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Batman: Gotham City's Guardian

by Matthew Manning

What was Bruce Wayne's childhood like? Why does he dress up like a bat? What compels him to protect Gotham City? How did he become the world's greatest detective? Who are his most trusted allies and fearsome...

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

by Daniel Wallace

How did a child from another planet named Kal-El become farm boy Clark Kent? What happened to his planet and family? What powers does he possess and what are his weaknesses? Who are his most trusted allies and...

Journal of Étienne Mercier, The

by David Bouchard & Gordon Miller

In 1853, Étienne Mercier, a French-Canadian voyageur painter, is tasked by his employer to return to the Queen Charlotte Islands and document his travels into Haida territory. A wide-eyed and good-natured Mercier...

Riel, patriot

by Robert Freynet

In Louis Riel, Patriot, Freynet relocates us via the ?ninth art? to pre-Confederation Canada. Here we delve into the tragic life of the controversial Métis leader, Louis Riel, Founder of the Province of Manitoba...

They called me Caravaggio

by Celina Elmi & Maria Noella Sichich Berti

Set amidst reality and fantasy, this book gives an account of the adventure-packed, rather bumpy life of a painter of huge talent called Caravaggio.

In close talks with a strange friend, the painter looks back...