga

Critically acclaimed author Barry Lyga's middle-grade debut ARCHVILLAIN now in paperback! Kyle Camden knows exactly where he was the night Mighty Mike arrived: sneaking around the fallow field behind Bouring...

New Jokes For Kids: Over 365 Silly Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes, Laugh Out Loud Jokes, One Liners And Hilarious Family Friendly Jokes

by Dennis Westley

New Jokes For Kids, Teens And Family!

This book is filled with over one year of NEW silly jokes, knock knock jokes, laugh out loud jokes, one liners and other hilarious jokes. It provides tons of laughs for kids,...

Major Impossible (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #9)

by Nathan Hale

The ninth book in the bestselling series tells the story of John Wesley Powell, the one-armed geologist who explored the Grand Canyon

John Wesley Powell (1834–1902) always had the spirit of adventure in him....

Bach to the Rescue!!!

by Tom Angleberger & Chris Eliopolous

Every famous piece of art has an origin story?even Bach?s Goldberg Variations! When the richest dude in town can?t sleep, he hires a much-less-rich dude named Johann Gottlieb Goldberg to play him lullabies on...

Lafayette! (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #8)

by Nathan Hale

Gilbert du Motier became the Marquis de Lafayette at a young age, but he was not satisfied with the comforts of French nobility?he wanted adventure!


A captain at eighteen and a major general by nineteen,...

The Underground Abductor (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #5)

by Nathan Hale

New York Times Bestseller

Araminta Ross was born a slave in Delaware in the early 19th century. Slavery meant that her family could be ripped apart at any time, and that she could be put to work in dangerous...

Vegetables in Underwear

by Jared Chapman

A bunch of friendly vegetables wear colorful underwear of all varieties—big, small, clean, dirty, serious, and funny—demonstrating for young ones the silliness and necessity of this item of clothing. The...

Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #4)

by Nathan Hale

New York Times Bestseller

World War I set the tone for the 20th century and introduced a new type of warfare: global, mechanical, and brutal. Nathan Hale has gathered some of the most fascinating true-life tales...

Donner Dinner Party (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #3)

by Nathan Hale

  The Donner Party expedition is one of the most notorious stories in all of American history. It?s also a fascinating snapshot of the westward expansion of the United States, and the families and individuals...